Video Review of a GoPro Smapole

Hot damn! Earlier this week I had the great opportunity to do a product review for Smatree but before I get into the details how about some background.

In July I joined, a GoPro user forum, to learn how to better edit video, learn new techniques like timelasping, intros, work flow, and storyboarding. Other than doing my own videos, I virtually have no experience so the forum gave me a great place to learn. has a lot of users and a lot of sponsors as well and in a sub forum, contests, I was chosen to receive and Smatree Smapole and as a thank you I did a YouTube review. Honestly, having no idea what to do I just talked about the product while walking around and driving the truck.

I’m pleased how the video rendered and turned out. It made even better that it is still sunny as heck here in WA.

Smatree Smapole Highlights

  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Extends 16 – 40 Inches
  • Has Metal Mounting Hardware
  • Ease to Use with Gloves

For the cost of $40, ordered on Amazon, it is affordable and has so many applications.

  • Filming the Girls at Cheer
  • Upcoming Hawaiian Vacation
  • At a Buddy’s Property Dirtbiking
  • Any Sports
  • Chasing the Dog (when he is better).

That is all for now. Off to go home and wash the bike, the truck, the kid’s pool, and crack a cold one. Boom!


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