The Seattle Seahawks are Headed Back to the Playoffs

seahawks-have-home-field-advantage-2014-nfc-west-champsWow, what another fantastic game by our Seattle Seahawks. The 1st half was ugly looking from the offensive point of view. There were minimal yard put on the board, penalties, and two turn-overs. It had me stressing, probably all the Seahawks’ fans at one point or another, see us go into the half at 6-0 St. Louis. However, the defensive, like always, was solid in the 1st half and kept the Rams from gaining any substantial point differential.

The 2nd half was whent he offense starting to gain ground. The ball was being moved and equated to two Hauschka field goals. Ok Ok. 6-6. Come on Seahawks.

Then it was a whirlwind of defensive awesomeness with a Hill-to-Hill interception, a Irvin pick-six to make the point spread of 20-6 Seahawks, and the most epic of Karate chops, I think Bruce Lee would approve, by Thomas to shut down the Rams from scoring.

Now the Seahawks get a first round by and some time to rest up and get all our starters back for the playoffs. I Cannot wait and Go Hawks!


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