I Made it on the Newspaper’s Frontpage

Since owning the copter, I’ve had many opportunities to share in the hobby, film videos from a unique perspective, grow as a GoPro user, and now receiving some love from the Everett Herald. A few weeks ago, Dan, a reporter from the Everett Herald, reached out to Mickie and I regarding our real estate videos and use of a copter … aka drone.

I met with Dan and discussed the FAA exemption process, safety and privacy concerns, piratical use of a copter, and the future of the industry. While I felt the interview went well and had hopes of getting a mention, I wasn’t holding my breath. However, at the end of the interview Dan asked if there was going to be a home filming in the near future. It so happens, there was.

Everyone met at the seller’s home, a detached Bothell WA condo, and pictures and an further interview commenced. After the photo-shoot, Dan said, in what I perceived as a jokingly manner, how about the front page. We all chuckled.

After being notified via Facebook tag at 7:30am, I was shocked to learn the article made the frontpage, and was above the fold. Holy cow! I’ll put that on the resume.

Is wrong I’m still celebrating this success? I sure hope not.

Here is the pictures from the shoot.

Here is the home’s video tour.


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