Cichlid Tank Update March 2015

Just a quick update tonight, while I pay mediocre attention to Walking the Nile, the live plants are doing ok but look as if they’re molding a bit. They might be removed if the water can’t be cleaned better. The water changes help yet it feels like a losing battle. Ah well.

The fish, Jack (Red Devil), Dumpster (Jack Dempsy male), Albus (Albino Convict), Luke (Green Terror), the Minions (Pictus catfish), The Doctor (Pleco) are all healthy and growing. Jack and Dumpster are the biggest with Jack having the best growth rate. I love staring at them.


Then there is the newest addition, Kronus (Red Dragon Flowerhorn).


Kronus arrived from Florida at just over one inch long. He took to his 10 gallon home (a fish tank we inhereted) with hia tetra buddies. Kronus is about a inch and a half now and juat starting to show a red hue to his fins. I assume he will be mostly red yet it probably is too soon to tell. Can’t to have him in the 92g.

Anyone else raise these cichlids?

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