GoodBye Dakota, You’ll Be Missed Buddy

Today, the family made the tough decision to say goodbye to Dakota.

Dakota was a pitbull, a gaurd dog, a family member, the welcome committee, the protector, old dog, a friend, and my holiday decoration model. He was a great dog, great with kids and women (hated dudes which I didn’t always mind), and always happy to see us.

He was also, the only other boy in the house and we farted so much that the girls would get grossed out. LOL.

Yet over the last few weeks, Dakota slowly stopped eating, stopped barking, and stopped walking around. Joy took him to the vet and after two visits a large blockage was found in his stomach.

We elected for surgery this morning, that went well, but a lot of cancer was found.

That’s when we decided to let him go and be at peace. I sat with him while he went to sleep and we took his body home.

Dakota now rests in a backyard grave that Joy helped me with.

Goodbye Dakota. You’re missed and will be missed. Bye buddy.

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