Family Vacation to Roseburg Oregon

Over the east holiday, Joy, the girls, and I drove down to Oregon to spend time with family. Spending many summers and holidays in the Sutherlin / Roseburg area I’m pretty familiar with it. Now, having the drone, it gives me new ways to explore old haunts.

One of the coolest things, from my perspective was being able to fly at the Georgia Pacific building, the scene right after the opening fish ladder. My grandfather used to work and retired from that Mill before was shut down. Being a shell of its once former glorious self, my mind raced on what life was like with machinery and people working here and there. I couldn’t use the interior video due to camera settings, still learning that, which showed how fast the building was from the interior point-of-view.

The scenes really came together and so did the lighting. Having some clouds gave the sky character and made for some pretty dramatic shots. At the video’s end, the Douglas County Court House really turned out great. Some comments received were regarding the lack of people. We went to the court house for a egg hunt and it was packed. My mind thought “wow this would be so cool to film”. I returned when the girls were at my aunt’s salon to find an empty court house.

Other scenes include Mt. Nebo, Roseburg fish ladder, a Catholic church, a quick shot of downtown Roseburg, the VA Hospital, and the train at Stewart Park.


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