A Family Outing, a Train Ride

A little over a week ago, Joy, the girls, and I packed the Denali for another daycation. This time, our sights zeroed in on the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad and Museum. Who couldn’t have a good time on a train ride?

The night prior was busy for me. Getting the GoPro’s charged, mounts and connectors organized, and the drone all checked out was a chore in itself. The girls like to tease me about how much gear I bring on such a short excursions. They think I’m “weird”. No kidding huh. However, I’ve learned over years making videos takes more than just one camera for a one-day shoot.

Reminds me of being teased on a Orlando trip, 25 years ago, regarding my affinity for souvenir collection – that’s a blog all on its own.

Sunday morning we awoke early, piled into the Denali, picked up coffees & hot chocolates, and boogied out of Arlington homes for sale with the GPS set for Elbe Wa. Haven’t heard of Elbe? Sadly, neither had I.

Elbe is a small Washington town located on Alder Lake’s eastern shoreline. Reminiscent of a old rail town, Elbe has some cute charm worth spending some time in, either before or after the train excursion.

Upon arrival, we parked and hurried to picked up tickets from will-call. The drive took longer than expected due to two accidents. While in line, for the 10am train, folks where having to get tickets for a later times due to the rides selling out. Never thought it would be so popular; however, after our trip I understood why.

TIP: Purchase tickets ahead of timeBook Now

We boarded the train, settled in seats in the rear, and started looking out the windows. I had a bunch of gear to unload and setup. Using a suction cup mount, a Hero 2 was placed on the train’s exterior (window) to capture the entire ride up to the museum. Not having wifi, the Hero 2 was point-fixed and it captured exactly what I wanted – a sweeping corner with the entire train and engine. The 3+ was attached to the Smatree S1 pole which took all the still pictures used in the video, and the 4 was attached to the drone.

The train rattled along for about 40 minutes until pulling into the museum. When the girls went to see exhibits, I busted out the drone and started filming. Like other times, folks walked up and had questions about the drone, camera, and its operation. Not having much time to fly, I quickly took off, filmed the desired shots, landed, and caught up with the girls.

SHOUT OUT: Thanks to the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad for granting me permission to fly. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

We took pictures, the girls climbed on the exhibits, rang a train bell, and seen many different types of trains, ate popcorn and had a fun time. What a day! We boarded and snapped more pictures and video of the ride back to the depot.

After departing the train, we had some lunch a local bar & grill which was pretty decent. It was enough fuel for the long trek home.

It took a week to get the video edit together, work has been slammed, and the results are pleasing. Take 3 minutes and let us know what you think in the comments. Thanks for reading and watching.

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