Disney World: Magic Kingdom

After landing in Orlando, and taking a day to settle in, the Fun Family decided to visit Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Being a classic destination, Magic Kingdom is still just as amazing as it was 25 years ago. The cast members, characters, the rides, the presentation, was all top notch.

*Tip: Arrive at least 1 hour early as you’ll have less traffic getting to Magic Kingdom, better parking, easier tram ride, and an empty park upon arrival.

After watching the entry show, at the train station for the park opening, sights were firmly set on Splash Mountain. The line was less than 20 minutes since we planned it as the first ride. Not being a ride-type of person, Splash Mountain was enjoyable and fun. Even the two 8 year old, 9 year old, and 10 year old loved the ride, water and all. Being that we were wet at before 10am, the weather is so warm during July that getting, and staying, wet doesn’t matter much, especially for us Seattlites.

Jumping out of Splash Mountain, we originally planned to head to Space Mountain; however, the line for Thunder Mountain was a mere 10 minutes. Guess what? Plans were altered. Again, the kids did really well with the coaster, the speed of the coaster, and sitting in the ride. The youngest is only 42lbs, she is tiny one. Thunder Mountain

*Pro Tip: Smaller and bigger riders may have a tough time riding together as the safety bars may not fit the smaller rider.

Moving from Thunder Mountain, we took the long walk across Magic Mountain to Space Mountain. Here the line was 45 minutes with it feeling closer to an hour. All-in-all, not bad. The kids where screaming their heads off with a mixture of being scared and excited. The oldest melted down afterwards because he couldn’t see the darkness while the rest of the kids loved that they road the ride and survived.

The remaining part of the day was lots of pictures with characters, scenery, food, a bit of shopping, and serving the deLLudge of a thunder storm. Lightening, thunder, and rain with park guests piling under cover to stay dry.

*Pro Tip: Purchase Memory Saver picture pass as. We have a group of 14 so we can get high-quality group pictures (not featured in the blog).

*Pro Tip: Purchase ponchos from a gift shop prior to entering the park as they can come in handy, and are less expensive.
It was a great day. We walked 8.5 miles so our hips and feet could feel it.

*Pro Tip: Bring a Osprey or Camel pack containing the water bladder. Its cheaper, more environmentally friendly, and easier then purchasing water bottles after water bottle, at $3 each.

Magic Kingdom is as magical as ever. Enjoy the pictures below and the video will show more pictures that are not cellphone pics.

Magic Kingdom’s Full Fireworks

Splash Mountain POV

Big Thunder Mountain 2 Videos

Front POV:

Rear POV:

Festival of Fantasy

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