Universal Studios: Islands of Adventure

Our second day at Universal Studios, the adventured started at the Islands of Adventure entrance. Like the Harry Potter side, the family stopped and took entrance photos (if it hasn’t been mentioned, get the photo passes as they’re are so nice to have easy keepsakes) and got organized, like many other folks.

Being our third park day, the family was keen on taking it slower and walking without rushing to rides. Srolling through the Islands of Adventures brought up thoughts of open seas adventures and yet the area was quickly walked though. After stopping for family pictures, with Hogwarts in the back drop, it was ride time.

Starting at Spider Man 4D, which is similar The Forbidden Journey, Spider Man had a lot of motion along with visual effects that can make a tummy a bit quezzy. Being a great ride, visually and story line, Spider Man was fun for the family – even our 84 year old grandma. Post Spider Man, we went across the street to the Wolverine shop and took pictures with Spiddy himself. Sadly, the picture backdrop was never added to Spiddy’s greenscreen.

Then it was onto Doctor Doom’s Fear Fall.

Six of us adults braved the Fear Fall. As the line snaked through, anticipation built as we continued towards the staging area. I’ll admit, I wasn’t overly fond of Fear Fall yet far from scared. Strapping in and bracing for the launch up, we were soon catapulted into the park’s upper reaches. Being an open enclosure style-ride, I personally felt as I’d be launched into the middle of the park and splatter into messy street pizza. No street pizza took place yet the shot of adrenaline received was enough to make my knees and hands shake.

Living and telling the tale, the kids weren’t impressed by our tale of survival, the group walked further through Islands of Adventure park to a water ride – Me Ship, The Olive.

This is still early in the morning, roughly 9:30am, and knowing that getting wet was highly probable yet the extent was not realized. Boarding Me Ship, The Olive we all strapped in. Within the first few river drops, all of 12 of us were soaked completely through. Not a little soaked, I mean completely. LOL. It was super fun yet the remaining day made for swamp ass and jungle rot.

Being wet, we continued with the water rides and taking everyone else on the Jurassic Park River Adventure. Even though the kids did the ride 2 days prior, they got all scared. Being good parents, we forced them onto the ride. Muhahaha Face T-Rex. Grandma enjoyed River Adventure and so did we. In the drop-picture, the little ones showed their fear and us adults had a screaming good time.

Still wet, the kids and some adults, not I, took flight at Pteranodon Flyers ride for a Jurassic park view.

Lunch time! Finally. We had short lunch lines at the Jurassic Park Discovery Center.

*Pro Tip: Double Cheeseburger w/ Bacon and a Chocolate Shake.

We then meandered through The Lost Continent and into Seuss Landing.

Being Dr. Suess kids, its was a trip through memory lane. The kids were a bit old for the rides, especially compared to what they’ve done in other park areas. Now it was time for slushy lemonades and a break from walking.

Leaving the Island Adventure side, the group headed to the Universal Studios Florida side for a cocktail, more sitting, and a ride on E.T where I lost the Oakley’s. Dammit to hell!

The rain kicked in and the park day ended yet we came back home to pig out on food and drink.

Another day in the history books for the Fun Family.

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