Disney World’s Typhoon Lagoon

In our 4th park trip, we elected for Typhoon Lagoon as to break from the hot and humid Orlando air. A short drive from Windsor Palms, Typhoon Lagoon is a water park that offers so much for every age. Being 25 years since the last visit, the family was anxious to relive fond memories and fun times.

The night before, I read many forums, blogs, and park rules regarding cameras and getting no closer to good answers. Many UK forums said video cameras were allowed, some blogs said no video cameras, and the park rules were not clear either way.

Instead of knowing, I took the chance and brought the Hero 4, a 3+ for a backup, and decided to use to film until staff said otherwise. Well it didn’t take long before I just asked a staff member what Typhoon Lagoon’s video camera policy was. Here are the basics: GoPros are allowed at Typhoon Lagoon yet not all mounts are.

GoPoles, selfie sticks, or any other extending style camera poles are not allowed since they can damage the water slide’s and wave pool’s lining, and/or hurt others. On the slides, GoPros can either be handheld or on a GoPro Knuckles, or similar mount, as the head strap and chestie could come into contact with the slide lining. Other than those items, Typhoon Lagoon’s staff had zero problems with a GoPro.

OK, onto the good stuff.

Like the previous park arrival times, arrival was set for an hour prior to park opening. The Typhoon’s staff allowed guests to pay and enter the water park prior to opening. Even though guests where allowed in the park, the staff had us hold position near the main crossover bridges until 9am. We planned on getting some prime beach sitting that had shade, access to food and drinks, and being close to the wave pool.

The gang settle down on the outer rim of Blustering Bay, a area near the the Bay Slides to the left of the park. Unpacked and ready to go, it was waterslide time.

To get warmed up, the kids usually needed that, the Keelhaul Falls, a single person tube ride was voted on. Not being all that long, and not all that fast, the ride snaked down through the makeshift canyon to a calm landing pool. All jazzed up, the kids could hardly wait for more. Next stop was Mayday Falls and then off to Gangplank Falls.

The lines weren’t anything like Magic Kingdom or Universal Studios so riding and sliding over-and-over wasn’t a problem. After those slides, it was back to the wave pool.

Attempt after attempt, I couldn’t get the right timing when the wave launched, starting the swim, and getting stiffened up to body surf the 5′ wave (felt more like 6 feet). Typhoon Lagoon’s wave pool never gets old yet. Even being in decent shape and a strong swimmer, I couldn’t swim back and forth and dog paddle long enough to learn the wave-timing. I had to take a break. I think being short and not able to touch didn’t help either.

Being worn out, it was cocktail time. Let’s Go Slurpin’ served up a tasty Tequila Sunrises, cold Coors Lights, and more savory beverages that cooled us right down. Mmmmm, Tequila Sunrise.

Now where was I? Oh yea.

Rested and cooled down, it was off to explore Typhoon Lagoons right side.

Storm Slides were on the radar. here we.After a bit of a line, we all road down but the slides weren’t the best. Not for their speed or design, but for there condition. The seems in the slide joints rubbed the back really hard leaving red marks. We moved on.

To the Shark Reef. The two girls wigged out due to the Shark Reef’s water being so cool. It felt glorious after the peristant Orlando swampy heat and it was real refreshing after the chlorine and the condo’s pool water. The reef was shorter than remembered but the sea life was good. Hammerheads (two) and rays glided effortlessly through the water and all the while, the GoPro was pointed right at them. Hopefully the video comes out. I could have swam much longer due to the water’s coolness and the change of pace.

While we debated where to go, Joy found the Crash ‘n’ Gusher duo innertube slides. At first, the kids were worried yet afterwards, they were great. Also at Crush ‘n’ Gusher, the Disney Photo Pass photographers snapped away and we ended with with so many fun pictures. Again, get the PhotoPass.

By now a few hours had passed and the weather was showing signs of changing. The gang packed up and we all headed out right when the thunder and lightening started.

The remaining part of the day was spent recounting everyone’s Typhoon Lagoon adventure over some cold beers at the condo.

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