Disney World’s Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom was high on Joy’s must do list. I was wanting to spend time there as well yet had no real idea what the park featured. Unlike local zoos, this place was fun, not a little but a lot of fun due to the park’s scale and elaborate costume, park layout, and ride designs – what else would be expected from Disney?

Starting with pictures back-dropped by the Tree of Life and trail map in hand, it was Safari time.

We trekked through Africa towards the Kilimanjaro Safari. For the safari, we road in a beast of a truck that peaked at around 6mph. The ride was bump which made picture taking a bit difficult. However, we did see lions, tigers, a good handful of giraffes, a rhino, some elephants, antelope, and others I didn’t know. Since we were sitting in the back row, we could freely turn around and shoot GoPro pictures and videos. Yet the ride was really bumpy and the truck didn’t stop much to get a steady shot, unless you’re fast.

After the Kilimanjaro Safari, the family boarded a train to Rafiki’s Planet Watch where the kids worked on their Merritt badges. The family wanted to get going so it back to Africa and more of Animal Kingdom.

We strolled onto Asia for the short self guided tour through Maharajah Jungle Trek. It was great walk with seeing Komodo Dragons and such. Yet, shortly into the trek it was time to unpack the ponchos.

The Florida sky decided to open up and start dropping more rain than we’ve seen all year back in Washington. With the deLLuge showing no sign of letting up, everyone ducked into the gift shops for candy, Disney swag, and gifts for folks back home.

This is when we decided to end our day at Animal Kingdom.

Arriving back at the condo, the family all took a seat, grabbed a drink, and jumped on their electronics and started to kill time. Feeling a bit under fulfilled it was kind of gloomy around the condo. However, after about 2 hours the rain subsided, Joy, Travis, the girls, and I loaded into the Suburban and ventured back to Animal Kingdom.

Why? One ride, Expedition Everest.

Having to admit, I was a bit nervous riding Expedition Everest yet the kids were doing it, so I manned up, LOL. It was really fun and is definitely helped getting over my coaster fear. Below is a POV video of the Expedition Everest roller coaster which I can be heard panting and being a bit on the scared side.

Expedition Everest Roller Coast (POV) Full Length

Travis and I ordered a beer afterwards while Joy and the girls road some additional rides. The beer was really good and helped calm the shaking nerves while we slowly walked to the Suburban.

What a day!

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