Disney World’s Hollywood Studios

Nearing the end of the Disney World trip, the last park on our agenda was Hollywood Studios. Joy really wanted to venture for one ride, The Twlight Zone Tower of Terror.

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen the Tower of Terror movie and watched the ghosts of The Hollywood Tower Hotel relive, if that is even the case, their ill-faited journey. The 5 guests never made it to the Tip Top Party and now it was our turn to brave the ghostly hotel lobby, dark and spooky corridors of the hotel’s underbelly, and the ride up to the 12th floor.

Like the Doctor Doom’s Fear Fall, the Tower of Terror was a negative G drop style ride. What wasn’t expected was the scene staging lead up. Starting in the lobby and heading into a study, the group found its way down to the hotel’s basement. The boiler was lit and glowing with menace while we winded through to the service elevators.

Taking our place in the very elevator that Carolyn, Gilbert, Sally, Emeline, and Dewey met their fate, it was time to see if we would survive. LOL. Well we did but that was after taking plummeting falls that gave me the hebbie jebbies.

Now that the terror was over, it off to see Indiana Jones. The stage was like I remembered. The opening scene of advoiding the rolling boulder and dancing around the spike trap. Ah memories relived. During the second scene, it was a all out street-fight in the city center with spectators turned actors filling in the scenes. Everyone enjoyed the show yet wished it was a bit longer.

The group split up to do their own thing. We decided to stroll through the Hollywood Studios taking in the sights and enjoying the park. After spending time eating, shopping, and taking in some smaller attractions, it was time for another coaster.

The wait at the Rock n Roller Coaster was an hour an a half and we toughed it out. Arriving in the building and entering the studio, we were treated to Areosmith (via a video screen) and a stretched out Cadillac to ride in. I sat first car second row with the oldest girl while Joy and the youngest, along with my cousin, behind me.

The music was cranked up, more coasters need to play rock n roll, and it was ready for action. However, instead of climbing a ramp then dropping for speed, the Rock n Roller Coaster launched straight ahead then ripping through some corks, loops, and underneath streets and road signs. What blast and I think having music to listen to made the coaster more fun.

Being pretty amped up after that coaster, I had a beer. It was a damn good beer too being that I was sweaty, hot, and a,ll around grimy. The day ended by watching the Frozen show and squeaking more Photo Pass pictures.

What a blast. Hollywood Studios is a smaller park, compared to Universal Studios and Magic Kingdom, which made the day not so long. I highly recommend Hollywood Studios as part of a Disney Adventure.

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