Disney World’s Epcot Theme Park

Epcot Theme Park isn’t ride heavy like the rest of Disney World yet it has a great feel. Epcot is a destination to see different cultures, experience food and drinks for that particular region, dancing, singing, street shows and more shopping. Like Disney hasn’t already given so many reason to spend money.

Upon entering the park, we stopped out front of Space Ship Earth for PhotoPass pictures, yet we didn’t go inside due to wait times. In our pictures, I was wearing monster aviator glasses since loosing the Oakley’s at Universal’s E.T. Boo. I loved those sunglasses.

We took it slow, stopping in some shops to purchase collectables for home. I picked up 2 gold and 1 copper plated tickets to commemorate the trip and the family shared in a 1955 commemory picture for mom’s birthday.

Our first stop was Mexico. Inside the great pyramid, which reminded me a lot of Chitzen Itza, we road a rafting ride (tour) through the pyramid’s interior and saw different sights of Mexico, and were treated to a digital fireworks display. The tour ended and I was already thirsty. You know, its really hot in Florida. Since no one was up for a tequila shot, it was margaritas all around.

*Pro Tip: Watch out for scooter people. Our youngest was ran over leaving her heals all tore up by a lady letting her grandchild drive.

Onto China and more PhotoPass pictures. Inside what looked like a Beijing Temple, was so-so comedic acrobat show and we glad it didn’t require additional costs.

We didn’t stop to rest much until arriving in Germany. I almost bought a stein for the collection but refrained. However, I didn’t refrain from buying a bratwurst and sauerkraut to postpone the hungry feeling. We toured the German shops, took more pictures (MOAR) and mom couldn’t help bring up how I was born in Germany.

After stopping in Italy for pictures and the American Adventure for a brief concern that included some of the kid’s favorite songs, it was onto France. In France we ordered soft serve ice cream and watched a street show balancing act that was more impressive the closer we stood.

By this time, the family was pretty darn tired of walking, the heat, and the crowds of people. So, to fool mom, and not let her know of the painting we purchased, the ladies and kids took the tram to magic Kingdom and Travis and I drove the Suburban back over.

Travis and I stopped to buy a 24 oz. Beer that we drank in Magic Kingdom’s parking lot prior to meeting up with everyone. Mad props were given by other guests thinking the beer was the ticket.

What a long day for Epcot yet it wasn’t over since we had saved spots for the Magic Kingdom Electronic Light Parade and fireworks display.

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