Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center wasn’t on our to-do list when visiting Disney World; however, its amazing how a thunderstorm can quickly change plans and ideas into something more profound.

Upon arriving at Coco Beach, the clouds rolled in and the rain began to poor. Not just a little rain with signs of clearing. No no. I’m a massive down pour that showed zero signs of letting up.

Being where we were, the hammers were put down and the vehicle made for destination Kennedy Space Center.

The lines were nil, as no one was there and it was already late in the day, and we got right in and jogged to the covered area where the tour buses waited.

Soaked and soggy, we enjoyed a dry cruise around the facility while viewing the various launch pads, Space X’s building, and then arriving at the Apollo / Saturn V Center.

Below are the two video and pictures from the the Center.

One thing I missed was the Space Shuttle Atlantis. After leaving the Saturn V viewing area we were ushered into a gift shop. The staff didn’t even bother to tell us that the Shuttle was in an adjoining building, probably because they were ready to go home and not to helpful.

I was very bummed since I didn’t get any pictures nor get to see the shuttle in person.

Anyhow, the rest of the exhibits were really fun to look at while taking pictures and video. Below are the pictures and videos from our Kennedy Space Center visit.

Apollo 8 / Saturn V Videos

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Kennedy Space Center Pictures


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