PULUZ 16 in 1 GoPro Accessory Kit

Recently, I had the opportunity to test and review a PULUZ 16 in 1 GoPro Accessory Kit. Being new to the review scene, the opportunity allowed me to test more GoPro products, which I’m a total fan boy of, and improve the format for my product reviews. But enough about that.

The PULUZ GoPro Accessory Kit comes complete with 16 different mounting options which doesn’t include the hard travel case.

Included Mounts Are:

  • Chestie
  • Head Strap
  • Floaty
  • Selfie Stick
  • Female Tri-Pod Mounts
  • Standard GoPro Mounts
  • Tether Straps
  • Cloth Travel Bag

All this for less than $50.

A darn good deal for anyone looking to get into the GoPro hobby or just add some affordable mounts to their collection. Also, the PULUZ kit will make a great holiday gift idea for the GoPro fanatic in your family.

Tthe most fun was testing the suction cup mount driving down from Stevens Pass. It would have been much cooler since the latest round of 5.3l Silverado mods yet it did rain during the drive.

There is still time to capture some video; however, it will be hit-and-miss with the winter weather setting in.

So kick back and check on the review and in the video description the video can be skipped ahead to the truck testing.


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