Fractal Designs Define R5 Build

Being that video editing has become a big part of my life, with drone real estate video and personal edits, it was decided to build a machine that could handle the demand of video rendering.

This blog is the first written using the new machine so the video will come later, here are some details and pictures of the components.

  • Fractal Designs Define R5 case
  • ASRocks Extreme4 mother board
  • i7 5820k Processor
  • 32 Gigs (RipJaws) of Memory
  • Kraken x61 Watercooler
  • GeForce GTX 970s (2) SLI
  • One 1 TB SDD
  • One 3 TB Hard Drive
  • Two 8 TB Hard Drives
  • EVGA Supernove 750 G2 power supply

And a few $$$ Looking forward to getting Adobe Elements Premeire 14 installed and testing the rending tonight.

Wish me luck.


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