AnzoUSA Headlights for 2003 Silverado

If you own a 2003-2006 Chevy Silverado you know how hard it is to find lights that match the truck’s sharp angles.

Many aftermarket LED light assemblies use cats-eyes, or halos, in their products and those setups don’t match these years very well. Personally, the round LEDs look like shit because they’re so out of place.

After lots of online looking I came across AnzoUSA’s light assemblies featuring a “U” shaped LED for both the primary headlight and high-beam. Jackpot. I purchased from Amazon using the link below (no affiliation) which turned out to be AnzoUSA direct. I found Anzo’s customer service to be better through Amazon then their website.



Moving on.

The lights came with no directions yet the 2003-2006 headlights are simple to remove. We used a test light to hook up the LED cruiser to the small, outside factory cruiser plug – the one that alternates the primary turn signal. I’ll do a short video tonight showing the alternating turn signal setup and upload it to the blog and YouTube channel.

The fitment was darn close to stock and within tolerance for a aftermarket headlight assembly. Below are some non-retouched photos in daylight, partial darkness, and night-time.


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