GoPro: Home Solar Installation

Had the opportunity to video the installation of solar panels and I put a GoPro edit together. The solar home value blog post took time to put together before getting started on the video. I’m pleased how the video edit came together with music and storyboard flow. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “GoPro: Home Solar Installation

  1. Nice video, I love the aerial view and the time lapse the most. I wish I was able to do solar panels, should make a follow up with the cost saving after the first couple months.

  2. Hey Thomas and thanks for watching. There were 4 GoPros filming the most of two days to get all the different shots which added up to a lot of film. The timelapses were some of the funnest and I’d probably do more video timelapses than picture timelapse as the video is a bit smoother.

    I too wish I could do solar but the hard cash upfront cost makes it a bit more challenging. I wouldn’t recommend financing a PV system but that is an option.

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