360° Video: Test Hitting a SC Mustang

My good bro, Dayzed50, took his Supercharged Mustang out the other day for a few test hits and luckily I had the the 360 with me.

Below is the video and the video description has the time stamps of each pull with the longest pull being at 5:30. There are 6 pulls in total with a 7th being more a quick punch at a stop light.

Its recommended to watch the video on a PC or in the YouTube mobile app for best experience (watching in browser doesn’t work in mobile).

The Mustang feels good for this years road course.

Read more about the car: http://www.mustangandfords.com/featured-vehicles/m5lp-1211-1993-ford-mustang-gt-tunnel-vision/

Enjoy the video and there is more to come as the road course is July 14th.


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