University of Washington Field Trip

Sadly, I am now just getting to this post yet here we go.

Months back, the oldest asked if I’d accompany her and her classmates to the University of Washington campus on a field trip. In my head I was thinking “What? The University of Washington?”. After processing the request, I kindly responded “Yes … I’d love to go. Thank you for asking”.

So the days ticked off and in May, Joy and I dropped the girls off at school and met everyone at the Burk Museum.

The 3rd of 4th graders split into two groups and we started upstairs making a fish trap. The oldest did really well and listened to the instructions given by the staff – pictures are below. Unfortunately time flew by then the group headed downstairs for another exercise. This time there were stations setup for the kids to identify and answer worksheet questions. Again, time went by to fast.

Onto lunch and the snack/food/common area was cool looking yet needed a vast improvement in the meal department. I’m sorry but I’m just not to much of a granola eating Dawg. Where’s the meat? LOL.

After lunch, the kids packed the buses and we drove over to mecca. I mean Husky Stadium. Entering inside we sneaked a peek at the court prior to touring the Husky Hall of Fame. It was really cool to see past and present Huskies and the history behind the athletics. Kids mostly ran around or looked for their favorite sport. I on the other hand was GoPro-ing the adventure.

In what was figured to be the end of the tour, we were surprised by being told that we’d be going down to the new field and able to walk on it. All the kids were jazzed up and was secretly exploding with excitement.

Who gets to go on the field? Us!! Woot Woot.

Kids ran 40s, girls posed in the end zones, parents took vertical pictures (Stop doing that please. I plead you to stop taking vertical pictures), and I selfied-sticked myself from every vantage point possible. It was like Christmas.

I took class pictures which turned out pretty good for an amateur GoProFanatic which later were emailed to the teachers.

The girls printed out their class pictures and Joy framed them. Then their class all signed the frames and presented it to their teachers as thank you gifts. Nicely done kids!

After the stadium fun, the classes ended back north while Joy, the girls, and I stayed behind to walk through the campus.

What a day and I told the girls it was very nice of them to invite me. Oh yea, I dam near bought out the team store with shirts and other Husky swag.

What a treat to be asked to do something so special with the girls and it really amps me up for football season.

Go Dawgs!


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