Lake Tahoe Family Vacation

Back off another vacation and another GoPro edit completed. This year, the family’s destination was S. Lake Tahoe for an outdoor adventure of epic proportions.

We flew into Sacramento via Southwest and rented a big ass SUV, again, to pack us, Mom, and Travis for the drive to the Lodge at Lake Tahoe. The condos had decent rooms and a pool, always a hit with the kids, and were just a short drive, or walk, to downtown or anything else for that matter.

Saturday we loaded up and took a tour around the lake taking in the sights. All the look outs were jammed packed, not surprised for a Saturday, and we finally scored some great parking at Secret Beach. Taking time for pictures, we also thought it was perfect for a swim and a drone flight as the water is absolutely gorgeous. Piling back rig we continued around the lake until stopping at the Bridgetender Bar & Grill. This day concluded with the over look of Emerald Bay and swimming at the pool.

Sunday brought smaller crowds to the whole S. Lake Tahoe area – a welcomed sight. We started the morning with a short walk to Eagle Falls, not the same one here in Snohomish County, and onto Vikingholm. Having no one around made it relaxing just stroll around and view the architecture. The group let me know fly Emerald Bay yet with the sunrise shining into the camera lens a bit of prop shadow appeared.

After the hike we toured many shops viewing nice prints for the home, no decisions made there, had some cocktails and food along the way. After the town was done, we decided to go to Baldwin Beach. If you’re looking to avoid the crowds go there. With a cooler full of snacks, ice, and Coronas we soaked up the Sun, swam in the cool water, and buried the kids in the sand. Perfect spot to wind down the day.

Monday was not a time to sit around. The entire group gathered once again for even more adventure with a day at Heavenly’s Adventure Park. The gondola right was pleasant all the way to the first lookout where we strolled, took selfies, seen chipmunks and just absorbed the lake view. What a view.

The youngest, 9, was the only person in the group to make it up the 2nd hardest rock wall line. I almost made it but that kid killed it! She rocked and it was the one thing she wanted to do above all else. All us old timers had to bow down LOL. The coaster was fun and even the tube slide was worth it being the lines were minimal. In the afternoon that all changed. By that time, part of the group did the ropes course will the rest of us took the chairlift to the summit.

Tuesday took the group out on the M.S. Dixie II. Parking at Zephyr Cove, we boarded and settled in starboard side with unobstructed views of the lake, mountains, and the ski resorts. Being there was 14 of us, other patrons seemed to take offense that we had an entire row … it was strange. Floating on. Emerald Bay was gorgeous, and being sitting on the starboard side of the boat, and we had great views coming around Fannette Island. M.S. Dixie docked and we debarked.

The rest of the day was filled with a bit of different excitement. After eating lunch at Basecamp Pizza Factory, a fire broke out and the mountain was on evac. While we did see smoke, that was about it. On her walk back to the condo, Joy pulled out the GoPro and started filming while helicopters landed and took off right in front of her while. I and other, went to the casinos for beers and drinks.

Wednesday everyone sort of did their own thing. My Aunt and cousin headed to Oregon, others went shopping, some laid at the pool, and Joy, the girls, and I went for a hike at Horsetail Falls. The hike was great and pretty easy in Joy’s and I’s opinion. The girls had other thoughts. They acted like they were dying until arriving at the pools we read so much about. The girls played in the water while the drone soared above capturing the site. Amazing!

Thursday was the Four Winns boat rental we we all just took it in! Being a boating family, it was a real treat to be on the lake with no agendas but our own. The drone video was from Cave Rock and Crystal Bay. The wind picked up in the afternoon forcing us to travel west to get the wind break. After a grueling stint, we settled in Emerald Bay where the kids played on the inner tube and us adults talked into twilight.

Friday it was time to leave. Now back, and making GoPro edits, it really goes to show that Lake Tahoe is one great vacation destination.

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