Drone Video of Eagle Falls (Lake Tahoe)

In conclusion of all the videos made and the long story of Lake Tahoe 2016, I present the final piece Drone Video of Eagle Falls. Eagle Falls is a well known waterfall in the Lake Tahoe area that’s easy to get to and highly visible to tourist being that is located at the Emerald Bay overlook.

Most folks find parking in Emerald Bay State Park and/or along SR 89 (Emerald Bay Rd). We arrived early in the morning, around 8:30am after grabbing coffees, to find open parking and to be treated an inspiring sunrise over the mountain tops, awesome views of Fannette Island, and the greater S. Lake Tahoe area.

Being sunrise, our photos of the Bay were blown out, same with the opening scene of the drone video, yet when the drone faced back at us the colors and contours of the Falls really took shape. The Falls’ face appears as steps descending downward with water cascading down was refreshing in the morning air.

Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy this GoPro edit – Please Like and Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more.

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