21 Aerial Views of My Home

Ever since purchasing a drone, I’ve been steadily creating library comprised of terabytes of film. That library has also been part of larger project I’ve thinking about and wanting to complete: An Aerial Tour of Snohomish County. I’m proud to say, I took this past weekend to search and organize film, sort out bad or unstable shots, and spend countless hours editing the story board to produce the following video.

What came out the tireless editing is a 4 minute video in which I’m pretty proud of. While searching through all the film, I quickly realized that many of these scenes have never before been published. The video contains 21 different views, filmed in a variety of locations, in a spectrum of different lights, and primarily through the 4 seasons – I’m still missing the snowy winter scene.

If you like the video, please Subscribe to my channel (http://www.youtube.com/goingbigger) to continue to see drone from around the world. There are plans, over the New Year, to travel to three places that you will not want to miss – Crater Lake, Lake Tahoe (again), and Zion National Park. I’m really looking forward to flying those areas.

Well without anymore delays, here is an Aerial Tour of Snohomish County WA.


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