Enchant Christmas filmed in 360°

Join me and the family on our Enchant Christmas Maze experience in this 360° Video. The maze was fun for the kids and us adults with the many different light displays, decorations, and enough sights to keep this videographer busy.

HIGHLIGHTS: Maze 4:26, Christmas Tree 10:24, Rudolph 16:18, Tree Forest 31:33, Lighted Tunnel: 42:37

It wasn’t a Maze per se with a start and a finish; however, it was a maze in the sense. Upon entry, we were given cards with 9 reindeer names and the goal was to find all nine and get a card punched. We weaved our way through lighted hedges, mirrors, vertical spires, a lighted forest, hanging strands, and tunnels to seek out Santa’s reindeer. It wasn’t to hard was easily accomplishable for the 9 & 10 year old while keeping us adults entertaining and amused.

The youngest was disappointed when getting to Rudolph since her iPod was dead and couldn’t take pictures until later. Her sad face was so cute when I took her picture

The rain was persistent, again, and spotted the lens. I had to keep wiping it off yet should have waxed/rainX’d it as that would have been better. Live and learn.

The only drawback where the crowds. Being super packed, many folks didn’t care if they bumped, cut, cheated, or just barged into others while trying to get their card punched at the reindeer station.

A little background:

“Enchant is the world’s largest Christmas Light Maze, made up of over 55,000 sq. ft. of brilliantly illuminated sculptures arranged to create the perfect atmosphere for an evening adventure. Along with the maze, Enchant features a market with over 40 local vendors, 12 food trucks and a licensed eating area where guests can enjoy their favourite holiday drink.”

The Maze and Market are located just off Vancouver’s Olympic Village Sky train and down near the water and Hinge Park.

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