Christmas GoPro Video 2016

This Christmas season we decided to go to Vancouver for Enchant Christmas and the Light Maze for our annual staycation. It was a wonderful trip, and if you’re in Washington State then its a must see.

The day started with a morning snow fall, which always happens when we decided to travel this time of year, and the family piling in the Denali. With tickets, passports, and other documents in hand, the drive began. The heater on and Warm 106.9 playing, we braved the elements and what chaos may ensue.

The roads were safe all the way to Bellingham when we stopped for food at Olive Garden. With full bellies, sights were set on the final destination. We had booked a room at the Rosedale on Robson as to be centrally located which gave easier than realized access to everything. That evening took us to the Christmas Market for a carousel ride, shopping, Santa photo, food, and good ol’ sight seeing. After dinner it was back to the hotel for some pool & hot tub time and then relaxing to Christmas movies in our room.

The following morning, a full adventure planned, it was breakfast, a full day of shopping, ice skating right on Robson, and the worst Mexican food imaginable. LOL. Back to the skating. Skating was a nice change of pace from the stores and gave me time to shoot some action footage, the family to have some laughs, and a kiss under the Nordstrom mistltoe. We all like skating and its something I recommend to anyone needing a change from a day’s routine.

As evening approached, we headed to the hotel and a bit of down time before going to the light maze.

Coordinated locked in, we were off to Enchant Christmas. Bundled up was a necessity since the snow had stopped and the PNW rain soaked the jackets and hats and kid’s feet – nothing hot chocolate wouldn’t cure. The maze was a great time, brilliantly lit, and larger than imagined – Watch the 360° Video.

The light maze took time, probably over an hour, and was even more exciting since the kids had to seek out all 9 reindeer. The reindeer weren’t small, probably close to 15′ tall, yet were both sitting and standing which increased the challenge. I have to say, Enchant Christmas was worth going to see especially since it is so close to home.

That evening ended with us adults soaking in the hot tub and the kids playing in the pool, go figure, and a much needed sleep after a day of walking, skating, and more walking.

Ah … what a great time and we’re looking forward to the rest of the Christmas season. Hope you enjoyed the blog and video and may your family have a wonderful holiday season.

See you next year WordPress!

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