2 Solar Eclipse Videos from Arlington WA

August 21, 2017 was the date when residents were able to watch a total solar eclipse. The path of totality ran across the US starting with Oregon in the west. Being that we are a bit north, Arlington WA, we were able to see totality. From the house, we were able to see a 95% total solar eclipse and the house and weather provided an unobstructed view.

Family came over, we cooked breakfast, and the kids did plenty of running around during the lead up. The kids had solar glasses that us adults borrowed while the GoPro’s filmed away.

The first video was filmed using a GoPro 3+ Black using all default timelapse settings. The videos doesn’t show the eclipse though there is some dimming. The second video was filmed with a GoPro 4 Black with similar settings and a #13 welding shade attached to the case. Even with the welding shade, there was still to much light coming in too discern the moon from the sun. *Both videos were filmed 4k for optimal viewing.

Hope you enjoy these short videos and please Subscribe to me on YouTube as it gives me encouragement to make more videos. Thanks for watching.

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