Riding Silverwood’s Roller Coasters.

One of the Summer’s vacation trips was to head east and visit Idaho’s Silverwood Theme Park during the 4th of July holiday. Being this is just a small portion of the trip, and with more videos to come, visiting Idaho was a nice change from the norm destinations.

Tremors – Wooden Coaster

After a few attempts, the oldest (now 12) and I hopped in the front seat for a front seat view. Being a wooden coaster, Tremors is a jaw dropping thrill ride that makes your heart race, shakes your brain, and makes you want to do it again and again. With my signature “Wooooooaaaaaaaa”, you can enjoy POV front seat view of Silverwood’s Tremors.

Cork Screw – Metal Coaster

The Cork Screw is a short ride, in comparison to Tremors and Timber Terror, lasting just over a minute. When we went, over 4th of July, the lines were virtually no existent. We were thinking it was because everyone was at Boulder Beach due to the heat. With no wait, it was easy to get front seat over and over. The kids didn’t like going inverted, I liked it and was much better than getting my brain rattled, and they ended up only riding twice.

Timber Terror – Wood Coaster

The Timber Terror video is pretty poor since we never achieved front seat status. So, just enjoy it for what it is. The one thing I enjoyed about this ride was its duration. It was substantially longer than Cork Screw and was fun though, again, my brain felt shaken.

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