My real name is Toby Barnett since you may be wondering. I was born in Nürnberg [ˈnʏɐ̯nbɛɐ̯k], Germany while my dad served in the Army. Shortly after entering this world, my family moved back to the US and finally settled in a small town named Marysville.

Growing up I learned many things. 1) I’m different (didn’t need a rocket scientist to figure that out). 2) I enjoy strategy. 3) OI enjoy Learning, and now 4)blogging. After college, the brain was still reeling with thoughts and ideas with no outlet. I encountered MSN Spaces (which the network has been moved over to WordPress) and starting putting stuff down.

Releaving yes, enjoyable? Far more so. So this site began but I still haven’t answered the question on why the name Goingbigger.

Back in the hayday of Napster, I created the screen name Goingbig. Napster had it issues and well that was that. But now email was cool and goingbig @ hotmail . com was taken so it was only natural to take Goingbigger. The name also was a reflection of what I did at the time along with activities I still enjoy. Racing dirt bikes and being 16, the name only seemed natural.

Building on the early years, Goingbigger has become more or less a personal brand for myself. Mostly the name is used as the URL on social networks and if interested you can learn more by visiting: