Alien Invasion hitting Seattle Right Now

In a video published on YouTube, a large space craft has entered the atmosphere and has settled over downtown Seattle. In a scene right out of Independence Day, what appears to be a mother-ship of unknown origins is hovering right over the city.

And another video.

But the most informative video comes from Ron Gilman, a Lynnwood resident, who has recorded approx. 20 tapes of the bright blinking lights. I wonder if the UFO’s caught by Ron are the ones now invading Seattle.


Tomorrow Is going to Be Cool

Tonight, as my girlfriend is sleeping and I watching #AncientAliens, I’m up late finishing a website project for a college friend. My friend hired me to build him a WordPress blogsite for his Woodinville Window Cleaning business and it appears I’m almost done. The last item to complete is the grey area above the footer – need to pull content from somewhere and that is my challenge.

Well enough about work. Tomorrow is going to be awesome day, I should be sleeping, as I’m going Gleneagle Golf Course for a 2 man tournament. Jake and I are going to try our luck and maybe win a prize during a raffle. We have no idea who is hosting and putting on the event. Just signed up on the internet. Even though I am a big skier, I still love to golf as it reminds me of Grandpa and being a kid.

Anyway I’m off to bed and getting ready for tomorrow. Oh yea, I have to walk Joy’s girls in the morning before I go. Breakfast is a good idea.

2008 Tax Code

I got this in an email today; nothing like some humor on a Monday.
The only thing that the IRS has not taxed yet is the male penis. This is due to the fact that 69% of the time it is hanging around unemployed, 10% of the time it is hard up, 20% of the time it is pissed off and 1% of the time it is in the hole. On top of that, it has two dependents and they are both nuts! HOWEVER, effective January 1st, 2008, the penis will now be taxed according to size.
The brackets are as follows:
  • 10 – 12′ Luxury Tax $300.00
  • 8 – 10′ Pole Tax $250.00
  • 5 – 8′ Privilege Tax $150.00
  • 3 – 5′ Nuisance Tax $30.00

*Males exceeding 12′ must file capital gains.
*Anyone under 4′ is eligible for a tax refund.


cre8buzz is one of the hottest and friendliest networks out

Since my time online has grown into more than just a hobby I thought I would share a website with you all that it quite fun, interactive as well as a great place to meet like minded people. The site is cre8buzz. cr8buzz was just recently released from beta any is now open to the public. The beta test used an invite system to build the initial user base. My invite came by the way of a friend, Jade456, and I created a profile in the Real Estate group.
Like other social networking sites, cre8buzz allows users to setup free accounts, comment on questions, engage other users in forums and comment on other profiles, uploaded podcasts, pictures and videos, write blog posting, add a friends list and even add a website list (like ones your author). But that is not what really sets the network off. For me its the way the community talks to each other that makes it so attractive.
Other social networks people go off the handle and say some stupid stuff and the worst stuff I see is on YouTube. F-bomb this and f-bomb that and so on…it makes it unenjoyable to share while these culprits hide behind the anonymity mask the web has. That is important for me; the way people communicate really turns me on or off and cre8buzz has really done it for me. When conversations, comments and the like reduce themselves to name calling feud fests, like a bunch of kids, it drives me crazy and to drastic measures of leaving the network completely. But some people just do not get it that social networking and bad behavior and lead to serious consequences, blog post worth reading: Bob Sutton’s Asshole Management, so they can get away with abusive behavior is horrible, enough about that through.
I was buzzing around the network and though I would share some of my favorites out there. To bad none of my stuff made into my favorites…what is up with that?
My Favorite Picture: Born to be & father and son
My Favorite Blog Post: Common mistakes smart buyers make when buying a home (cannot help it being real estate related)
My Favorite Podcast/Video: Terry Tate – Office Linebacker
My Favorite Profile: Evancalous
So if you have some time you take a breeze through the network and see if you like it and sign up. But you do not have to take my word for it; check out a Digg submission and see what everyone else has to say. That is not all; look for more action on the cre8buzz circuit in the coming months. It is my guess that the network is going to exploded and membership will increase exponentially.
Other items to note about the cre8buzz network is how easy the system is to use and maintain. Setting up a profile took just a few minutes and customizing profile was just as easy. Many members have made "pimp your profile" tutorials and other widgets to further customize a profile; which is more customizable that what Spaces has to offer. For my profile, I chose to move the modules around the three columns to get the right look and keep it pretty basic.
It is a fun network so what are you waiting for…get out there and cre8buzz for yourself, company or whatever! Hope to see you there.

Transformers Movie

Back in December 2006, I found out the new Transformers movie coming out this summer and needless to say I am still stoked on it release. All the trailers I have been watching and finding on YouTube make the movie so appealing to my generation especially since I grew up watching the cartoons and playing with the action figures. I just watched a video on the Transformers website about the creators of the film and one of main items they touched on was the sound and when the high quality sound is bonded with awesome graphics and special effects it is bound to be a block buster with Generation Xers.
My favorite has to be Optimus Prime, partly because I am truck guy and there is no bigger truck that 18 wheeler, and he is just a plain bad ass. In the trailer there is but only a short glimpse of him which is at the end but it is so sick and keeps me wanting more and more. I have noticed Goingbigger getting a lot of search traffic for Optimus Prime Wallpaper but the post isn’ coming up as well as it should. Also, it should be mentioned that the wallpaper is not of the original Optimus Prime but one of a flat nose semi that is blue and white, not the traditional blue and red.
This first video is the trailer I favorited on YouTube and it really gives an excellent overview of the movie. Decepticons come to destroy people and the Autobots come to protect people. My favorite has to be when Optimus Prime roles into the picture and transforms (the brief glimpse mentioned earlier) and when whatever it is climbs out of the pool at the end.
This next movie was made by 3dblasphemy.com, who also did the Wallpaper, and it also is favorited on my YouTube site. It is really well done in my opinion because the camera angel and motion used simulates a person walking and filming at the same time, like an amateur would film, a little bouncy. It brings such realism to the movie when the flat nose Optimus Prime transforms. Goingbigger rates this video an A+
There will be more posts to come and especially a review of the movie when I see it. So mark your calendars for July 4, 2007 for the Transformers Movie and what could be a better way to spend Independence Day than with saving the world?

Seattle Mariners Season Opener 2007

Yesterday, I took the day off work to go to the Seattle Mariners season opener at Safeco Field in SODO. I met up with my buddy Lance, few others from high school and some other friends who I’ve been to Seahawks games with.
I left Kirkland around 2:30 hoping to would take to long to get across the water. But to my dismay 520 was all backed up and didn’t clear up until the s-curves near the University of Washington. Finally getting to Seattle there were nothing but cars and after finding a spot I reached Safeco Field to take in the Seattle Mariners hosting the Oakland Athletics.
The first part of the game went fast because of the great pitching by both teams which game me some time to take some pictures. It all started to change with the Seattle Mariners got one hit, then the A’s second baseman had a throw bounce off the top of his glove, an Ibanez sacrifice fly and the score was 1-0. Sexson came to bat and belted a 3 run home, HELL YEA!! GO Mariners!!
The Seattle Mariners beat the Oakland Athletics 4-0 in their first game of the 2007 season. Let’s hope they continue to play well all season.


This afternoon AceJacks and I went and seen the movie 300 and it was the best movie I have seen in a very long time. 300 is based in the Greek time of the Spartans when the Persian where marching through the old world conquering civilizations on their quest to rule the know world.
At the beginning of the movie a Persian messenger rides into Sparta to tell them to surrender and kneel to the Persian leader, who thinks he is a god (nothing has changed for them has it), in order to preserve their way of life. Spartans where bread and trained as warriors from birth, no one like that kneels to anyone else, so surrendering was not in the thought process. After a brief discussion the Spartan King front kicked the messenger, the action sequences where slowed down similar to the Matrix, so hard and launched him into a pit in the courtyard. It was awesome and at that point I knew the movie was going to be as bad ass as the trailers portrayed it as.
The movie continues and they gather 300 Spartan warriors to face the millions of the Persian army, they didn’t unleash their might force of 10,000, to do an epic battle where few stand up for what they believe in, freedom, against all odds. The battles where out right bloody, violent and skillfully done where it held every piece of attention I could muster.
Even though there was tons of action in 300 there was also a great plot line with the Spartan King and Queen. Their devotion was more silent and conveyed through visual love that in timeless. Along with there undying love, the Queen had to hold down the fort while the King was off in battle. She had to convince the elders that more men were needed for this war, that was brought upon Sparta, and the city had to make the decision to send more troops. The Queen made a solid case and ended up killing this puke that was in the pockets of the Persians, everyone in the audience cheered.
Back to the battle. 300 portrayed the true account, from my history research (yes, I am history buff), of what it meant to be a Son of Sparta and what Sparta stood for. The Spartan warriors were all stacked in the movie, how true that was I don’t know, and had warrior skills that were unrivaled by their opponents. The cinematography slowed down then speeded up the action sequences to show the moves, skills and talent of the warriors to where as viewer it felt like you were in the battles.
300 also had a lot of humor in it to my surprise. It was so good that the audience all laughed and in my opinion further enriched the movie experience. In one scene the Spartan King was walking over the dead, the first round of battle, when a party started to ride up, to small to be an attack the King decided to go out. The King started to go out and greet them by himself and when others objected he responded there is no reason why we can’t be civil. The crowd roared with laughed because of the irony of comedic interjection in the face of ultimate carnage.
The battles continued with the Persians throwing everything they could muster at 300 Spartan Warriors, rhinos, elephants and even the Immortals, which the Spartans challenged their names and put it to the test. The Immortals died, like everyone else, and the battles continued in epic proportions with action upon more action.
The last stand had the Spartans holding their heads high and fighting to the bitter end against all odds. As the history books tell the 300 Spartans perished doing what they valued, honor and freedom.
It was the greatest movie I have seen in years and a must seen in my book. I will preorder the DVD to watch over and over. After writing this I want to go see it again and probably again.
300 Kicks ASS

Transformers the Movie

Today I was breezing though YouTube and I came across something that was awesome: Transformers the Movie Trailer. Being a huge Optimus Prime fan this movie is going to kick some serious ass!! I love action, sci-fi, blow shit up movies and this one is just going to be over the top. I have another video on my YouTube site that was made by 3dBlastphemy and it is of another Optimus Prime. It is a flat nose semi truck and being a serious truck guy this totally gets me fired up. TRUCKS RULE!!!
This should be the most anticpated movie of the summer and probably the most watched. All comic book and action figure people from the 80’s are going to so be watching it and I’ll probably go see it twice then buy the movie when it hits dvd. So far I have visited the Transformers Website (it takes a while to load since it is done in flash or something) and have been downloading wallpapers for my computer and this is my favorite right now, Flat Nose Optimus Prime.
Ah I can’t wait but I better going and clean my place since I am going to hit a matinee with my girlfriend…peace out!