LOTRO Online

Every since the Tower of Power was built I have been addicted to playing Lord of the Rings Online (MMRPG). The game is so wicked and I have barely started it. One of the complaints, from a friend, is that the game has to much "do this" and "fetch that" missions. Which is true but my roommate and I have been playing those quests to level up and be able to do the Epic. After some gaming, over lunch, today my character, Goingbigger go figure, is a level 29 and about to level again.
Goingbigger’s LOTRO Profile
Name: Goingbigger of Breeland
Race: Man
Class: Champion
Level: 50
Weapons: Single Handed Axe & Hammer
I just completed a huge quest last night with my roommate, Elf Lore Master: Managuensis level 27, that involved killing elite level 24’s and 25’s trolls. It was sweet, they kept on doing this hammer punch to my melon but with the help of Managuensis we waxed them, only dieing once a piece. Not to bad if I don’t say so myself. Completing that quest gave me the Hammer but I would rather have two really nice swords (so any LOTRO gamers have nice swords hit me up online and we can do a trade) that will cut other’s heads clean off. Unfortanetly I haven’t seen those yet.
Well better run and hopefully I will see you there!