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Still workin away…

Still workin away on categorizing these blogs entrys. It is taking longer than expected and it is the most  mindless task ever and that not the worst thing either. Each time you select your category and republish the blog has to reload and takes you back to the page editor home. It is taking forever needless to say. Ah well, lesson learned: organize earlier and save time later :)
Last night was fun. I started off at the Crab Cracker and seen my fav bar tender, Travis. She, yes i said she, has a great sense of humor which cracks me up and she is pleasant to talk to. After a beer their I took a cab to Waldos. Pretty cool place. It was full of pool tables, stage and to many dart machines to count. I went to meet up with Kim and watch her brothers band Sambusa. It was a good show and I wouldn’t mind picking up one of CDs. A few yeagar(sp) bombs and Hiefy’s I was good to go. Everyone started to take off and head to another bar but I grabbed a cab home. It cost me 4 bucks…hahah I love it!!

This week has been a long one…

This week has been a long one and there is no signs of it slowing down. Som egood news though it means more money in the bacnk. These past few months have been tough but hopefully this is a sign that things are to get better in the cash money department.
I get to try my luck with a product based website this time. Going to be implementing serious strategies right away and get our new client going. I have some questions about how to do some things, which is expected, but so far nothing seems to difficult I would not be able to figure it out or call the help line :P I am down with tech support.
I like to call up and say "hey, i f***ed this up, can you help me get straightened out?" Early days working on BAREs site I jacked it up more than my fare share. I was calling tech support so much I thought I was going to get a massive bill in the mail. Thank god that didn’t happen.
This new project should be fun. I will post a link to on here, where I have notta clue. What else is going on? Ah that’s right NOTHING!! well off to bed I go to do it all over again :P
ps. picks are coming from the whistler tri, i got word tonight :)

A quite day in the pad

I was watching the Baja 1000 on tv but i have switched to the Huskies basketball game. It is 56 to 44, Huskies.
The new siggy for MSN Space Ring can be found in the Guestbook. If you don’t know what the ring is all about go check it out. It is a great place to meet other spacers and chat.
My hottie neighbor is bumpin her stero again. It is okay though since I do get kind of loud in the evening.
blah blah blah…i my brian is working now. I should be working but i really don’t feel like it….well peace out!!

“The Never Ending Game” Master P

I have seen this question around the net quite a bit. What are titles actually for? Are they for writing or entertainment? It is never about what you want talk about. I mean, when you write a paper or essay or something else similiar you want a title to descriptively tell the reader what it is your going to be discussing. Hell I want to discuss beer, football, skiing and chicks!! YEA BUDDY!!
Check my photo albumn goingbigger says "go big or go home" and see the updated winter pics. They are from Rosebay, and one is from the ONLY time she was ever skiing, I solute ya for doing it at least once and getting a hottie photo, YEA BUDDY!! and the next is taken from her dad’s back yard in Buffalo. King Tom was their a few months ago and sent me a post card!! The pic of it is still up, see the photo album, I did a post but to hell will lookin for that!! North America is official in WINTER!!
A friend told me today that is snowing in Missouri and my buddy Mike, who is a helicopter AMP mechanic in Anchorage, chatted with me on msn messenger Mike and I used to tear up the neighborhood in the snow. Donuts, figure eights and crazy shit like that!! We’ed stay up all night waiting for it to snow so we could tear up the hood. "Back in the day, I’m not a kid anymore", Ahmad, gosh those were those cool times.
I wouldn’t want to relieve them though. I don’t think I have the lives for it.  
So finally to the relaxcing part of my day. After hitting the gym and cleaning I get to watch Matrix 2 and mess around on my new tablet. I starting reading my first ebook. Its only 90 pages but I am taking notes. PIMPIN!! <man, I am weird> It is on Search Engine Optimization. For the last 6 months I have implement some strategies but nothing new lately. In my opinion that stuff works. The stuff in this ebook is the latest and greatest techniques to totally set your self apart.
So over the next 6 months I am going to try and implement 3 new strategies while maintaining our current strategies. I think, that is the key. Continuos updates, similiar to blogs, linking, functionally organized and this other shit I don’t know yet :)
One of my biggest thrills is learning. Tonight while cleaing PBS had a special on Isaac Netween. Damn, that dude was a genious. His Achievements were monumental to put it lightly. Tagent alert!! WOOP WOOP!!! To me life is a journey and I have my path to walk but I want to hear the stories of other. Their trials and tribulations just so I can learn. Just recently I helped a close friend of mine on a research paper. I got so excited I just wanted to take over and do it but resisted the force.
What he produced solid paper. I am proud of him, he worked hard and did a badass job.
That type of stuff is fun for me now. It would so cool to be asked to be apart of research team taking on a problem or research new, uh well, anything.
One Lance’s buddies game me a free pair of Sonics tickets last night. The game is not for a while but i got something to look forward too in January. Time to hit the sack!! I’m tired.
May dreams be wet, intense and peaceful all at the same time :)

I’m Alive…

This weekend was fun. I met up with the boys and we ended up having a few beverages until early the next day. It was fun to catch up with them. It has been a few months since we all kicked it. So after licking our wounds until 4pm on Saturday we headed up the La Hacienda for some Mexican food and Margaritas!! The fun just kept going. There was so much clowing going on and it brought back alot of memories of good times. On coming weekend we are going to El Gouchos in Seattle for Jake’s B-day and go-kart racing!!
After a few margaritas we had our food but once that was over it was more margaritas acompanied by a shot of tequila. Wahooo, it has been a while for one of those but it tasted pretty good. Now we are all buzzed up about 5:30pm. I ended up coming shorty after but with reluctance. I wanted to stay Saturday as well and get all hammered again with the guys. It did feel good though to get home, have dinner and get a good nights rest.
Now it is Sunday and I get to write. Well this day started out good until my Seahawks lost to the Washington Redskins. We have never been a great road team so i shouldn’t be to surprise but I wanted to go 3-1 instead of being the 2-2 we are now. Oh well, there is always next :) Go Hawks!! My chores are done. Hitting the gym, cleaning, going through my work emails, cooking dinner and sitting on my ass sums up my day :) I am enjoying the sitting on my ass part right now.
Now that it is raining and GATHERING F%$#ING SNOW in the mountains, which I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, it needs to be nice next weekend so I can get some good pics of Marysville  and Everett so I can build some city pages on BARE’s website. Another success Alert!! Our web traffic has gone from 640 hits per month in September 2004 too 10,180 hits last month, September 2005. To me that is 10,180 reasons to try harder!! I have talked to a few real estate agents from various parts of the United States and their sites do 20k per month on average. That is some serious traffic for a real estate website. But since it is BARE’s main advertising channel it makes to continue to grow our presence and branding presence online. The blog has been worked on for a bit but I just want it in place so when i start full-time. I haven’t submitted it to any pinging sites or directories. I will do it when i am updating daily.
Well I am off to stalk around and say hello to friends. I will leave it with this quote: "Live long and Prosper".

Grab the Day!!

To start this off I am watching/listening to Judge Roberts confirmation right now. Sen Kennedy just finished up and he didn’t let Roberts speak/answer questions. Kennedy kept interrupting and was to pushy on specific questions and cases that may become in front of the Supreme Court in the future. I will be keeping tabs on this issue to see how it developes.
Winter is rapidly approaching and I am starting to get excited. My skis could use some fresh wax and a good edge sharpening. My gear is ready but I could use some new goggles. A buddy of mine wears Von Zippers. I have tried them on and they are comfortable, great visibility and they have a cool name :P I am not sure if I will be attending the new Warren Miller film this year becuase of cash but we will see. I will probably put Storm in when i get home. It was one of my favorites movies.
Well football season is here. The Seattle Seahawks lost there season opener but since we haven’t been strong the road the past few years so it wasn’t to big of a surprise. I have tickets for Sunday’s game against the Alanta Falcons. My buddy Brian and i will be meeting up around noon and then its crazy time!! It should be fun.
Well BARE’s Relief Event is coming along nicely. The invitations are out, the band is booked, the facility is prepared and all we need is the people to show :) All i have left to do is finish my signage and get them printed up and practice the timeline. I am most nervous about the last one. I will be talking to the professionals in our area and i don’t want to feel like an idiot up there (not hard to do). Tonight will be a heavy work night but my friend Lance is coming over and going to stay the night. He is taking the MLS test in the morning down here and wants to aviod all the traffice leaving Marysville. Hopefully he is a little calmer than normal :)
My writing has slacked off these past days and I haven’t been out visiting online friends so sorry to all if I haven’t gotten to your comments. Things get crazy and it is hard handle everything all the time. I have been talking to someone online in the evenings. It is really fun and enjoyable but i am not sleeping well because of just staying up to late. I remember when I was 19, I could party all night and get up early and then do it all over again.
Am I forgeting that I was tired then or could I really do that? All i know is that I can’t handle it like I used too. I am kind of glad I can’t because tonight I so want to pass out early but I doubt it. Well I am off for now.
Hope to talk with all soon…it probably this weekend since the days leading to Friday are busy :P Take care everyone and enjoy your week!

Holy Moly!!

I don’t have words that could accurately explain the last few days. WOW, since I took off on Friday morning, I slept in by and hour and a half, mom was a little bent but she forgave me :) Gotta love her :) We headed off to Oregon for her 50th b-day party! The family was all there, the food was perfect, the pool was reviving and the time together was priceless…
Those are the days that make life unbelievable. Have you ever experience a "moment" like it was its own universe? If you have there is no need for me to describe it but if you haven’t go and try to experience the perfect moment in time.
I want to send a SHOUT OUT to everyone that has left a comment, assisted in site development, left their sasquatch print, listened to my blabble…so here’s to you <tipping my Corona>.
The Hawks game was pretty fun…check out the photos. We dominated the first quarter with our first string then we pulled them out and tested our other guys. The showed some heart but made some errors. If they work on there jumpyness and focused they will do very well. Tubbs was out there throwing the beat down!!
I had some drinks and two huge slices of pizza…Quest field was trying to break the bank but I have my money on my mind and my money is my shoe…
Well the week is shaping up nicely, got my apartment all cleaned up, Rudy is gamin on the PS2, and I am relaxing writing some thoughts out. Does it get any better? If it does, look the F^&k out!!
After Lance dropped me off last, he went to a casino and took 1st in a poker tournament. Friendships like his don’t come around very often and I am priveledge to have such a friend, <cheer Lance>.
There are to many people who are too good to my punk ass. It amazing and something that should be treasured and never taken for granted. So as I end these notes i will leave rule number one for you to ponder.
1) Life is Good!
 – Every morning I wake is a good day
Until we chat again this Toby signing off…