Facebook Winter Challenge 2014

Last night my brother, yes he still torments me to this day, challenged me and others to the Facebook Winter Challenge 2014. Well my brother, being cra cra, went out last night, sometime around 9pm, to Lake Stevens and, along with my oldest nephew, jumped into the lake.

bryan-aiden-winter-challenge-2014[screen capture of video … doesn’t play]

I’ve seen the Challenge working its way through friends of friends of Facebook yet never bothered to search the history or what it is all about. From the videos I seen folks jump into freezing ass water then challenging friends to do the same.

Here is a Facebook Group:

My challenge chain traced through Facebook is: Martin Napeahi (brother’s friend) > Bryan Barnett (brother) > Toby Barnett

Evidently the Winter Challenge has weighed heavy on my mind as I had two dreams last night of doing some lake swimming. So what lake did I choose? Lake Ki. Its nearby the house and has decent shoreline just off 531.

My Winter Challenge 2014 Video

So what is the Winter Challenge?

I couldn’t find exactly where it started but here is the jist.

The Polar Bear Plunge: Where groups jump into freezing temperature water for charity. These happen all over the US and in Washington the Seattle Parks & Recreation have a page dedicated to it, though the date has already passed.

Private Cleansing Rituals: Where people or groups get into nearly freezing water to cleanse and start anew. Done before spring time, when things flower, starting anew is symbolic of what’s to come.

The goal is to feel clean and light and free of troubles. “I’ve talked to a few elders about the conflict in a ceremony being exposed,” she said. “But the benefits outweigh the negative.” [SOURCE]

The Japanese culture has one of its own. Here is a photo essay from Kashima-jingu shrine in Ibaraki Prefecture pray in the frigid waters as part of the Daikan Misogi purification ceremony.

With the Winter Challenge 2014, someone is called out by his/her friend(s) for a cold water head-under swim, here Washington we have the Puget Sound, Pacific Ocean, lakes and rivers to choose, then challenges his/her friends to repeat within a 24hr period.

All-in-all it was a fun experience despite the cold. Next year, I’ll probably have a little one do it with me and maybe a few others.

Are you going to do it or have you done it already?


My emotions…

My emotions have been all over the past two months, well mainly. in the tiolet. As a result, I quit exercising and then started to get fat. Yes, fat. Having soggy mid section is something I have never had and it was getting flabby. It was a downward spiral that I got into, not working out, feel bad, don’t work, feel worse. But hopefully that period has past I can get back to feeling some what normal.
To help facilitate my getting rippedness, i bought a Muscle Fitness magazine and a bottle of Arsenal-X. My goal is too keep my size, maybe decrease it a bit, and lean out. I need to get back to where to my 9% body fat and 160lbs, don’t care about my weight now and currently 185lbs, when I was 24. Then the ladies at the beach voted me Best Body which was totally schweet. Those days are gone and now I am stuck with a semi-flabby mid section and decent build.
"It doesn’t matter how much you can lift, all that matters is what you look like when the shirt comes off"…Toby
Getting rid of what I call "the layer" is the hardest part about excerising. A person can work and work but then never reach the ulitimate goal and then give up. F*** giving up!! Try harder Toby, that is what I kept telling myself today as I sweated my ass off. It felt so good to get that energy release and the increase in heart rate. My mind also seems to work better after I have worked out and during my work days when I keep a constant regiment of exercise.
Summer is almost so why start this now? Because ski season is just around the corner and I need to be conditioned to keep the goingbigger during all ski season!! Go Big or Go Home!! heheh, starting to get to old to think that way. Work is always on Monday and can’t get paid if I’m in the hospital. I have been in the hosiptal to much for my injuries and never liked it, well, I did like the nurses checking out my junk :) that is always cool, always!!
So here is to hot nurses, big guns and cold beverages!! Rock out with your c*** out!! or your Jugs!!

Toby’s 5 Day Workout

Actually Published on October 22, 2005, 1:00am
Toby’s 4-5 day workout to reduce that shack you got going over your tool. If your guts in the way a girl won’t bob on your knob. With this work out you will be having girls wanting to feel you when your out in the club.
Give it three weeks and you will notice an major increase in strength and definition. While working out maintain a healthy balance between carbs, protien, dairy and veggies. Forget the power shake, carb laxetive and the protein paste. You don’t need them. For most people all day is make you retain water and feel all bloated. Also, the work depends on using technique over weight.
With proper technique or aviod of injury and you gain controll. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be Mr Universe. Stay all natural and work on control and form and you will be golden. All that matter is what you look like when the shirt comes off and who cares how much weight you lift in the gym.
Monday – Chest w/ Legs
  • Flat Bench ~ 3 sets, 12x10X6 reps while increasing weight, 30 sec rest between sets
  • Dumbell Flys ~ 3 sets, 10x8x6 reps while increasing weight, 30 sec rest between sets
  • Stairs, stairmaster, or walking 15mins, Maintain a above average heart rate
  • Cable Flys ~ 3 sets, 15x10x8 reps while increasing wieght, 1min 30sec rest between sets
  • Push Ups ~ 3 sets of as many as you can do
  • Abs ~ 3 sets of 60 reps

Tuesday – Back & Biceps

  • Sitting One Arm Dumble Curls ~ 3 sets, 10x10x5, 30 sec rest
  • Standing Barbel Curls ~ 3 sets, 10x8x6, 1 min 30 sec rest
  • Lat Pull ~ 3 sets, 15x12x10, 2 min rest
  • Single Dumbel Row ~ 3 sets, 10x8x6, 1 min 30 sec rest
  • Sitting Preacher Curl ~ 10x8x6, 1 min 30 sec rest
  • Standing One Arm Dumbel Curls ~ 10x8x6, 1 min 30 sec rest
  • Lower Back Extentions ~ No weight or very little, 3 sets of how many you can do
  • Sitting Row ~ 3 sets, 12x8x6, 30 sec rest

Wednesday – Triceps & Shoulders

  • Dumbel Military Press ~ 3 sets, 12x10x8, 1 min 30 sec rest
  • Single Arm Front Shoulder Raises ~ 15x12x10, 30 sec rest
  • Skull Crushers ~ 15x12x10, 30 sec rest
  • Standing Tricep Extention ~ 12x8x6, 2 min rest
  • Single Arm Side Shoulder raises ~ 15x12x10, 30 sec rest
  • Barbel Military Press ~ 10x8x6, 3 min rest
  • Dips ~ 3 sets of as many as you can
  • Single Dumbel Tricep Extention ~ 10x8x6, 1 min rest

Thursday – Legs w/ Chest

  • Cardio ~ Select the Fat Burn mode, 20 minutes and follow the rate goals.
  • Lunges ~ 3 sets of 10 reps, using the same weight; don’t increase, 3 min rest
  • Flat Bench ~ 3 sets, 12x12x12, using the same weight; don’t increase, 1 min 30 sec rest
  • Stairs ~ 10 min, alternate: every stair, every other stair, high stepping, you want to achieve "light feet" , you shouldn’t hear your feet slam onto the next step
  • Abs ~ 3 sets, Standard crunches, 10x10x10, 1 min rest
  • Abs ~ 3 sets, Right & Left Oblique crunches, 10x10x10

Friday ~ No lifting


Saturday ~ Training Day (One excercise for evey major muslce group)

  • Chest – Cable Flys ~ 3 sets, 12x12x12,  2 min rest
  • Biceps – Standing Single Arm Dumbel Curls ~ 3 sets, 10x8x6, 2 min rest
  • Back – Sitting Double Arm Row ~ 12x12x12,  2 min rest
  • Legs – Front Squats ~ 3 sets, 10x10x10, 3 min rest
  • Shoulders – Dumbel Military Press ~ 3 sets, 10x8x6, 2 min rest
  • Triceps ~ Dips ~ 3 sets of as many as you can do
  • Abs – Hanging Knee Ups ~ 3 sets of as many as you can do

Sunday ~ No Lifting

Sound Intense? It is but its worth it. You follow that and you will get some serious results. No need to use protein paste, carb laxetives or the roids.

Eat balanced and work out hard and as little as 3 weeks you be the walking gun show!! Drunk chicks will now dig you, the planets will align and harmony will reign.

iaghty, its late and i’m hittin the sack. I have to get my hairs cut tomorrow then to a buddies house to watch the Trojans vs. Huskies game!! Going to drink beer and eat pizza!! That is what I called balanced :)



How do accept something you don’t feel worthy of?

Recently I have met and talked with people, which has been nothing less than perfect, and have been told something which i thought about been never taken to seriously.
The other night I had a great conversation with a Vietnam Vet about the United State of America’s global interest and its future. I am 27 and was born no where close to the civil movements that were happening in that time but he told me something that I can’t comprehend.
He told me, "if you run for president I will vote for you". How do take a compliment so out of my league? I was dumb founded. I am strong on my views, I study history and analysis past eras, stay on top of of Real-Time events and put together formulas for future success. But being told you should go into politics and implement your strategies is off the charts.
I am totally confused. Why me? Why not someone else? I cant do it but I havent tried. What could it hurt?
Holly Molly, what is my destiny? Is there something more guiding my fate towards a unimaginable future?
Time is the only thing that can answer these questions and i look forward to the time ahead. It is wild to think about you know?
Until the next time…this is Toby signing off…