How to Properly Catch Dungenous Crab

I have learned a lot over the years when it comes to properly catching Puget Sound Dungenous crab. And the biggest item I learned is its not that hard – or so I thought. Below is a video take with a HD Hero2 and is timelapse at 1,300% and the items that stand out are:

1. Dengenous Crab are smarter than we give them credit for.
2. Dengenous Crab can easily get in and out of a crab pot.

It was a common thought, between my friends and family, that once a keeper is in the pot that keeper can no longer leave – Wrong-O. As watching the video I’ve come to some conclusions about what I can do better.

– Pull crab pots at 30-35 minutes (no need for a longer soak time).
– Not going to use bait boxes any more as they don’t allow the feeding frenzy I prefer.
– If the pot gets to full crabs come and go as they please due to the doors being left open.
– Crab freak out once their legs are off the ground.

The season is over for me, sportsmans only get a few months, and I’m already looking towards next year to get my crab feast on as I never eat crab any other time of the year. By-product of being spoiled with the super freshies.

Scuba Diving in Maui at St. Anthoney’s Wreck

In August of 2011 my family had a huge vacation in Maui with many birthday parties: Moms, Aunts, and Mom’s boyfriend. While during the trip, my brother and cousin where game for a dive trip and for our two dives we picked the St. Anthony’s Wreck and Molokini Crater. Though I did’t get any video of the Molokini Crater because I was doing pictures – which didn’t come out all that good – I did get the entire St. Anthoney’s Wreck on video. Taken with a GoPro HD Hero the video came out pretty good and its still in its raw form and unedited. The first video has highlights in the video description for fast forwarding.

Double D’s Fish Tank

My roommate, Double D, has been building his fish tank ever since we moved into the house. The tank was found in Mercer Island, he barrowed the truck to pick it up, and it measures 6′ long, 3′ tall and 2′ deep (150 gallons). Since stands are quit expensive Double D built his own with the help of some friends using 4×4 posts and 2×4’s since it was figured the tank, gravel, fish and stand would all weigh around 2k pounds. But after it was all done it was time to pick out the fish.
This is no ordinary tank with nice colorful fish that swim around and make you feel tranquil, no, it is full of Wolf-Cichlids that fight, eat and just raise a ruckus. Here is the break down of what is in the tank that has been dubbed "Hostile Environment".
  • 12 Convicts
  • 2 Jack Dempsey’s
  • 1 Flower horn, Red Devil, Trimack mix
  • 4 Jaguars
  • 1 Red Devil
  • 2 Texans
  • 1 Fire Mouth
  • 2 Green Terrors
  • 1 Dovii
  • 1 Paracrombis (algae eater)
  • 1 Electric Blue Crawdad
  • 2 Snails

Oh yea, there are 2 Umbies that are in a 10 gallon tank on the rapid growth program. Ever fish store we go into and people ask what is in the tank and we tell them, their eyes get all big and look at us like we are crazy. HAHA yep! I will probably have pictures tonight of the tank and maybe if there is a fight their will be videos.


The other my buddy Dayzed50 got the featured profile of the day on for 1993 GT Mustang, he is also the buddy I do all the racing with. Another buddy set up his profile for his 2004 Cadillac CTS that he just bought last week. It is fun network for any automotive enthusiast and with membership growing it will be interesting to see how it grows.

SETI Profile

My buddy Chris set up his SETI Profile tonight and joined my team so we can log data units and build a huge numbers inside the network. It is a fun system to use and I recommend anyone interested in science or space to check it out. Goingbigger Exploration, Inc is my team and being a member since 2002 its by far my oldest profile page on the internet. Being a space junkie and alien hack job it is cool be able to share a passion with such a close friend. Anyhoo gotta run and hang with the girlfriend.

Have you ever had a…

Have you ever experienced a twilight zone type event during the day? I am kind of having one this evening. I just online to see my Space and I looked at my horoscope it is says, "Now that the planetary shifts of the past few weeks are over, you are left alone with your questions, your illusions…" and I was like wow because I am watching a metorite special on the History Channel. I was thinking, "Must be my lucky day, sweet".
I have been getting back into the stars since Spring time. A few times this Spring and Summer I have gone to my roof with my binoculars and look into the heaven, (tv back on, ok back from commerical. It was so relaxing and I forgot how relaxing it is just look at them. A couple girl friends I had enjoyed it as well. We go to the top of Mt Pilchuck on the Mountain Loop Highway and star into the Universe in the darkess night. If you get a chance go and see because it truely a wonder.
So now I am watching this show and thinking about space stuff. Did you know that only 2% of our sky is watched during the day for NEOs, Near Earth Objects? Not much considering how big space is and how much we don’t know about. We know more about how the Universe was created then what could be flying our way right now. A few movies have been made on this topic but Bruce Willis is going to go blow it up. The movie kicked ass and I love the thought of roaming around on metorite with a 6 wheel bad ass truck packing a 50 cal. machine gun. I remember the Shoemaker-Levy comet broke apart and slammed into Jupitor. It was awesome!! You could see the comet in the night sky but the impact wasnt visiible from my location.
This has been a hobbie of mine for a bit, the first thing I nerded out on. On July 4, 2005, I watched the NASA probe slam into a comet, Deep Impact a closer look inside a comet, and that was a "brilliant in color" and was brighter than anything I have seen in the night sky. Space is a great vast place with a lot of mysteries. But it surprises me that world leaders don’t give the importance their space programs. We still have them but I would love to see what we could accomplish if we put more attentions to this area.
Oh I also most forgot, I watched the movie Apollo 13 with Tom Hanks while I worked on the real estate site, so is this a twilight zone event? I think so…brb…show is back on.
These metorites give us so much information regarding the building blocks of life and the creation of life on earth. The Seeding Theory says that a comet or metorite for a far off place carried the substance to generate complex sugar and amino acids. I think it is highly probable that is this is the right answer.
So if these rocks are roaming Space just waiting to colide with the Earth it could dramatically change life on our planet. It seems that some world leaders arent thinking that way and thye continue to try and war each other of parcials of land. To me there are more important things to worry then what my neighbor thinks and does because nothing is worth fighting for, unless the prick has his stereo up way to loud on a work nigt :) that could desrve a beat down, hahaha
Can we all just get along? Ahhahaha…well that is all for me…peace out…going to watch stuff on the cival war. Yes, nerd out some more.

Water on Saturn – Space News –

If you haven’t read this article yet I highly recommend it. It is in regards to Saturn and the Cassini space craft that has been observing Saturn and its moons since 2004. The last major planetary disovery happened in the late 1970s when the volvanoes were observered for the first time on IO, one of Jupitor’s moons. It seems that Enceladus, Saturn’s moon, has geysers while plume out gas and liguid.

These hydrothermo vents give another key ingredient in the life equation. Our osceans have deep hydrothermo vents which sustain life at what was thought as unihabital parts of the deap sea. It is also interesting that these vents are coming the southern polar regoin of the moon and thermal imaging shows that it is also the warmest region.

Mars & IO are still in debate about the possibilities of life but no organic life has been found yet. For some reason I doubt that we find organic life within our solar system. My guess is life we be discovered through other means, direct observation.

Inter-planetary research gets a big boost with these findings. 

It amazes me what we are all going to see in our life time…So here is to the "dreamers" who quest is to venture outside of daily life and pursue the greatest of dreams, first exploration.


Water on Saturn moon could support life – Space News –