Monster Mash Provided by JibJab

Well I went off and did it again. Using JibJab’s Monster Mash template, a spooky Halloween dance routine was choreographed with better singing that I can do in real life. The 5 person videos works the best so everyone, included the dog, can participate. Meaning, both girls get to see their face on the screen. Joy’s niece wants to be in a video so maybe for the next one I’ll do it with all the kids but its all dependent on how many spots there are to fill.


Adam’s Family Video by JibJab

I love making videos. Long ones, short ones, funny ones, action ones, and even ones. The girls love seeing their faces in the JibJab videos and typically I spend more time then I want creating. It is fun nonetheless and a good time with the kids. Then I seen the Adam’s Family video come out I had to do it which even staring the dog as Pugsley. So without further ad0 here is our Adam’s Family JibJab video.


The Family’s 4th of July Fireworks Display

Every year Joy and I spend the 4th of July at her Dad’s house with most of our family, my brother is always at Lake Cavanaugh, a bbq and fireworks show. Last year we had a great time and the video put together came out decent so wanted to put together a better GoPro edit.

Comparing this year’s and last year’s video I wish I had included some POV video, maybe next year.

This years video the camera was set at the back porch, the spectator’s POV, approxiamtely 75 yards away from the launch area in order to capture the whole show with steady video versus being shaky. The camera is a GoPro 3+ Black and was attached to a ski pole along with the Skelton Case. In hindsight, The Frame would have been the best audio capture case yet the Skelton Case did a pretty good even though all camera audio was removed.

There was a GoPro Hero 2 positioned on the launch board, and even a Hero 1 off at an off set angle, but those videos didn’t make it into the edit – thinking back I should spend more time editing the final product prior to uploading. Anyone who’s done editing knows it takes so long.

Being in Washington State our nights don’t get super dark till after 10pm and that’s about when the show started.

Camera: GoPro 3+ Black Edition
Settings: 1080p @ 30fps
Editing Software: Adobe Elements Premier 9


Merry Christmas 2013

Joy and I have been working our Mr & Mrs Claus tails off. Friday I came down with the flue and been managing ever since. Friday it snowed and Joy and her girls made a snow man, which is still standing, before their dad picked them up.

That left the day for us, well mostly Joy as I had the aches, to get the presents wrapped and under the tree. Saturday night Joy’s sister came over with movies and we watched Idenity Theif and White House Down while I put together the fish tank. We stayed up late doing some small stuff then Joy was back at first thing this morning. She is a great Mom!!!

Now we are about to have some dinner while watching Christmas shows. Hope you and your family have a great holiday internet people’s.



Sweet 4th of July Pics

This 4th of July I spent with friends at a wedding. I know what you are thinking, weddings are gay, but this one was cool. It lasted a whole 10 minutes (tops) and I was boozing during the ceremony. Easy money if you ask me. After the "I do’s", everyone started in on the food, got back to talking and started to booze even harder. Then the meat wagon showed up.
A 1948 Ford truck pulling a bbq that would not fit in some garages. It was packed full with good smelling wood and tons of meat. Ribs, ribs and more ribs baby! There were pretty good and hosted by Armadillo Barbeque. What a cool name and they said they even have a 1953 GMC as their other truck. Should have brought that instead of the Ford, lol, needed at lease one Ford jab in there.
Then the big moment had arrived. All year I have been waiting for the 4th because my room mate bought like 2k dallors worth of fireworks (wholesale from the internet) and made a 4×8 display board to compliment the boxes off other stuff he had :) The dispay was the best have ever seen and the pictures turned out amazing. I bought a Fujifilm camera for my 30th and it has a fireworks setting on it. Bingo! The show lasted for about 30 – 40 minutes and there was a rock cover band playing right behind us. So rock music, drinks and fireworks (Toby got a burn on left hand…thank god it was the left!) was the best combination. And here is my favorite of all the pictures, all the rest can be found in the photo album.

Happy Independence Day, July 4, 2006

Last night Rudy came over to watch the fire works from my apartment. From my apartment we could see the Seattle Center’s, Gas Works Park’s, Bellevue’s, Madina’s and Kirkland’s firework display all at the same time. It was wild and very very colorful. The sky was lit up like a Xmas tree with the 5 different displays and the best part about it was it was free :P.
But before all the displays Rudy and I just hung out here while I Appreciated some Spacers and he played PS2. We chatted up a storm about a whole lotta nada but a few good things here and there. Since neither of us had s*** to do it was just right. His gf is New York right now, she watched the New York display from a party on a roof top in Brooklyn, trying out for some commercials. She gets back on Sunday and Rudy and I are really rooting for her. It would be so cool to know another person from TV. I know a weather guy on our local station, that is pretty sweet.
More about the 4th…hmmmm…I finally read the Declaration of Indpendence from start to finish. What a great document and its no surprise that it has been called one of the most important documents is human history. It is truely and art work but the verbage is a tad difficult to read. Totally different than the type of English I grew up on. And the all "S" look like a cursive "f". It took me a bit to figure that out.
I re added my Patriotic Photo Albumn but I am sorry to say that I have placed any new ones in for some time. There are some specatcular images floating around the net of the United States and for s***s and giggles here are some search terms that produce some good ones

Updated: July 7, 2006

Image of the Day provided by NASA, Resident Bald Eagles


If I could be any animal it would be a Bald Eagle. They kick ass, heck they would kick my ass. Standing roughly 4 feet tall with a 6 foot wings space and tallons that 4 inches long they virtually have no predators, unless you count man.

It would be so cool to be able to fly around and to look so noble doing it. I have see a lot of them in wild but one time stand out more than another others. I was 16 and was walking in the mountains on the Eastern slope of the Cascades when all of a sudden here she came. Flying through the valley about 25 feet from me she came soaring by in graceful flight. It was just amazing and it was totally one of those times where you are rooted in place.

I couldnt move, just watch. A perfect experience and one I will cherish for the rest of my life.


Friday I took off work early…

Friday I took off work early and headed home because holiday traffic was a mess. I got home in time to listen to my favorite radio program, The Men’s Room on KISW 99.9fm. Part of their program poses questions to viewers and viewers call or e-mail in with their responses. Being Friday before the Holiday it was fitting that The Men’s Room question was "What is the best thing you like about America?"
The answers were coming so more good and some where off the wall. But it leads me to my comment which I e-mailed in.
Hola Bticholas!!
The best thing I like about living in America is our personal Freedom. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press and Freedom from Persecution. There are a lot of people in our country that will complain and criticize American policy and our government actions but have those people ever thought what gave them the freedom to make such statements or acusations? In other countries people die or disappear if they talk bad or disagree with the governing power. Our Freedom gives citizens more Freedoms than they actually realize. Our system many not be perfect but its the best in the world and to me that is saying something.
It is what gives us the right to blog on whatever, however we want (besides putting nudies on here) without the fear of a reprisal. I’ll save my Independence Day post for the 4th. The Men’s Room reads comments over the air and wouldn’t ya know…mine was read over the air at the end of their show and Steve "The Thrill" Hill gave me a "Well Said" and Thee Ted Smith gave me a "hellz Yea". Yea Buddy!!
I raised my arms in celebration and it gave me the willies. Don’t ask me why but it gave me a great feeling for me to actually have my vioce heard. I conveniently threw some politics in there that I feel most people forget about.
I am still reading "The First Scientific American, Benjamin Franklin and the Pursuit of Genius" and fittingly enough I just got into the year 1776 and how Franklin used his fame as a natural philosopher to influence and have soverign countries to recognize the Declaration of Independence and America as a soverign nation. As our country approaches its Independence Day, I am reading about in a book. Its a cool coincidence if I don’t say so myself.
I love this country thick and through. Everytime I hear the Star Spangled Banner I get all choked up and chills run througn my body. It is amazing how this country was formed and what events lead to America’s formation.
Well I am off to do some other work to my Space. Peace out and lai-tro.

St. Patty’s Day kicks arse!!

St. Patty’s Day kicks arse!! This morning I got up hella early, too early on Sunday, and headed to Safeco Field to park the car. Then we took and old school blue bird bus to the Seattle Center and Key Arena for the starting line. Being the ealier birds we got there in plenty of time and stood around and frooze our asses off until the Sun came up.
Ah the morning wasn’t too bad since we were layered pretty good but after the race commenced i was wished i left the jacket home :P It was a great jog down the Alaskan Way Viaduct. The view was spectacular and I almosted crashed becuase i wasnt paying attention to my running, hehehe, "oops sorry" and keep on going :)
While running on the Viaduct, I looked forward and thought to myself "my buddy Jason (the one i went to whistler with) has a beani like that" and as I got next to him I was like "WTF". A total random meeting in a run, on the Viaduct, between to buddies who had no clue the other was doing the run.
As I approached Safeco Field, homeplate was the finish, the crowd was big and cheering. I have never done one of these things before so the whole experience was brand new. The crowd cheered and it gave me a good final push to finish the 3.5 miles 30min 58secs. I was breakin no records that run but it was pretty fun.
After the race, we all sat around talking about the views, times and what hurt and made our decesion to go get breakfast. Your probably shocked I wasn’t in the beer garden, I kinda am…but food sounded awesome :)
We ate a Chelan Diner near Alki Beach and then cruised Alki to see the views. What a perfect day in the Northwest!!!
Well that is all for folks,
"Live long and prosper"