Mustangs Northwest’s Mustang Roundup 2007 (Ride and Drive).

On July12, 2007 Dayzed50, Brad, David and I got together at Pacific Raceways for our biggest event of the year, Mustangs Northwest’s Mustang Roundup 2007 (Ride and Drive). The Roundup was everything we worked so hard for and it was a pleasure to run all day and come with nothing broken. Over the course of two years, since our last time attended, the Stang has gone through many upgrades that kept all four of busy.
In October of 2006, it started off with the paint job which David, owner of Sunset Body Works in Everett WA, and Dayzed added body parts from 93 Cobra (wing, rear bumper cover, hood and front bumper cover) and painted it with the same matching color scheme to retain that subtle modified but stock look. Next, it was time for Davie, Brad and Dayzed to buff, get the paint gleaming for summer and damn did they do a nice job.
At the beginning of April 2007 Dayzed informed that more new parts where going on, aluminum heads, intake and headers) I headed to lend a hand where I could and be a bullshit’n buddy. Everything installed smoothly if you count modifying everycthing to get everything to fit correctly. The motor was dropped in and fired first turn to a smooth pur. After the install we got to go out and hit the streets and see if anyone was out. We bumped into a guy with a Supra and had our way with him.
But soon their was more work to be done and something that didn’t make it into its own blog was a trip to the dyno for tuning. Brad and Dayzed50 made their way up north and turned some to see how much rwhp, rwtq and to analyze the fuel curve so nothing bad happened under extreme conditions. The Stang made 446.5 rwhp and 402.4 rwtq at around 6,000 rpms. Not to bad for a 9psi (at the manifold, running a 12 lb pulley) on a small block 302.
But that is not all shortly after the tuning Dayzed50 ordered up his Treadstone 3-Core intercooler to make smoother boost and improve the hp numbers. After the install it was back to the dyno for more testing and tuning and the number came back better but not as good as we hoped. The Stang produced 462.5 rwhp and 421.5 rwtq and 6-6,200 rpms, a 16 hp and 19 tq gain. Not bad for just a larger intercooler. But on the last pull it detonated and blew a chunk of aluminum out between cylinders 6-7. Ouch, more work and we are on a time crunch.
Dayzed50 had the motor broken down that night and the head in a machine shop getting it reparied. Within one week Dayzed50 had it repaired, installed and tested to make sure everything was back in order. But that is not where the story ends.
Dayzed installed brand new Koni adjustables up front (also didn’t get a blog) and Corbeau racing seats to improve the handle the g-forces within the car. During these installs I was talking with Dayzed50 by and had no time between work and moving to get out there and assist. But he the man and he once told me that "working on my Mustang is my Chi" and it totally is.
The day of the road course was finally here and David and Dayzed50 headed out to the tack at 5:45am on July 12, 2007 to get down on the road course. I picked up Brad (him and Dayzed50 live together) at 6am, packed the truck with tools, coolers, canopies and a table plus 4 chairs. But right before jumping in the truck I heard a whistle and notice my drivers front tire’s valve stem blew out. My truck had a flat, unload truck, get jack, get spare, change tire, load up and roll 3 chrome 20s and 1 black 16 inch to the track.
Upon arrival, with the 4th chrome sitting bed, we parked, unloaded and shared the story. Shortly after arrival it was time for the drivers meeting where Dayzed50 and I headed over too. Dayzed50 signed up for the advanced class and had to do at least the first session without passengers. That is cool it gave us time to watch and time for Dayzed50 to get used of the track with no distractions of a passenger.
The Stang sounded awesome, pulled hard and looked choice flying down the straight-aways in front of the grand stands. It was Dayzed50 first time in the advanced category and he was the only street car in there, the rest had numbers, big wings and slicks. Crazy eh? Heck yea but all the work and love in that Stang there was only one car which could pull him in the straight-aways. But most of the cars where faster due to their handling in the corners and traction from the better tires.
Dayzed50’s SO-3 Pole Positions started to melt under the extreme track conditions but that was to be expected since they are just extreme street tires and not made for the track.
The end of the session came with no problems arising and we got some time to look at the footage on my tablet pc (yea we brought it with a power converter so everything could be charged from the truck). After some tweaks and more dialing in we got the camera angles right, and made sure there were fresh batteries, we got a full 18 minute video from inside the car, where I was the passenger, but only 10 minutes of it is on YouTube.
I got the first ride, Brad got the second and David got the third. After all these sessions the Stang had one minor problem, a breather was clogged in differential and sharded some oil upon clearing itself. The Stang preformed and looked awesome out there with all the race cars and showing people that a fast car doesn’t have to be set up and kept on the track. We stayed there almost the entire day look at all the cars and talking to people.
Everything went smoothly and made our way home to relax, watch footage and just bullshit about the day. It was so much and made all the work throughout the year and half well worth it. The rest of the summer will be working on the Mustang video project to share with family and friends.
Until next time and if you see out and about gives a shout and we will do some bullshitt’n.


Treadstone 3-Core Intercooler Install

The other night I got together with Dayzed50 to assist in installing a Treadstone 3-Core intercooler on his 93 GT Mustang. It is pretty crazy all the work we went through and not being able to anything from the exterior. It came out sweet and the fab work was flawless but to make it more interesting we’ll go through the process.
*I’m not the pro, just helping hands and racing buddy. Dayzed50 is the brains behind it all and forgive me if steps are missed or butchered.
First we had to start off by removing all the front bumper cover and the bumper as well. After the bumper was off the old 2-core intercooler was exposed and preliminary mounting for the 3-core intercooler could take place. From the images it can be seen how much larger the new intercooler was to the previous one, which was going to take a lot of fabrication (hopefully not to much) to get it to fit snug in the current location). We started by outlining how much of the inside of the bumper would have to be trimmed to accommodate the larger intercooler and where the custom mounts would have to be located. Dayzed50 then went through and made marks on the interior of the bumper where trimming would be need, the trim lines were not overdone and gave us a baseline to work with if more trimming was needed.
I started trimming the bumper while Dayzed50 starting working on the mounting location. After the initial trim, we got starting mounting the new intercooler using the passenger mount as the fixed location. The passenger side required an addition support mount underneath the existing mount as more as a precaution for stability. From image number 6 the passenger mount and driver side mount can be seen. The driver side mount didn’t require a hole lot of work, just a minor extension of the two existing mounts.
After the 3-core intercooler was mounted it was off to start fabing the new tubing. The old tubing was all 2 1/2 inch that had many twists and turns in it. These twists and turns created a longer travel from air out of the supercharger into the intercooler. So it was our goal to reduce the total travel distance of air from the blower to the intercooler while removing the twists and turns. By doing so the air flow would increase while maintaining the pressure generated by the supercharger. To our surprise we accomplished both by finding angled piping that fit into the current body structure of the car.
In image 6, on the right had side of the intercooler (as being view from in front of the car) the piping can be seen. It is short and really tucked into the body of the car. But now the challenge was focused on the passenger side of the car and getting the piping out of the intercooler will the least interference from the bumper mounts.
This is where a small problem arose. The rubber tubing hand to be pressed inside the bumper mounts to give it the air flow the straightest distance into the next bend. With no alternatives that is the route we had to take and by doing so create a small indentation in the rubber hosing. Looking into the rubber hosing with a flash light it was determined that the indention wasn’t that critical and would have minimal effect on overall performance.
Image 7 shows the final install of the intercooler with the front bumper and fascia missing. But this is where the time tedious and patient work began.
From this point the front bumper need to be fitted to check the current trim work and to determine where on the bumper the intercooler was touching and if it did touch, how much meat was need to be removed. After 4-6 fittings and trimming sessions the bumper fitted around the new intercooler will precision (mind you this took a better part of 2 hours on this small phase, bolting on, taking off, trimming, bolting on, un bolting, trimming and so on).
The bumper cover was the biggest challenge in the fitting and trimming phase of the Treadstone 3-core intercooler install. The first fit showed that the inner section of the passenger side parking light housing needed to be trimmed (putting a hole in it) for the intercooler to take up a 1/2 inch (or less) of space inside the parking light assembly. After ranking our brains about intercooler mounting location (move it up, down or back), of which only was back an option, it was determined that taking the meat out of the parking light assembly was the best option.
So more trimming took place and this time it was on the front bumper cover that was recent painted during 2006. Dayzed50 had those honors, I wouldn’t do it, well yea I would, and he got out the grinder and starting going to town on the technical work. This section of the fab work took over 2 hours because the fitting was crucial to retain the factory (somewhat since there a Cobra hood and grill on it) look and body lines. It would be a shame to have the front fascia all tweaked out and looking like some newbs installed some parts, ya know?
Well after all the work was done, and today I seen the final product, and it is a shame that you can’t even tell that a 3-Core Treadstone intercooler was installed over the 2-Core Procharger intercooler. But being "just a Mustang" is our ally and no one even knows that this thing should hit, I’m praying, 500+hp at the rear wheels come Monday the 25th and 1/4 mile times will be tested on Wednesday the 27th.
Bring on the 11’s!!
Then we will hit the road course on July 12 at Pacific Raceways and some more footage will be coming from the dyno test as well as the two track days. Long live Mustang Racing!! So for your enjoy here is a race against a Toyota Supra that took place a few weeks ago after the headers, intake and heads install. Enjoy!

More new parts

Tomorrow afternoon I am meeting up with Dayzed50 to assist with installing a new intercooler. After his last dyno run it was determined that the intercooler was holding back the power due to its small size. With the bigger intercooler the supercharger should work less, not generate as much heat and also produce more HP becuase of the added flow. the install should go smoothly but it might not get road tested since the weather is rainy here but on the 27th we are heading to the track for some all night racing! Pics of the install should be up tomorrow or the day after.

Shelby GT-H Mustang

The racing is season is in full effect and this week couldn’t have been more exciting. Right now I am in Arizona for my cousin’s college graduation from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. The whole family left Seattle on Friday and flew into Phoenix then drove to Prescott.
After getting settled into the hotel I parked the mini-van, oh yea, the gutless wonder, across the street and upon getting out I noticed a nice Mustang parked nearby. It so happened there was a Shelby GT-H sitting there. You know the ones, the Mustang built by Carroll Shelby for Hertz rent-a-car where the only way to drive one is to rent it.
To my surprise my cousin informed me that his dad rented the Shelby GT-H and it seemed an opportunity of a life time was primed and ready for the rippin. After the graduation I went over to my cousin’s dad and asked if I could take the Shelby GT-H for a spin to feel the power, steering and overall performance.
It was an automatic so some of the sports car element was lost but that only lasted until I turned the key. The pipes sounded awesome with a nice pop to the tone and smoothness as the engine approached mid RPM range. First I took my sister-in-law for a ride and got it a little sideways in rain. My sister-in-law wants a Cobra or a Shelby really bad so it was a treat for her. Then my brother and I, probably not the best combination, took it out for some hot laps.
High Points
  • The tight, race car steering
  • The engine in the upper RPM range
  • The confidence in the traction and handling
Low Points
  • Little low end torque
  • Back fires between shifts

Mustang Pictures

I was talking with Brian tonight he informed me that he got his motor back together and its ready to be put back in the 1993 GT Mustang. As he described it sounded badass and then he email some images which are in the Motor photo album. Packing the new upgrades and running 12.5 psi (as far as I know) the 1993 GT Mustang is going to turn some serious times in the quarter mile. Recapping, Brian’s best run is 12.38 @ 121mph on Z-rated tires in Bremerton (don’t have video that run sorry to say) will probably be shattered this summer!! Aww I am stoked and it makes me want to get started on Project Auto Movie.

Mustang Video

The summer is finally approaching us in the Great Northwest and boy are we ready. I have been talking with Dayzed50 about the new plans for this season for the 1993 Supercharged GT Mustang and he informed, and chatting with him tonight, that he is bolting on his new goodies that consist of Canfield Heads, TrickFlow Upper Intake, Edlebrock Performer Lower Intake and new 1 3/4 inch headers so the motor can start going in tomorrow.  I would have loved to gone up their tonight but being as I haven’t felt to good tonight is movie night. Early last week we got all our old footage together and took to a place in Bellevue to get put on DVD, from a 8mm. Last night it got converted to a mpeg for everyone’s easy viewing and a two lap section from Pacific Raceways got uploaded to YouTube. So for your viewing enjoyment here is it is.

1993 Mustang GT: Paint Job

Now that is the off season for racing my buddy Brian has gotten into another big project for the Mustang. Brian is adding a hood, grill insert, front & rear bumper covers and wing all from a 93 Cobra Mustang. What you will notice from the mustang’s pictures, is the GT side skirts were kept along with the 5.0 badges and there is nothing that says Cobra on it, except for the intake. This a very unique car now and if I may say so my self, pretty f***in badass!!
It should roll out of the paint shop tonight after the Seahawks and Vikings game. From the initial pictures it looks like it came awesome. The stang was painted by our friend David who owns Sunset. Sunset doesn’t have a website but if I get my way they will :) but that is off topic. This summer Brian and I should stylin high profilin when we are out at the track and on the street.
There have been some new goodies added to the parts-to-be-put-on pile. Brian picked up his new heads but will have to wait until he gets his new block, intake and headers before he can put the heads on. After all that the mustang should dyno at 500rwhp or just over. It was dyno’d a few years back at 405rwhp and 405 ft/lbs of torque but that was only at 9lbs of boost and the factory bottom end. So there have been many changes since then so the 500 mark is an obtainable goal. Well I am off to blog on other stuff. Peace out and keep the dirty side down.
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WTF is up my n****s. You might be like "Toby, you can’t say that". Why not? Because I’m white? F*** that…I will say what I want plus when your not saying it derogitory it’s pretty cool slang. Anyhoo moving on.
Brian, mustang buddy, dropped off his new bumper covers, Cobra wing and his stock GT side skirts to our friends paint shop the other day. Yea Buddy!! The car will be going in for the rest of the paint work in the two weeks. The 5.0 is going to look so slick. There is nothing crazy going on with the paint scheme or the new body parts.
He is adding on factory 93 Cobra front and rear bumper covers, and the Cobra wing while keeping his stock GT side skirts. It will be the first one I have seen with this setup and he will keep all his factory GT badging. The paint scheme is going to be kept the factory 2 tone, maroon and grey skirting.
We’ll I have been doing some shopping for the truck. I thinkg the first purchase is going to be a intercooled supercharger kit from ProCharger. I found a truck that is very close to my truck on their website, 2001 ProCharged Chev. That is a factory motor running 8-9psi making 372.1 rwhp after the blower.
I am getting excited to start ripping apart this truck and making it a mean ass machine!! Woopah Wooopah
I am letting my buddy Rudy borrow the truck for a week while him and his girl go to Ocean Shores and have some quality time. She gets back from New York tonight and she did well in her tv commercial auditions. I hope he has a great time and I am glad he is taking the truck. It should be a little treat :) That’s what friends are for, right?
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The weekend is coming to a close…

The weekend is coming to a close and I am finally looking at a computer screen. The track was fun friday night and it felt like a long time since I smelt race fuel, burnging rubber and having  my ears pounded on my high powered race cars.
I took a few pics but mostly videos this time. After the guys picked me up from work we were heading to another friends work to pick a digital video camera. Traffic f***ing sucked so we decided to bag it (we got a later start than we intended). If anyone lives here or has been here they know we have a traffic problem.
Arriving at the track around 5 we got unloaded and got the 5.0 through inspection and immediately got in line for our first pass. The first pass was our best of the day, a 12.46 at 117mph on z-rated street tires. We were all pretty please being the first pass (our best is a 12.38 at 117mph). After Brian got back into the pits we started to analyze the performance and see where we could make some improvements.
At that point everything started to get weird. Our first mission was to improve the stutter in third and fourth. After raising the voltage engagement of the boost cooler and throwing some ice on the motor to cool it before our second pass we thought we were going to be headed in the right direction. After staging and the light going green Brian got a awesome f***ing launch but the stang popped out of fourth gear three quarters down the track. It was ugly. A huge cloud of black smoke puffed out the tale pipes :(
The time was a 12.64 at 114mph.
The Stang now bogged off the line but had great pull through third and fourth. *note the car recieved new axles, eaton posi and new tires to increase traction and we definetly achieved it.
Now with the stutter gone but a bogging problem now here we decided to increase our launch rpm. Going from 1500rpm to 2200rpm we now achieved way to much wheel spin. The tires just smoked on the line and Brian had to get completely out of the throatle to achieve traction and the time was a 12.96 at who knows what speed. We were all disappointed off the start to care for much more than the time.
Pass number four. The launch went great and the first to second shift was right on. Watching from the stands it seemed to be the pass that would break our personal best. Yea right. In the middle of third gear the car pitchyed so much that Brian had to counter stear on the track. Usually you don’t have to do that and we never have had to. It was spooky watching on from the stands. The time was a 12.48 at 112mph.
Ugh…we were all getting fustrated in the pits.
The final run was another ok one. A 12.47 at 113mph. At least were consistent. Being the first time at the track of the season it could have been worse. After that we packed up camp and made our back home. I have some vidz but they might be to large of files to post here.
It was funner than hell though and I can’t wait till I get to do it again. The track is so much fun and some of the vehicles you seen there are just amazing. Take a look at the race alubmn you’ll will see what I am talking/blogging about.
Well I think that is all for me tonight and hope all had a great weekend. The work week starts tomorrow morning and I’m not sure if I am looking forward to it or not :P
Anyhoo peace out!!

Gone Racing…

Today at 2:15pm I will be heading to Pacific Coast Raceway for some drag racing. Brian, his brother, and our friend Chance will be tearing up the asphault all day. So needless to say my day so far is highly productive, imagine that.
We are going to borrow a buddies digital video camera today with the hopes of getting some good footage. I am bring my still camera as well. Pictures will be posted sometime :P No garantees when they will go up. Time just can’t pass fast enough for me right now…maybe i should try and work. Nah that would be to easy, heheheh.
Damn…I am not killing enough time. It is so quite in the office today. No one does real estate on a Friday.
Here is a interesting story I found on MSN. Judge orders a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to settle a dispute. hahaha what will the crazy Floridians come up with next.
I bet everyone has seen the news regarding the latest of one terrorist al-Zarqawi. Like Dr. Dre once said "He’s a dead mutha fucka now". I hope he burns in hell and last time I heard there were no virgins down there. On that note has anyone played the flash video in my media player? It is awesome and for a cartoon it makes some very solid points regarding the Muslim people and there culture. It also out lines some areas we, as in the western culture, do to accomidate the Islamic religion.
I think the stuff we do like not reprint the cartoons of their prophet, muhammad, is complete crap. What happened to a thing called freedom of speach and press? hmmmm…I say reprint, make fun of and do whatever we feel like.

Some funny stuff…

Some funny stuff to start your Tuesday off right. This is the best. It is of Natalie Portman doing a gansta rap which is a play off Easy-E’s No More Questions. For all you old school gansta rap fans you know exactly what I am talkin about.
Quick Time Video: Natalie Portman: Gangsta Rap <– "now dat naire funny, I dont ker who you are". Tobyzz Review –   it has a good back beat with some good lyrics but since it is Natalie it has perfect humor!! A+
Quick Time Video: Matrix Ping Pong – OMG my face hurts
007 – Fordgazim – Race Time
Well I talked to my Brian today and great news was given to me. He got his new fifth gear in and the transmission goes back together. Yea buddy, but wait, that isn’t all. The order has been placed for new tires, 2 months the new AFR heads should be here and the methonal water injection (yes, water) will be in place givening us around 500 rwhp before the 14lb boost pully (currently 13lbs of boost) and loosing 40lbs of weight in the front end. If we get beat…mad promps to the car that does.
The road cousre is in July and preparation is everything. The 5-point harnesses will be holding us firmly in place while the camera mount secures the footage and the only thing left to do is HAMMER DOWN and hold on.
It is going to be a crazy time and hopefully we see a good competitor on the freeway at least once. The last time we lost the Stang was 405 rwhp and it was against a 2001 GTS Viper. We were behind by a fender when the stock 302 blew a rod out of the passenger side of the block. What a race though. That was the highest caliber street race we have ever been in and it was a worthy loss but that won’t happen twice. Unless, a viper, vetter, porchse turbo, well anyhoo it better have some work done.
Exciting time and can’t wait to get some pictures and hopefully some good video.
Get some – Get Some!!