Mark your calendar for next Saturday

As you may already know, it is a sin for a Muslim male to see any woman other than his wife naked, and he must commit suicide if he does.
So next Saturday at 4 PM, Eastern Time, all American women are asked to walk out of their house completely naked to help weed out any neighborhood terrorists.
Circling your block for one hour is recommended for this anti-terrorist effort.
All men are to position themselves in lawn chairs in front of their house to prove they are not Muslims, and to demonstrate they think it’s okay to see nude women other than their wife and to show support for all American women.
Since Islam also does not approve of alcohol, a cold 6-pack at your side is further proof of your anti-Muslim sentiment.
The American government appreciates your efforts to root out terrorists and applauds your participation in this anti-terrorist activity.
God Bless America. It is your patriotic duty to pass this on.

University of Washington Bothell

Tonight I received a disturbing phone call tonight from a fellow alumni of the University of Washington Bothell. It seems that my favorite professor was released from teaching the other day, for reason I don’t know. This absolutely burns my hide since Dr. Kelley was the most influential professor in my life. Through my years of study, I was privileged to take 25 credits under her through my last 2 years of college and 20 credits of those came in my senior year. Professor Kelley is that person who shaped who I am today personally and professionally. The ways she has touched my life, and colleague’s lives, are still a topic of discussion in my family and in the alumni circle.
Talking with my friend Cari tonight has gotten me thinking of the impact Professor Kelley has had on my life. Lets recap so we can all see the impact she has had.
  1. Dr. Kelley put me in contact with the Seattle Mariners for the possibility of an internship. She helped me construct my resume and prepped me for the interview. I got the internship.
  2. Dr. Kelley was my consulting professor when did a University of Washington Bothell consulting project for Masterpiece AG-Limited. A project that lasted six months, I got life long lessons how to lead a team, accomplish task on-time while providing a high quality product for our client.
  3. Dr. Kelley was my consulting professor for a benchmarking project which my team and I provided recommendations and a strategic plan for the Yakama Nation Museum in Toppenish, WA. She taught me to get meeting with people and through the project I was privileged enough to interview the Vice President of Institutional Advancement at the Museum of Flight.
  4. Dr. Kelley personally asked me to be a consultant to her Business Strategy course that was working on an international collaboration project with the first private Bosnian University, Slobomir P Univerzitet. I went to Bosnia not knowing anyone and unable to speak the language to work with the professors, students and local companies in the first student consulting project in the county. I taught business strategy, leadership and team building.
  5. Dr. Kelley sent me a link for a potential job shortly after graduation. I followed up with the people and they put me in contact with another company which lead to my position with Starbucks Coffee Company as a royalty accountant.

Now if a professor impacts a students life and students lives in this manner wouldn’t it be in the best interest of the University to retain such a high quality professor? I think so, I totally believe it so. Professor Kelley is a great woman and is only rivaled by my mom and grandma. Now I ask you, would you want to mentored by a person that cares so much in your life? How can a value be placed on someone who has had this type of impact? In my humble opinion, you can’t.

PK you are the best thing that could have ever happened to me. With your straight forward, no bones style teaching, you showed me what exactly it is going to take for this Marysville kid to become successful and what you taught me is priceless. Through your guidance and leadership, I have achieved things that are still beyond my comprehension. So I solute you and the quality of caring you put into all your students academic, professional and personal achievements. You’re the Best in my Book and I am confident there are many others that feel as I do. Today the University of Washington Bothell has lost one of their greatest evangelizer.

I love ya PK!!


Toby Barnett

Talking about Pope Benedict XVI, Islam and ‘Holy War’ – Newsweek Society –

Does anyone have a back bone to stand up the the Islamic community? Evidently not. Even the Pope is retracking and apologizing for his statements he made regard the "evil and inhuman" ideology behind the Islamic faith. The Islamic community is threatening a Holy War against the Christians for Pope Benedicts statement.

Benedict was quoting 14th Century text when addresses a scientic group. The statement was supposed to spur an intellectual debate but instead he has been receiving the "evil and inhuman" threats from the Islamic community. I have said it before and I will say it again Islam: Don’t react violently to comments and your culture won’t be perceived in that light.

Who cares if someone says something about your prophet. Does it affect your day to day life? No it does not. If you don’t agree with it then you don’t agree with it. Starting a war over some words is the dumbest thing you can do. Instead of focusing on positive steps for the Islamic culture and its societies time is spent on protesting, fire bombing and kidnapping because some said somthing.

Give me a break and people grow a back bone and own up to your words. The Islamic community will back lash no matter what because they are behind the times and would rather get their panties in a bunch over some 14th Century text. Let it go Muslims and grow up.

Islam is a violent and out dated culture and you can quote me!


Pope Benedict XVI, Islam and ‘Holy War’ – Newsweek Society –

Talking about Pope regrets Islam remarks – Europe –

Pope Benedicts made a connection between Islam and violence in a speech that has the Muslim community all in an uproar. As a result of the pope’s words violence sprung up and churches were fire bombed. Hmmm let’s see. The Muslim culture is violent6 that is a given. Every time someone or group says something about the prophet Mohammed the Muslim community reacts with violence.

This is every time mind you. When cartoons were published about the Mohammad the Muslim community reacted with violence. Even the Ayatollahs have said this will stir violence between Muslims and Christians. They Muslim culture reacts give themselves a really bad name in the world.

Tech Tip Muslims: Don’t react with violence to everything and you wont be label as a violent culture that promotes violence.

Seems easy enough to me. In this day and age it seems that people/leaders/countries can’t say anything to upset the Muslims. I don’t care if they get upset. Their culture is on a self destructive path and they will be their own demise because of their reactions to others. Violence has no place in the new millennium and Muslims would rather fire bomb buildings and blow up stuff because they don’t like what someone has to say or cartoons are published about their prophet.

Tech Tip Muslims: Stop bombing s*** and you may see more respect in the global arena.

Here is a flash video that spells it out if you need a visual interpretation of that tech tip, YAAFM. You don’t like westerners our views well the feeling is mutual. We don’t like your views and religious hatred. Our cities are nice…you blows yours up….think about it. Who has the better philosophy? The Western Civilizations do. Don’t like what I am saying? To bad…I live in a country that values freedom of speech and my thoughts are: Islam is hatred based culture that is still trying to live in 1000 BC.


Pope regrets Islam remarks – Europe –


I read an article this morning about an Austrian teen held capitive for 8 1/2 years. It was a great article and Kampusch has been doing some interviews about her ordeal. From what I read she seems to being doing very well. Kampusch live in the a basement cell of her captors for so long it is unimaginable the pain she had to go through to survive and to be so strong upon her escape.
That’s right she escaped. While her captor was busy with a cell phone call she ran to the neighbors house where they called the police. It is saddening to hear someone experience such a miserable thing while being so young but I happy is now free and away from such a evil person. Kampusch is a pretty girl of 18 who now has a chance at a normal life. During the interview she would only answer selective questions regarding her abuse and treatment.
People like her captors will burn in Hell for their cruelty. People like that are absolutely evil. Taking away someone elses freedoms and subjecting them to the horrors of an evil persons soul is unforgiveable. BURN IN HELL FUCKER!!

Is WWWIII on its way?

Is WWWIII on its way? That is the question that I have been thinking and talking over the past week with friends. The middle east has been a volitile region for a few thousand years. That is a seriously long time but the sad thing is that region has experienence only brief periods of calm. In another part of the world things are starting to heat up and tensions rise, North Korea.
Israel has started a counter offensive against two countries, Palestian and Lebanon and more spefically the militants groups within those borders. Both these recent actions were stemmed from Hamas & Hezbollah militants raiding and kidnapping Isreali soldiers. Hamas and Hezbollah have waged war against the Israeli border cities for along time now and casualties on both sides are constant.
At first sight these might look like isolated actions between 3 countries but I assure you that is not the case which causes me to think that this conflict may escalate. These militant groups have backing from other countries, Syria and Iran. If Israel starts to take more actions to neighboring countries, Syria, Iran will wage war against Israel but in today’s news Israel has said it won’t attack Syria or Iran, read full article.
Iran has also said it plans to stay out of the current conflicts with Israel. The international community is calling for a cease fire but the details of the cease vary from country to country. This situation is riding a very fine line and we can’t forget about all the current conflicts happening around the area, US efforts in Iraq, Iran and its defient position against nuclear poliferation and my next main point, North Korea.
The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Il, has been play the nuke card for some time now. N. Korea’s arguement is that they have to build up their military and defense against an invasion from the United States. Another part of his arguement is that he will continue to build weapons until he gets unilateral talks with the US and more aid.
This looks more like black mail to me. One individual is saying he going to do something until he gets something in return.
Kim Jong Il has test fired missiles, which crapped out and fell into the Sea of Japan, which have the possibility to reach the United States. Japan is really not happy about these test and neither is the US and who came blame the leaders of these two countries. There is a defiant communist leader who tests missiles and who is developing nuclear weapons for protection? I highly doubt it.
Japan has said if North Korea tests more missiles then they will consider it an act of war and will take appropiate actions. Does that mean war? Sort of sounds like it. North Korea has said if the UN imposses sanctions against it then they will consider that an act of war.
So North Korea wants free aid and nuke technology but doesn’t want to listen to international reason and stop playing games.
On two different parts of the globe there are tirants aiming to dislodge the peace. If this events escalate into a major conflicts then the world has alot to handle. Some of these countries have threaten nukes in off hand manner and who will be the first to use them? Who will be the last left stand? And who ever is left what are they going with all the environmental cleanup?
I really don’t like the sound of all this. It sounds like a nuclear holacost and its a senerio that does promote the warm a fuzzy feelings I tend to enjoy. War and violence are out dated and have no place in the modern global environment. Hopefully I am completely wrong and this will just be a waste of internet space.

Current events…

I am inprocess of writing a essay regarding the recent world conflicts that will outline past, current and hipothetical effects events that are unfolding on our time frame. I hope to have it up by tomorrow night. Work has been keeping me a tad busy so I havent had time to adress this serious topic.


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Water on Saturn’s Moon?

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Conflict Iraq

Synopsis: Why won’t the violence stop? A culture that says it’s peaceful is the quickest to riot and kill over anything. Knowledge is power and in a civilization where radical clerics run the people minds and use violence and a weapon for all means it isn’t hard to see that the civilization is desperately trying to survive.


Islamic Cartoons

Synopsis: These cartoons published by a Danish newspaper causes an upraor in the Islamic community. Here is another reason why the burn flags, bomb buildings and kill and support voilence over cartoons. Is it just me or is this culture f***ing crazy? I think so.


Hurricane Katrina

Synopsis:  This essay follows the events which unfolded in one of the greatest natural disasters in the history of the United States of America. It marks its massive power, destructive force and the lives affected by this portion of history. These essays have not covered the rebuilding efforts currently underway in the Gulf Coast region.


Geological events of the past resurfacing in the present

Synopsis: This short outlines some historical events which reshaped the world and if we look a simple coloration of present events it may shed some light on what the people of the planet are in for.


Ode to the Commenting Coward

Synopsis: If you leave a hate comment be sure to leave your contact info. Otherwise your are a wuss and your opinion doesn’t even matter. Leave a comment worth leaving so we are not lowered to your stupidity.


North Korea and Proliferation

Synopsis: The N. Korean government thinks it should have nukes but the west doesn’t think so. It is a large responsibility to carry and when the N. Koreas test missiles over Japan it doesn’t make me all warm and fuzzy inside.


Real Estate: The Changing Industry

Synopsis: The real estate industry has been behind the curve because of the tight control agents once had over information. It is time for a new real estate company and agent to emerge to keep pace with discount online brokerage service providers.


Separation of Church and State

Synopsis: As the debate continues the right still seeks to instill church into our education but there are groups willing to oppose them.


Itellegent Design

Synopsis: Still being pushed in the school system but to there defeat. Our constitution is the foundation of our country and still keeps the religious sect out of our public education system.



Chiropractor claims to travel through time – More Health News –

 Now this is plain funny, Chiropractor claims to travel through time – More Health News –,  but it does raises an interesting question. Should some alternative medicine be allowed to practice? Why is that doctors call what they do practice? I don’t want a doctor "practicing" on me. Just a thought.

I seen an interesting show on TV last night about a rare disorder. The disorder caused people to want to sever a limb or limbs to become acceptable in their own eyes. I found it facinating and doctors where accused of practices bad medicine if they soute to "relieve" their patients of this disorder. By relieve I mean amputate the part of the body which the patient wanted removed.

Hell, if you want to cut off your legs than be my guest it doesn’t bother me. Just like if you want to kill yourself go right ahead. Its your body and I think a person has a right to make decesions regarding their own person.

Just because someone disagrees with those actions don’t make them wrong. I can do whatever I want to my body. I mean, I can masturbate all I want why can’t I chop a leg off I want too. Hmmmm…interesting topics and they make ya think a bit.


Chiropractor claims to travel through time – More Health News –

Bush authorized leak on Iraq – Politics –

This is very disturbing and warrants further investigation of the leak of Valery Plame’s identity. This adminstration has been plagued by conspiracy and questions regarding the war in Iraq, terrorist information and even further discredits the "supposed" purpose of the Patriot Act.

At this time I really don’t know what to think. The more I read the more I find I don’t like how this adminstration is guiding our country.

At least elections are around the corner and I once again will cast my vote for the best possible candidate. I must admit though I may have casted the wrong vote last election. It is my hope that our country can move forward and be the progressive and favorable nation.

Our leadership needs to be strong but it also has to look after the American people and not be self seeking and politically driven for its own parties success.


Libby: Bush authorized leak on Iraq – Politics – Skip