Talking about Protests over Islam cartoons escalate worldwide – Europe –

 Will the moronic actions ever end?

In democratci countries vitually everything is open for criticism, redicule or slander and religion is no different. Since the printing and reprinting of cartoons about the Islamic faith the Muslims community is in a uproar, view them here. These images are being called blashphomy and are being protested around the world.

Protest away that is fine and dandy but where the Muslim community does poorly is their reaction. Once the images came out the reactions were sudden and full of anger. Abductions, violence and the burning of flags was part their plan to get it to end. But don’t the people, extremist and any other Muslim who takes part in these actions see where this view of their culture and religion comes from?

Reacting with violence when ever the religion is made fun of or looked at from the outside in a different light is a self defeating prophosey. It is time to grow up and quit acting like your five when getting teased.

The Muslim/Islamic community is destroying their own image. If they don’t want everyone to think their religion is hateful then quite doing hateful actions to others when people or groups say stuff or draw cartoons about your religion.

Their are cartoons for crying out loud and if you want to be accpeted in the democratic community you have to be civil.


It reminds me of a saying…

"Can’t we all just get along?"


Protests over Islam cartoons escalate worldwide – Europe –

Talking about 130 Iraqis, 7 U.S. soldiers killed in bombings – Conflict in Iraq –



130 Iraqis, 7 U.S. soldiers killed in bombings – Conflict in Iraq –

There comes a point when you have to stop fight in order to have piece. It may seem like a simple concept but to others it makes little or no sense at all.

Today bombing tore through Iraq with target including busy shopping centers, army recruiting stations and US military convoys. This is a recurring story which we all have heard over and over again with little or no hope that these attacks will never end.

Babak Behnam, Revived Insurgency or Desperate Attacks? writes about a lawlessness in which the Iragi people will have to  deal with for a long time. This is highly possible especially since the anticipation of US forces pulling out. The tactics used by the insurgency have not change since the American lead invasion. Targeting US Military consitellations has proven ineffective so the insurgents had to target their people to encourage us to pull out. There is some logical backwardness to that idea but it brings nothing to the table for reconstruction for the country.

Lets say that the insurgents win, a relative term, and now have their country to themselves. Do they have a plan for a new Iraq? An Iraq which is self governing, that provides the highly needed services and doesn’t have the daily bloodshed. I haven’t seen or read any plan of theirs but that is because they don’t have one.

The insurgents have no idea how to run a country because they have spent their time learning destructive techniques instead focusing on productive processes.

There comes a time when you have to lay down your arms and say "we are not going to ruin our country anymore". Maybe that is something will never come especially if the fighters are so self righteous that no one else could possibly have a better way than theirs.

It is time for them to look around at the global factors which make others so successful. It should be easy to see that their way does not and will not work in the new global economies. There comes a time when everyone has to change and the insurgents time is here.

My hope is that change can take place and the region can something that resembles harmony but it cannot happen without change.

Talking about Readers weigh in on intelligent design ruling – Science –



Readers weigh in on intelligent design ruling – Science –

Hooray!! Intellengent design is barred from being taught in PA schools. This makes me so happy and excited for the future of public education.


I did a post a while back, Seperation of Church & State: Good Idea? There is a danger of reverting to the past in which we fought so desperately to get away from. Now we have a religous right pushing the movement forward but in our court of law it is ruled unconstitutional.

Looking at the global problems religion continues to stay on top of the hate related fantical crimes upon humanity. There are so many views between individuals that having one way will never work. Why do you think the United States of America has prospered so much? Because we took religion out of it and kept everything to the facts.


But freedom of speech, I 100% believe in it, keeps the door open for all to speak their mind. This will probably never dispear in the US but at least the rulings happening now, precedent, will establish the position of the United States Government.


Don’t mistake a individuals positions for beliefs. They are two seperate topics and have very different answers.




Seperation of Church & State: Good Idea?

There is a debate going on right now on what should be taught in our public school’s science classes; evolution, intellegent design or divine intervention. My position is evolution. I believe in science and the truth is going to be found through research.
Now why the topic of church and state? Because if the proponents of intellegent design win their aurgument in the Supreme then religion can be taught in the classroom. Some may say that it would help bring up the morals of American society and that evolution will get an even bigger voice. Fat chance! And this is where my argument begins.
Western culture is one of the first, if not the first, culture to ever seperate church and state. Most of the world’s governments still have religious influence. This combination is not as healthy as it may first appear. When the West made its decesion to venture down this new path they embarked on something which directly resulted in their economic success. When church and state are mixed we see factions develop with their own political agenda.
Church and State should not be intertwined because of the negative results of this highley charged topic. Civilizations, countries, how ever you want to describe it has shown that the two don’t mingle without conflict. "With one religion you have terrene and with multiple religion you have peace", Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters (USA, Ret.), I might have the quote wrong and I apologize.
The United States of American is a young country with a new idea and in a very short period of time has climbed to the top in economical and technilogical advancements. Why? Well the seperation allowed people to stop worrying about others and start focusing on themselves.
My fear is if creative design is allowed to be taught in the public school system then we have the possibility to regressing into the old ways of thinking and its the main reason why our founders sought out this new land. Now, do we want to flee back into the old the ways and srew up our great system?
If you would like to get involved and save our Consitution please visit the Campaign to Defend the Consitution.
Also here are two recent articles published:

Don’t let others tell you want to think no matter who the proponets are!

North Korea and Proliferation

Well did you all hear that N. Korea has declared that they will continue to develop nuclear weapons/power unless the United States builds light water reactors for them? In their earlier agreement they just wanted aid in exchange for giving up its nuclear ambitions. I was thinking to myself when I heard the news and was like "what the hell kind of negotiation move is this?". Redefining terms in the middle of a negotiation is one thing but to force agreement through a agressive posture can only make the other party irritated.
The N. Koreas are now playing games with all the countries involved in the talks. To me they are saying "were going to build it anyways so lets extort the other big powers so we can try and be in the same league", militarily, economically, and have the same global influence. Using might a country can not gain the power in which they so seek. The United became to be its size through economical and decomocratic factors not an agressive military dictatorship.
Currently the North’s economy is the toliet, there are food shortages along power and little access to public works systems. Their neighbor S. Korea has been using a democratic/capitalistic approach and now look at them. They have one of the highest per capita incomes, living standards and technology breadth on the planet. At this rate N. Korea will continue its backwards momentum and make increasingly more difficult to get out of their economic sink hole.
The times are going to be hard with the N. Koreans since it is in our interest for them not to have the technology. Even if we give it to them they will still used the knew knowledge for less that ideal purposes. They are not responsible enough to have that sort of technology.
So what do we do? Well, we are in a pickle. There is no choice but to continue the talks because I don’t see any other choice because they will test the bombs. Then a bunch of new problems arise that I won’t get into in this piece. I am at loss of ideas how to approach this problem.

The Greatest Weekend; Isn’t Over Yet.

To say our event was a complete success would be a slight over statement but that is not to say we didnt do very good and thanks to everyone for your interest!!
We raised $1,870 dollars for the Red Cross to aid the victims left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. I took work off on Friday, from my full time job Starbucks accountant, to start my setup, organized, tie up loose ends and most importantly, get nervous. Our planning went well and the day was a full one all the way up until the start of the event.
People really didnt start to show until 7 o’clock which making my nerves run a little bit but once they did it started to rock. The event was small enough and informal enough, thank god for Marysville, that it was comfortable for everyone. Our guests were from local businesses, friends, and past clients so everyone had some sort of connection and Marysville isnt the biggest town either. I started by introducing myself immediately to people I didn’t know and to greet the ones I did.
It ROCKED for the amount of people that were there. I haven’t gotten the guest total yet but when I do it will be posted on BARE’s Relief page. everyone mingled and talked while listening to our one man band, Shan Coleman. Being from Jamica, his smooth Irie Island Vibe put a fun spin to the event. By the end of the night people were dancing and enjoying his music. The drinks may have contributed a bit, we had wine which I am not a huge fan of but I picked up a fresh keg from the Pyramid Ale House, Seattle, called Crystal Wiezen. A filter Hefe, it is smooth with a full body flavor missing the heaviness that only a non-filter beer can do. Ok, ok enough about the beer. I got excited for a moment and King have you tried it?
It felt so good to being doing something for poeple and having people show up so they could help. Saying "I didn’t know where to give and I can trust you guys" they gave willing and generously and 100% of the contributions are going to the Snohomish County Red Cross Chapter. I am so proud to be apart of this and articulating my feelings is very hard. So let’s continue this journey.
I got home the nextmorning at 10:20am, hit the showers and then off to the HUSKY GAME!! My consulting business partner, Chris, and we were off at 11:05. We rocked and our defense was un stoppable. I have the pictures but I am waiting to get my cable for my camera, left it in Marysville. The Dawgs went well over 300 yards on the day, 7 sacks, and 2 interceptions oh and the 34 points helped too. The best I have seen UW play in a few years and a great game to watch. After my night of Crystal Weizen I had to have 2 jumbo dogs, bag of chips, pretzel, bottle of water and a large lemonade i was good to go!! We stayed until the final.
By this time I am riding a high from all the positive energy this weekend had. It is amazing how well I feel and how all that energy perculates into more postive energy. Thanks to my buddy Lance for showing me that.
Now it is 9:52am on Sunday and I get to share my weekend but wait; it isn’t over yet. In a few hours I am taking off for the SEA HAWKS GAME!!!! I going with my buddy Brian, Lance and one other that and don’t know who it is yet. Michael Vick is in town and if our defense is solid we can get. This is what I would do:

Cover Vick’s recievers tight and force him to run. Run down his energy level so by the second half he doesn’t have the energy to sustain a strong passing game in the second half. Sounds simple to me but this is FOOTBALL and anything can happen.

Way to scenerios to run through and the experts can nail down a lot better than myself. Again the pictures from the game will be posted hopefully tonight!! Oh, where were we…ah yes the game.
Let’s hope for the best and to all my SEAHAWKS Fans, GenGLCARareToy and MEGABRAD. I can’t wait to yell, "Rip their heads off!!". This weekend just keeps going. Well i get better get cleaned up and fed. Catch ya’ll later!!

Tomorrow is the Big Day

In a few hours BARE’s Relief Event  will commence. This is my first event and I am kind of nervous. Our planning has been pretty good concidering that we had two weeks to implement and I already have a full time job. Doing what you have to means working evenings but that is ok with right now. Do it young right? As Larry the Cable Guy would say "Get Er Done". Until the next time my friends this is Toby signing off…

Ode To The Commenting Coward

Screw you for posting to a site about the Katrina disaster just to advertise your worthless blog. Jackass.

Published by: What is wrong with you?


Here is a comment i recieved shortly ago. Who ever you are, I appreciate your comment and thanks for sharing your level of intellegence with all of us here in internet land. I totally appreciate people like because I end up looking a lot more intellegent. Have you read my essay? Probably not, your a commenting coward who leaves no trackback information because you are a PANSY!! <cheers> PANSY

But if I understand your statement your saying I posted on Hurricane Katrina related sites to get people to come to mine. I could careless if you or anyone comes here. This site is for me and screw you. I welcome my guests to leave comments either on one of my posts or to just say "hi". I write on a topic that I am feeling at the moment or when I have the urge to write an essay.

I pity the commenting coward. You lack courage and heart. You have shown your lack empathy for the people of this situation. Thanks for stopping in and next time write something decent becuase stupidy is contagous and we don’t want to catch it.

Now that is over I need to send an apogy out to PebblePie because my ingorance gave me the opptunity to stick my boot in my mouth. Running on the assumption that I just knew what a Blue Star Mom is I state that her son was lost in the Iraq War and some friends online helped me to see the correct answer. Being an army brat I should have know but I was totally wrong, It means that she has a son/daughter is serving. I’m sorry. I hope you can for give me PebblePie.

Well I am off to the gym and then it will be a work even putting together a relief event to raise money for the American people affected by Hurricane Katrina. It is on the 16th so come back for pictures :) Take care everyone and until we chat again this is Toby signing off…

Hurricane Katrina Relief Party Sponsored by Barnett Associates


Hurricane Katrina Essay

This essay follows the events that unfolded prior and post Hurricane Katrina. Its five parts document its power, destructive force, public & government reaction and my analysis. The report is incomplete because due to my lack of complete information as a result there are no recommendations for improvement.
The following information is copyrighted 2005 and any other use is stictly prohibited unless otherwise specified.

Part V

So the critisms are gaining momentum but I told you I would follow up on which countries would provide aid if any did. I heard this afternoon that 39 countries say they will help out in the relief effort. It is pleasing to hear that the international community is going to help for helps sake.
The situation does look grim down south but it is only going to get better as the days pass. President George W. Bush will sign or has already signed a 10.2 billion aid package that goes in affect immediately and government aid will continue to help the people and to rebuild the city.
On that note I have some intreguing information. 94.9 fm interviewed  Lawrence J. Vale, co-author of The Resilient City: How Mondern Cities Recover from Disaster, discussed how No major city in the world has ever failed to recover from a major event. People have way to much love for there city to give up on it. Some good examples are Hiroshima (A-bomb), Toyko (fire-bombed) and Berlin (allied bombing and ground warfare). These cities have recovered and are now stronger after their disasters. These cities were totally destroyed but the people persivered and rallied behind their city. So I don’t buy the agrument that New Orleans or other Gulf cities will not recover.
There is a major problem with the every increasing violence in the Gulf area but I would put money on it that that problem will be resolved soon.
In conclusion, The United State of America will prevail through this tragedy but it will take time. The resources are being dispatched and arriving on scene to assist everyone. It speaks true to The United States of America culture that we will help. It doesn’t matter what country you are from, if there is a disaster then we will be there to help out and that I can promise you.
To everyone who has been affected by Hurricane Katrina my heart & prays go out to you and that you find a way to have your pain eased.
Toby Barnett

Part IV

Is this section there two main points in which I shall try to cover. The first will be on the response of time of US government with critiques coming from the global community. Second will be the people and their re-action to the conditions they are facing.
The local government and police department of New Orelans informed everyone to get there butt out of town before Katrina made land. Now that is a perfect decision for that situation. Get out!! Save your butt and live another day. But the problem is alot people stayed. The international community has been showing some different views towards us.
1. It’s God paying us back for crimes against humanity. That is the extremist view I read to day, God is punishing us right now.
2. WOW, evening in the riches community it still gets affect by natural disasters. But why should the US get aid? They are the richest country.
3. Yea, we will help out. I interepted Hugo Chavez’s statement that he will send crude oil if the US asks.
4. The increase and strength of storm’s is due to global warming and the US is the biggest contributor and they are reaping what they soue (sp).
Contestant number #1 stand up please. The US being pushed by the Gods for all the bad stuff we have done and you, the extremists, are getting helped out. These extremists kill innocent people in the name of God, sorry but I don’t think so. Next!
Number #2 what are you saying? The US is by far the richest country in world that is a given but no help? To me help isn’t about how much you give but the simple action of "offering" help. It means alot when someone, in this case a county, stands up says "you can count on us, we will help you". In past blogs I have posted that we give more aid and are expected to give aid to other countries when there are in trouble. Usually we are the first in and the last out. But when we hit like this the international community says "your rich, do it yourself." Totally astounds me in people’s reaction when we have a problem. Bush has said when we need help we will ask for it. We haven’t asked yet still no one has even said "we were on our way".
Hugo Chavez, number #3, says he will help if we ask. The US government and the Venezulian government isn’t on the greatest terms right now. I won’t cover that but go look it up. So a guy that hates us will help us out, that is a commendable gesture, I am NOT pro-Chavez, but did you know that we are the biggest buyer of Venezulian oil? So there is a political and economical motive for Chavez to say yes. But there is some of the help I was looking for but it doesnt quite hit the mark.
Number #4 has a half merit about it. Yes, the storm’s strength are coming from global warming and Yes, we are a major contributor of green house gases but it is fair to say we are getting what we deserve? It seems pretty harsh to me and makes me feel bad that people would kind of wish this upon us or on any for that matter.
Now, some of these positions overlap and to put the story together it needs another eliment. Our response was pretty good, I thought, but all of people didn’t leave and now the crime is gaining momentumn because they didn’t leave and the international community is saying we are doing a crappy job. How can that happen in the United States? It can happen anywhere I am afraid. It just doesn’t in the US very often, well not since the 60’s. Everyone is saying the government is no where to be found but it takes some time to mobilze and gear up to go in. Gotta give us grief just because it isnt flawless. Let see this size of hurricane hit in your country and see what happens. Every other country would be leveled and how many resources could they moblize to save their ass. Not as much as us so get off the back and let us handle it. I get tired of people bitching about what the US is not doing. We do more for any one else hands down. Billions poor out of country to help the needs of others around the world. So I guess that means, no one helps us when we are in trouble.
On to the Second major point, The rescue population and civil unrest. The people who decided to stay, for various reasons, are now the one requiring all the aid. I don’t mind the aid part at all. I think it is great that we take care of our own with all the resources we have. NGO’s & the government have jumped in to say were coming!! Volunteers are mobilizing and I have a friend that just signed up. I will publish an first hand interview about her experience and what drove her to sign up. These times do bring the best in people but it also has brought out the worst I’m sorry to say.
Civil Unrest has errupted and small time looting is esacalating into big crime and violence. People are now shooting at the military and helicopters, Shinook if I am correct, and cause a major disturbance in the region. All the police that were helping in the rescue effort have now all been redirected to stop the mobs. OMG people get a clue, you are just making the situation worse. It is a self defeating purpose to casue problems when the government is trying to bring aid and help in. These people are taking scarce resources away from the most important job right now, saving lives. Don’t make the problem worse in a time like this, for this I plead.
Needless to say the situation is not going to well down there. But in a few days there will be a different story to write about.
Toby’s prediction: The government will stabilization the situation and other groups will get medical help to people, food & water will be getting distributed, and don’t forget all the private enterprises have to rebuild so they can start making money.
These businesses are, gas companies, from crude oil extraction to pipline distributors, will want to be in production, electric companies, food, septic and on and on. They are wanting to do it  ASAP so they can start making money again. I know it sounds self but just bear with me. This will result in commerce and the people coming back to the area. The whole are will start to rebuild itself and it will once again become one of the great cities of the United States.