2 Year Anniversary

Today marks the second anniversary of Goingbigger’s MSN Space. It has been quite a journey and surprised the site has lasted so long and is still a source of excellent entertainment and release for me. Looking back at my very first blog it makes me laugh as to think that this Space was going to be an traffic monger and have some good PR. It has now has crested 50k page views, a Google PageRank 4 and has 513 pages indexed in Google; quite an achievement for a free blog platform.
Goingbigger has also had a few good features along the way with two being on MSN Spaces Live homepage and on FoxSports homepage a week prior to Superbowl XL. FoxSports was my first taste of fame and I have to admit that it went to my head and I acted like a door knob on this blog. It wasn’t intentional but the 10 year old kid came out in me and it was all over.
Another thing is all the friends I have made on MSN Spaces and get to chat with on a pretty regular basis. Even though I only met two in person it was still quite cool to spend a weekend with them. We played golf and partied in a hotel down in Tacoma for a whole weekend. It marked a very unique time in my life and we are still friends to this day.
I am looking forward to the next year too what changes and activities that will be happening in my life that are worth blogging about. The Mustang races this summer, Seahawks Football, Snow Skiing in the winter and maybe a little work in the mean time. Hope everyone in blogger land is doing well…PEACE OUT!

Updated Spaces

If you visited your space lately you may have noticed a slight change, drastic but slight. The change affect the URL of your MSN Space.
My address was once http://spaces.msn.com/goingbigger/ but now it has been altered to this, http://goingbigger.spaces.msn.com.
At first glimce this may not seem like a significant change but for a search engine marketer it has significant effects. I use a tool to measure a websites potential yelid. It is called Google Page Rank. It is based on a scale of 0 – 10. Over a period of time a website will accumilate rank by several methods some of which I have disscussed in previous blogs.
As a blogger I am concerned about traffic. Good, bad and ugly traffic as long as traffic comes in. I don’t put blogger friends in this category becuase we visit each for other reasons like friendship and I thank and appreciate ever visit and comment :)
But the traffic I am referring to comes from search engines like Blog Search by Google and so on. So now that are addresses have changed and our accummilated Page Rank gone search it will take some before we can get that back.
Lucky for us there are some tools to help speed that process up and they are Pinging Tools. Here are my three favorites to use.
  • King Ping ~ sends your URL to 17 different blog aggregators
  • Ice Rocket ~ one of the biggest blog communities
  • WeBlogAlot ~ one of the biggest aggrigatos of blog feeds

So go to these sites and submit your information to regain your presence online :) Just remember to use your RSS feed. We all know where to find that but if you forgot just add /feed.rss after the .com of your address.

Have fun with the new modules and you can view the new at the Space Craft’s Space.

Perfect lover tag

1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their
     perfect lover.
2. Need to mention the sex of the target.
3. Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on their comments
    saying they’ve been tagged.
4. If tagged the 2nd time, there’s no need to post again.
Ok I have been tagged by Tarah and here goes nothing :P
Target = Female/Woman
1. She would love me :)
2. She has to adventurous. None of this couch potatoe stuff.
3. She would like intelligent conversations over coffee and wearing her pj’s.
4. Green eyes, she would be gentle, compassioniate and have a caring nature about her.
5. Passioniate, self thinking, independent, thoughtful, goofy, have a sense of humor, decisive not controlling, doesn’t "need" me but chooses to be with me.
6. She has to snow ski either currently or willing to try it with me :)
7. She would understand I am not perfect and wouldn’t be to hard on me when I screw up.
8. Would look at me just the way I like with hungry eyes.

I am a winner

I am winner in the Sexy Spacer Abolicious contest hosted at the Sexy VPS. It was a land side, hehehe, now that is what I am talkin about!! Nicci made me a siggy for my win.

Toby is the Abolicious MSN Spacer

I can’t wait to participate in another event on MSN Spaces. Get out and see what the events are all about and you may find one you would like to participate. I have seen blog walks, contests, story telling and game associations events. They are all different and usually hosted by the space owner. But get involved because you never know who you will meet and what will happen.
Well I don’t feel bad anymore about loosing the gig. If a client is happy with my services then so be it. I am not going to take time out of my life trying to please everyone :) Anyhoo I better get back to work. I am writing a report for all of our agents and I need a quick mind break.
Peace out!!

Sexy Nomination…

My sexy nomination has finally come. So if your down with goingbigger then get on over and show some love.
There is some competition out there though but like Jolie Mae said "I like a guy with substance". Holy Moly, Now that is what I am talkin about!! That could be the best adjective that describes me "substance". YEA BUDDY!! This is an honor coming from some of the hotties of Spaces and so I hope the friends which I have made can help me out. :) Shameless Advertising – sorry I couldnt resist.
Here is a pic of the Stom Ack to judge by. It isn’t perfect but wtf its the only one i have.

Toby Goes Bigger Than Everyone!!

Also, Last weekend I went to Snolqualmie Falls To see it for the first time. I took some new pics and they can be viewed in the Photo Albumn.

I finally cum to this weekend. Friday I kicked it with with Aaron and after hangin on out on his Lake Washington Condo deck we went to a new Irish pub in Kirkland. Don’t ask me the name because I "am" to loaded to remember. It was a great time; we drank, we laughed; almost puked but had a most Bo-Dai-Ish time. I got loaded and when I went home, I proceeded to got to QFC!!

Chips, milk and some other stuff :P I was good to go. Well Saturday I got down on some yard work for a friends parents and made little more than a Benjamin. It was good work making a walk way with gravel, top siol and my fav, big stones.

After all that fun I got cleaned up and met back up with Aaron. He was having a poker party and I thought I got the invite because I might hand out my loot. Newp. Toby ruled the Hizzz Ouse!! I walked with more Benjamins…You know how I do it :P

I had a great weekend. It is late on Sunday, 11:58 to be exact, and Gawain, my neighbor, and I went out for some adult beverages. He is a coll hommie from South Africa. Hopefullly I will go to England and visit him in a few months. I have never been there but its sounds like GOINGBIGGER could do some damage.

My weekend has now come to a close, 12:08am Monday, I will say

"Sleep well and may tomorrow be the high-light of your life"

Until the next time we chat…this is Toby Singing off…

Check this out my spaces buddies…

Check this out my spaces buddies…I was cruising the net lookin for chicks when i noticed the King Tom from If I Were King has been featured again on MSN’s What’s Your Story site, you know, the Spaces Homepage. It has been redone and now allows voting. So get your arse over to the poling station and vote for KT!!
Well if i am telling you to vote for him you might want to know what makes is space so cool.
1. The concept is genius. I’m mean we have all been sitting there and thought "if i had it my way the s*** would be different". So everytime he encounters something of stupidity and moronic he passes a rule. These rules are funny, good and sometimes off the wall but what the heck..they are still bad arse in my book. So far their is more than 100 IIWK Laws passed.
2. The music is always good and right now he is playing It’s Good to Be King by Tom Petty. Go firgure huh…it is too perfect :P
3. KT allows he readers to get involved. If you wish to submit a law for concideration you can emial him but don’t forget to put it in the proper format. Damn politicians…always a catch so if you wish to submit a law email King Tom at azhath1@hotmail.com.
4. Most Importantly!! He is a beer consuer…so KT here is a pic for you…look for in the photo albumn. These set of laws are the the greatest in my book.
King Tom has also passed two laws for me so i could be a tad biased in his favor. The first one was regarding beer, go figure huh.

Need I saw more…He is a cool mofo so get over to the poling station and make your voices heard.

Spaces is a cool place for bloggers to meet, share and have fun together in our own way. I have been active for almost a year and I say i enjoy it. Even though the blogging has gotten sparce. The job changes and scoring a website to build, things have just been crazy.

Sometimes life is a tad over whelming. The old title to this site was Twenties Aren’t Easy and now approaching 28 they are getting a tad easier to manage but trying all the same. It is amazing what a person can learn over the course of one year is truely astonishing.

One of my best friends had his 30th b-day party friday. It was a hoot and it was good to see some friends i have chillax’d with in a while but it brought back alot and i mean alot of memories of days gone by.

Enough the sentimentalness, I am off to go bother peeps online.



Spaces Appreciation Day II

Today I have the honor to introduce you to Tarah and you can find her space @  •·.·´¯`·.·•Tå®åhs Wå®pëð Z¤ñë•·.·´¯`·.·• Also, she is the person who put together and hosted this MOST awesome day!! Go show her some luv!! like on her leg ;)



A lack of information is no problem, everything your heart desires, well almost ;) no nudies I have to report :(
but if you are warped in some way shape or form then drop her a line!!!
For the Guys: I recommend checking out her collection of HOTTIE pics, click here to view. Just don’t let boss catch you so look over the shoulder when viewing ;) Damn my pants are getting tighter just checking them out, WAHOOO today is going to be a good day!!
For the Ladies: I couldn’t leave ya out on this. I didn’t check the hunk pics out, sorry, but if it is like the other albums I bet it is FABULOUS!! Click here to see the big meat.
I could go on and on about the WARPEDNESS so swing by her site and give her some kisses, somewhere ;) and browse around!!
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas you all are appreciated!!
I jumped into my comments and looky looky…Tarah has made me a new siggy!! Toby is in a Snow Globe. YEA BUDDY!!!

I Told ya she kicked ass
Tarah Babe here Is Yous!!
I can email the full one since this one is downsized, just let me know!!
Your friend,

Dirty Comment Day has Arrived!!

Crystal is hosting a dirty comment day, 18 older please!!…Get on over to Crystal’s space and see is who is in the LIST!! There are a lot HOTTIES on that list and only so much to time accomplish such a feat. What to do? Hmmmm…I could go as Mr. Sweet talker or the Game Spitter. Na, those won’t due. I know, I know…The Run by Groper!! Brilliant, I show up do some grabby grabby and move on!! With strategy I should maximize the number combination I can use. Now what does a groper wear? I need a hat, trentch coat, some nikes and socks. No shirt or pants…yes, yes…no cloths…ok. But where in the hell am i going to put the mp3 player. oh yea, fanny pack!! Now that we have gear situated we can begin this quest.
This should be an amazing adventure but there is one problem…cameras are not allowed so there will be footage so go visit the list and see how the Run by Groper strikes…
Well its has been a long night and you would beleive what happened. It was something out of a wet dream. I’m tired, a little beat up and a little dirty. Running through the streets, covering some distance will make a naked man look pretty dindgy. The adventures were fabulous. Now I sit, sore and hungry, i think how nice is too sleep.

Guest Blogger: If I were King’s MSN Space

The big day has finally arrived and it is totally exciting so without further adu (sp) here goes something…Guest Blogger 6, i mean 6666, oops one to many ;)
WOW the q&a w/ Toby has gone really well and the questions and answers are getting exciting. I have never done something like that before with people and I got to say it is interesting. The variety of questions you get are amazing and intriguing.
The last question was from boo26969 and it hit home like a ton of bricks if you know what I mean. Please visit her space and wish her well. One thing I can say I hate, I don’t like using that word, hate, is volunteering for pain. It can be delt with when it happens like in my accidents but volunteering ie. surgery. I just cna’t do it. A buddy came over last night and we got on this topic and he would rather volunteer ie. getting a new tatoo than getting hurt that can’t be anticipated. Were two opposites on that note.
MUHAHAHAHA….Law time!! The king passed one of my suggestions a while ago, Beer is Now An Official Food Group, ssssshhh don’t tell him I do break half that law though. I consume budweiser, sssshhhh keep it down.
IIWK…..It would SNOW at least ONCE in every location on PLANET EARTH and when that day came it would be a manditory snow day!!
Since I live in an area that gets snow, and boy do I love it, it is easy for me enjoy it but for others it isn’t. I have met and talked  with people that never seen the snow and even shown people it for the first time. OMG that was truley amazing.
Now K. T will probably battle with me on this one ;) but it is totally worth pushing this issue :)
I am a totaly winter geek. Skiing since I was kid, I swear I have snow on the brain. Maybe that is what my issue is, hmmmm, hahhaha!! So that means I have water on the brain. Too cool!!
Hey K. T, thanks for allowing us bloggers, I like to think us as writers, to write and have it posted on your space!! Truely it is an honor and it’s hella fun. So as I close this entry and popping another corona I have to tip it up to ya <taking to mean arse drinks>. Oh man that went straight to the dome. Catch ya’ll later!!

Here’s to the Weekend

How do you like the new layout? Please let me know if it is crappy or good. I have been messing around and i am not sure what looks best.
Sunday is Lets Get Drunk Day sponsored by Drunkard. Get Faded and take some pictures, you can bet your sweet cookie I will!! So what kind of photo to take? One with just my beer or one with beer and the double bicep? I guess we will have to wait and see what is hempins.
My site is coming together. I couldnt get the Hack to work (for adding additional custom lists) so i deleted some of my link lists. The obersvatories & space links are still here along with my favorite spaces list. No fear your link is still here.
I have alot of work to do on BARE’s website before we are feature in a corporate newsletter. That has me pretty excited because and the result should push our page rank up. I have been working on link swapping with other real estate site and we have them listed on our REALTOR Directory. I have some formatting to do on our home page; its sucks to be a perfectionist because you never leave crap alone.
Lets see what to talk about…don’t know but I guess that is all for this evening…maybe something profound will pop into my small melon. Who knows i just might drink the weekend away…Cheers to all!!