The past week…

The past week I have been workin on my new networking website. It is called ActiveRain and it is similiar to MSN Spaces and MySpace but instead of being a social networking site it is a business referral network. My profile is pretty well setup with a blog, links but with no photo albumn. It seems that their isnt one so I recommended one heheeh
Most of the construction in top notch and the system works really smoothly but the difference is they way agents get featured. Active Rain’s setup is based on paoints which are earned through blogging, updating profile, adding contact info and making comments on blogs.
It is addicting sort of like Spaces and MySpace. I am sure I will be heading back there to try and get some more points today. It is important for our business that we get as many points as possible in these earlier phases, ActiveRain just started. So far I am number 1 in our city, iim the only in it :) #3 in the County and #13 in the state and then #135 in the network. The poeple that got in early have 10-40k points and are in the featured positions. But if it was easy everyone might do it :)
Anyhoo I am outta here…

It’s My Birthday!!

28 is finally here!!
I am taking a quick break from work to post this blog. In these last 28 years I have learned a few things
1. Money doesn’t grow on trees
2. Life goes on
3. I can’t drink beer like I used too
4. No presents when your 28
5. Money still doesn’t grow on trees
6. Work stacks up when I slack
7. And some other s*** I forgot.
So I guess I should tell ya little about me. Well I was born in Nurnburg, Germany when my Dad was in the Army. I only lived a very short time and cannot remember anything but it still cool to be born so far away. I have lived in Idaho and Washington but most of my life has been spent in Marysville, Washington.
It is small town, in which I currently work (not live), that is most a residential housing community. It is pretty boring if your a young adult but it is very nice if you are looking to start a family.
I like sports but only play a few and working out has always been fun for me. I have no clue what else to talk about so I guess that is it for me…I better get back to work :P Peace out and have a great day!!

Being sicks blows…

Being sicks blows and has taken me to lay around all day and try and think. Thinking isn’t the easist thing when your not feeling good. As luck would have it I am supposed to go out with a friend tomorrow night.
Current Status: cloudy head, sinuses hurt, ears don’t feel good and it seems my head is expanding.
Needless to say I feel like a garbage can and how do you think I know what a garbage can feels like? I have an older brother and when brothers are bigger they tell to stick their younger brother in odd places as a fun after school activity.
Let’s see I tried to work on my real estate course but found it i was retaining anything. Then I tried to continue to balance BARE’s books. Yea good luck with that…that program is way smarter than I right now. Now I am attempting to post.
Hopefully I feel better tomorrow so I can go out and dance. I so need to work on the skills they are beyond rusty more than antique. I have to oil my joints before I do that or maybe I just need to go with a girl that can help me out. Good thing "C" is a hella good dancer.
So far I have never seen anyone dance like her before. I’m is like dreams come true. Smokin hot, Yea buddy!!
Ah it hurts to all amped up. Stop the madness. I was to sleep better tonight than lasts. Hella tired and rolling around trying to fall asleep.
Once there I did have a skiing dream. That was pretty sweet!! I’ll get my turns any whay I can hehe
Well off to try and think,
peace out

Interviewers look at more than a resume.


1. It’s commonly estimated that what percentage of jobs are filled by word of mouth. Is it …

Wrong, Your Answer: d
Correct Answer: c, Over two-thirds

It’s been estimated that between 70 and 80 percent of all jobs are filled by people who learned of them through word of mouth. This illustrates the importance of networking.

2. According to a poll of executives, how do hiring managers prefer a candidate’s resume to be organized?

Wrong, Your Answer: a
Correct Answer: b, Chronological (organized by date of previous work experience)

A recent survey by Robert Half International (RHI) revealed that an overwhelming majority of executives – 78 percent – prefer chronological resumes over those presented by job function.

3. Which of the following is a breach of interview etiquette?

Wrong, Your Answer: a
Correct Answer: b, Taking a seat before the interviewer has offered you one

It may seem old-fashioned, but the rules of etiquette mandate that you wait for the hiring manager to offer you a seat. However, if no seat is offered, you should go ahead and take one after the person you’re meeting with is seated.

4. According to a recent survey, what percentage of executives consider the advice of their administrative assistants to be important when making hiring decisions?

Correct, Your Answer: a, Over 90 percent
An RHI poll showed that 91 percent of executives consider their assistants’ opinions important when making hiring decisions – up from 60 percent five years ago. This means it’s essential to be professional and friendly with everyone you encounter when interviewing.

5. How many interviews can most employees expect to go through before they are offered a job?

Wrong, Your Answer: a
Correct Answer: b, Two or three

Research shows that 44 percent of job seekers can expect three interviews before a job offer is extended; 34 percent will participate in two interviews.

6. Executives believe approximately what percentage of job seekers lie on their resumes?

Correct, Your Answer: d, One-third
Executives surveyed said they believe 30 percent of job candidates lie or intentionally omit significant information on their resumes. Don’t bend the truth when interacting with employers; honesty is always the best policy.

7. An interviewer is somewhat less likely to hire the person he or she interviewed:

Correct, Your Answer: a, First
Research reveals that the candidate interviewed first is somewhat less likely to be hired than those interviewed later, probably because the interviewer either cannot recall that person in detail or they feel they should not hire the first person they met.

8. Executives were asked for the quality in job seekers – apart from ability – that impressed them most during an interview. Three responses each received about 30 percent of the vote. They were:

Correct, Your Answer: c, Honesty, enthusiasm, verbal skills
Honesty received the most responses, garnering 32 percent of the vote. Enthusiasm ranked second, receiving 29 percent, and verbal skills ranked third with 28 percent.

9. Assuming all the other candidates have resumes as impressive as yours, which of the following factors will likely give you an edge?

Correct, Your Answer: a, Knowing more about the firm than any other candidate so you can discuss how your skills meet their needs
You’ll stand out from the competition if you can make a convincing argument as to why you and a particular company are a perfect match. An eloquent thank-you note and follow-up correspondence are good ideas as well, though.

10. All but one of the following are responses actual job candidates gave when asked why they should be hired. Which one is the fake?

Correct, Your Answer: c, “I like the candy you stock in your vending machines.”
One last piece of job-hunting advice: Be prepared to give a compelling response when asked why you should be hired. The best response will concisely, yet persuasively, describe how your skills match the company’s needs – not your penchant for Snickers bars.


See the orginal survey here.


Well my friends finally conned me into a MySpace account. I bet you can’t guess, muahahaha, Goingbigger MySpace. I got my name. Secured and locked in :P I don’t know if anyone in MSN Spaces land also has a MySpace but I think the software is un friendly to use. So far I cannot remember how to install different sections of the site. It is designed mostly for networking and comments. It isnt about blogging or it is a pretty program to look at. They look like junk if you ask me and no where near the quality of MSN Space.
Hell we can run advertising on our MSN Spaces if we feel like it :) I don’t know about you but that is a nice bonus i like, hehehe. It is good for traffic to run feeds and submit your sites feed for traffic. Steady traffic from search engines because of blogging enables a site to envolve and grow into something intead of going stagnit and finally loosing readership.
blah, blah blah…hehehe….if you read my blog over there you will find more about my night. I went out with two of my smokin hot friends Kim, Christen. It was hella fun but I drank to much and now feel like garbage. We danced, shot darts, laughed and even bought pizza at QFC at then end the night. I had so much fun and the ladies were just smokin hot :) I have pics but i am not share’n. U peep’n at  my stash? I din it tink so.
Sorry life aint fair…oooo….what’s my buddy Chris just dropped by with beer. Now off to watch the Masters.
Peace out!!

This day started out so well…

This day started out so well but now it is all jacked up. Having parents that completely hate each other is something not easily delt with. I drives me crazy when i even hear them attempt to communicate. Becuase there is no communication only bitchin and everything is jacked up. For some reason it seems that I am always in the middle of it. I hope the night goes better. I am meeting up with a gal to go watch a band so my spirits should be higher if a few. Anyhoo..just needed to get that out of my mind.

Θ Tribute to Thursday Θ

Gosh where to go with this entry…for some reason there isn’t a lot reeling in my brain but I will give it a go.
So my audio is now working. Decided to go with media player because it seemed to work on everyone’s site. Man-o-man was that easy and fast to do. Once everyone finds out how to do it, it will be hard to find sites with out. You know how hard it is too pick a song for a site? Well it was for me. My next song should be up soon and you can vote on the choices by clicking on my Music list. They won’t be on a schedule so they may or may not stay.
Tomorrow morning I leave for Roseburg, Oregon for my mom’s b-day! They whole family will be there with some old time friends. My family gets a little crazy sometimes but we are "The Fun Family". My brother left last night and got in around 2am. I guess Aiden slept the whole way and didnt mind the road trip! Bryan forgot his camera so I just hope I remember mine and don’t leave it. Ok, onto a new topic.
Israel has pulled out of Gaza. Now the Palestinian militants groups like Hamas are claiming it’s a victory and the pull is due to their armed resistance and had nothing to do with diplomatic negotiations. Hamas also said it won’t stop its armed resistance until all the land is clear this includes the West Bank. How could this be possible, the Israeli military has dominated the region since the 60’s when they started the occupation.
It is just amazing that radicals think that violence is the way to solve your differences. I believe we are a product of our parents and environment. So when I was learning how to share and play nice they were learning radical ideas that the west is bad and needs to be "punished" and this "punishment" should come in the form of mass killing of the innocent. Wow what a concept. I wish I learned that instead, YEA RIGHT! Enough ranting lets get serious.
This pull out will have a significant influence within the region. With Israel being hated by most of the Islamic community to it show a huge sign of peace or willing to sacrifice for the great good. These militant groups don’t see it as a act of good faith but rather a reason to continue fighting. The result of continuing to fight is that the never ends. It will keep going for generations. Well this good faith will make Israel the "good guy" in the global political environment especially with UN Security Council.
As I have said in previous entries, the tactics these militant groups use to influence there target audience is not working and will continue to make their cause look very badly. The natural international pressures will make happen. Just like in business, if you are providing a poor product or service your target market goes somewhere else. There recruitment will crumble and the whole world will look down upon them because they are seeing that the global community disapproves.
So there is hope on the horizon to have a global peace, well no war at least. Being the example is a good move for Israel. It is a decesion that has some immediate side effects on Israeli people but the long term benefits for their country is huge.
Other countries have taken similiar steps to change from the old ways to the modern ways like Lebanon and Syria. The global environment is not just changing in the political relm but also in the business sector.
China is now making so business moves to improve its business posistion in the global business environment. Taking over bid of Unocal did have some problems with it. Yes, i know they were offering the Unocal shareholders alot more money the Chevron. Chevron did their research before embarking on a bid. They went step by step to make sure that they had all the documents and followed the exact US proceedure and China did not. The shareholders expect another company to have their business in order before approaching such a deal.
If you have a crappy business plan are investors going to give money? If you have a crappy proposal wiil your boss implement your idea?
Probaly not, you just can’t purchase a public company because you have the money. It needs to be a strategicly motivated for the investors. If you have money but don;t know how to manage it, it will all soon be gone because you are frivolous.
There are countless examples of bad and even good decesions, god knows, some of mine haven’t been the best. Until we chat again this is Toby signing off…