The Big #2

The night was pretty fun for new years. The night was awesome. At the EMP they had a group that combine song skits and the ladies would take there tops off. All that was left was a dowllie on the nipple. IT WAS COOL!! We walked around chatted with ladies and to one special, pictured, I never got your name but thanks for everything!! You ROCK!! They guys and got super drunk just time to watch the fire works!! I took a few vids while screaming!!. We took the bus into downtown Seattle, interesting when the streets packed and they are all drunk. Got home around 1:30 am and just in time to swing into QFC for beer and food.
Here is my hang-over rating. I had a major hang-over rating, check yours at Tarah’s Space.
Otherwise known as the "Infinite Nut smacker"
Otherwise known as the "Infinite Nut smacker"
You wake up on your bathroom floor. For about 2 seconds you look at the ceiling, wondering if the cool refreshing feeling on your cheek is the bathroom tile or your vomit from 5 hours ago. It is amazing how your roommate was as drunk as you, but somehow managed to get up before you. You try to lift your head. Not an option. Then you inadvertently turn your head too quickly and smell the funk of 13 packs of cigarettes in your hair. Suddenly you realize you were smoking, but not ultra lights… some jackass handed you Marlboro reds, and you smoked them like it was your second full time job. You look in the mirror only to see remnants of the stamp "Ready to Rock" faintly atop your forehead… the stamp on the back of your hand that has magically appeared on your forehead by alcoholic osmosis. You have to be to work in t-minus 14 minutes and 32 seconds and the only thing you can think of wearing is your "hello kitty" pajamas and your slippers.
So needless to say i felt like garbage. partied hard all night and woke up just in-time to see the start of the hawks game. We lost the game to Greenbay Packers but Shaun Alexander got his titles 1. Rushing title (1,880 yds) and 2. The most TD’s in one season (29).
My buddies, the ones pictured, were are lying around my place in the morning. After being nausiuos for a bit and coming to we order up a pizza and continued to lye aroiund.

Good By 05 | Welcome 2006

Well here we are. The last day of 2005 is half way through and I am awaiting the buddies arrive. Tonight should be fun since we are going to the EMP, Experienced Music Project, for Pure Fitness’s Year of the Dog New Years Eve Bash 2006. So you know Toby will get crazy, then more crazy and when it is all said and done I will continue to get crazy!!!
This year has been a blast. My life has changed directions a few time and I thank you all for being there through it all. This year has been about new experience, new friends and good times!! Looking back it seems like it went so fast but tons of things have happened.
I started this blog site in April and during this time I have gone to Sea Fair, A few trips to the track, Ocean Shores, Sonic games, Tons of Seahawk Games, changed jobs and some other stuff I can’t remember. Damn beer killing the brain cells :) Better get rid of a few more tonight!!
I wonder if they will allow cameras!! Who cares; i am bring it anyways!!
To sum it all up I have to words for ya’ll…
Welcome To Seattle!!
Ok that is more like 5 words & 2 numbers ;)
Be safe and take a cab…Don’t ring in the new year by ending up Dead!!