Smatree Smapole Video

Video Review of a GoPro Smapole

Hot damn! Earlier this week I had the great opportunity to do a product review for Smatree but before I get into the details how about some background.

In July I joined, a GoPro user forum, to learn how to better edit video, learn new techniques like timelasping, intros, work flow, and storyboarding. Other than doing my own videos, I virtually have no experience so the forum gave me a great place to learn. has a lot of users and a lot of sponsors as well and in a sub forum, contests, I was chosen to receive and Smatree Smapole and as a thank you I did a YouTube review. Honestly, having no idea what to do I just talked about the product while walking around and driving the truck.

I’m pleased how the video rendered and turned out. It made even better that it is still sunny as heck here in WA.

Smatree Smapole Highlights

  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Extends 16 – 40 Inches
  • Has Metal Mounting Hardware
  • Ease to Use with Gloves

For the cost of $40, ordered on Amazon, it is affordable and has so many applications.

  • Filming the Girls at Cheer
  • Upcoming Hawaiian Vacation
  • At a Buddy’s Property Dirtbiking
  • Any Sports
  • Chasing the Dog (when he is better).

That is all for now. Off to go home and wash the bike, the truck, the kid’s pool, and crack a cold one. Boom!

In flight to Vegas

I am finally leaving to Las Vegas for the my 3rd annual Pubcon conference. Even though I am excited to learn new SEO as well as corrective SEO, I have the desire to be with my girlfriend. It’s not that I’m already home sick; it’s just that she arrived back Saturday from a weeks trip to Alanta. Needless to say we didn’t spend much time together between our two trips and I met up with Jake for the Seahawks Game.

Saturday, Upon picking up Joy and her girls, I ran into my dad at the airport. Not strange, however, when it was unplanned and sheir coincedence. Dad drove down his wife’s son so he could pick up his fiance and new baby who just flew in from Rio. It is still odd to have a step brother even though I consider him my dad’s wife’s son. Guess I’m still not willing to accept I have more than one brother – LOL.

The rest of Saturday was just as good as the morning and Joy, the girls, and I drove home slowly taking in the sites and stopping and stores for Halloween decorations. After a few stops we finally made it home and we all set up our spooking decor – my job being outside in the cold. LOL its cool as I started to sweat and I enjoy outside. We still have to get pumpkins and I hoping Joy and the girls can wait till I return since I really enjoy doing stuff with them. A very different thought process I once had.

Random Thought [inflight cheezits are good]

In 2012, I took a few vacations and have done tons of stuff: Arizona, Soap Lake and Sun Lakes, Moses Lake (for a waterpark), Kelso, a handful fo trips to the mountain, Lake Cavanaugh, crabbing on the Sound, and … hmmm … probably look at Facebook and get more to the list. Oh yea, Zombie shooting in Snohomish. So I’m definitely not hurting in the travel and fun department.

Random Thought: [the guy seated infront of me has odd skin]

Now that I am airborn, and have sometime to kill, I am running through my new Motorola XYBoard. Pretty sexy machine I might add with a bluetooth keyboard. The mouse stick embedded in the keyboard is tough to use and its faster just to stick a finger to the screen and mouse around instead of moving that little stick with my sausage fingers. So far I’m pretty impressed by the load speed of applications, the fluidiness in applications, and how thin the tablet is. I opted to tether the 4g to my Verizon account versus buying a mobile hotspot – less shit to worry about especially if I am showing homes.

As a real estate broker, I damn near have a Batman utility belt. One surprise I did have and not sure why, is I thought I would have to ahve a 4g phone to add a 4g device on my account. Nope, but it will take a moment to get used to not doing emails on my phone. However, setting up and exchange server between all these gadgets would nice as to not confuse what message have been followed up with and when instead of looking at each device or always cc’ing myself.

Random Thought: [flight attendents are nice – Southwest]

As we approach the halfway mark of a 2:15 minute flight from Seattle to Las Vegas I think I will save other thoughts for future blogs. Cheers!

TW Resource Group

My new small business marketing website is coming along nicely and as luck would have it I created a lens for it as well focused around small business seo. It will give us some more links and hopefully bolster into becoming a trafficed blog. Right now I have been working on a project, centered around Mustang racing, how a small business can make movies and use social media to promote themselves. It is going well and Saturday night I meet with Brian to story board the project…it is going to be so much fun to build and make.

Small Business Marketing

Last night TW Resource Group got its own small business marketing website, It is totally a work in progress and getting used to the new software is the biggest challenge and making sure everything is working correctly. A minute ago I was trying to upload a new template and some errors occurred and safe to say that our site is completely messed up right now. I guess my plans for today are try and fix my mess up and get it back in working order. Arg, I hate when I do that but it will be golden before to long. Anyhoo gotta run and get working on it

MSN is still on my nerves…

MSN is still on my nerves about the URL changes. I have been watching my search engine traffic over the past 2 months to see if it would pic back up and return to its earlier numbers. But newp, nothing of the sorts has happened. Before the URL change my Space had a google Page Rank of 4. Now it is big fat Zero and that does not make me happy at all.
Doesn’t MSN realize what these changes can do for a webpage? Evidently not. When the URL changes Google can now precieve these new web addresses as new website, that is what they are, and concider them "dup or duplicate" content and ban or not give the website the attention they normally would have. And that just plain sucks.
It seems that this is what might have happened to my Space. I would like to know what others have noticed since the URL change by MSN. Has your search engine hits fallen completely off? Do you have a page rank of zero like me? Let me know because it could really help me asses the issues and hopefully try and help rectify the problem and get things back to normal.
I have been using ping servers to help and it was my original thought that everything would be normal shortly after the URL change…boy was I wrong on that one. So let me know your thoughts on this…anyhoo hope all is well on this friday night…it is smoking hot here but I have my ac on and its 77 degrees in my apartment…anyhoo…
Lata on the fade-a

Adding an RSS Feed to your MSN Space

RSS feeds are the latest way to stay current on your favorite blogs or other websites. What is RSS and XML feeds? These are URLs that are setup to be read by feed readers. They are designed to display the most recent blogs or posts and are automatically updated when a new post has been added to the site. As you may have noticed the top of my Space has 3 feeds and one is from a friends MSN Space.
Readers are popular with big sites who wish to aggregate mass amounts of blogs to one source for easy reading by their users. Some of the largest of these sites are News Readers. For example, political bloggers may have their RSS or XML feed submitted to aggregators so they can get traffic and comments from people that are interested in what they are blogging about. In previous posts I have shared which sites I sumbit my RSS too and they are KingPing, Ice Rocket & WeBlogAlot
I submit my RSS url to these site to let them know I have "updated" and hopefully will place my feed on their site. Now that we are through a little background here is how to add the module to your MSN Space.
Follow these steps
1. Login into your MSN Space
2. Click on Customize
3. Click on the Modules button and from the drop down list select RSS feed
4. Click save
Now the RSS feed reader module should be available for editing. Now you just need to find a url to place in the reader. This is where it can be a tad tricky but no fear it isn’t too bad. There are couple types of URL address you can add into the reader. Here are some examples and take special note to the last part of the address.
MSN Spaces
MSN Spaces use an feed.rss as the last part of the URL to distinguish it from a normal web address. If you add feed.rss to the end of your address then you will go to our RSS Feed page.
Other Sites
Now others sites can use a variety of other addresses and the page will look at tad weird but don’t worry the reader is designed to translate the garbled page into a usauble language. MSN has a page that you can select XML address on a varitety of topics, View MSN RSS Homepage. See the little icons that say XML? Click on one of those and you will the garbled page I described and note the differences in the ending of the address, And for kicks here is the one from FOX Sports,
If you see an icon like this or this then just click on them and copy and paste the url into the RSS feed reader, rename the module (if you so wish) and the select how many posts you wish to display and voila. You and your readers will now know immediately when a space is updated.
Please let me know if any part of this is unclear so I can update this page. Also ask questions or share your uses of the RSS Reader. Have fun because it is a great way to keep up-to-date on your favorite sites. My favorite is my NASA image of the day. Now I get the updates delivered to me directly and isnt that what having a blog is all about? Personalization.
Hope your weekend is going well because mine is starting out great. Anyhoo catch ya later…

The Definition of Marketing…

The Definition of Marketing

Finally, a definition of Marketing that makes sense….

You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You go up to her and say, I’m fantastic in bed. That’s Direct Marketing.

You’re at a party with a bunch of friends and see a gorgeous girl. One of your friends goes up to her and pointing at you says, He’s fantastic in bed. That’s Advertising.

You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You go up to her and get her telephone number. The next day you call and say, Hi, I’m fantastic in bed. That’s Telemarketing.

You’re at a party and see a gorgeous girl. You get up and straighten your tie, you walk up to her and pour her a drink. You open the door for her, pick up her bag after she drops it, offer her a ride, and then say, By the way, I’m fantastic in bed. That’s Public Relations.

You’re at a party and see a gorgeous girl. She walks up to you and says, I hear you’re fantastic in bed. That’s Brand Recognition.

I seen this on a friends space and thought it was totally worth sharing.
Have a great weekend!!

Just keep thinking…

Just keep thinking marketing, marketing and marketing well at least that is what i am trying to do. The real estate biz isn’t the hottest for buyers due to high real estate prices. I have been huslting our website like it was some cheap date and starting to do it to our others one. The SEO stratgies I have implemented are working wonders but the agent in our office who is benefiting from the SEO is a property manager. A few of our other agents are starting to utilize the power of the web but with different means than the company website. They are, as well as I, purchased websites for neighborhoods in our sphere of influence.
It is a great strategy for a few reasons
  • No other company is doing it
  • Increases our web exposure
  • Aligns with our marketing niche
  • Creates a spiderweb affect through other websites

I apologize for that tanget but there you have it. I am hoping, since a few of our agents purchased websites, that they will get involved fully online and dominate that advertising medium over the other more traditional methods.

There are a few agents whom I battle with in Search Engine rankings for our local keywords but no companies are there. That is a major difference and the level of exposure which can be generated for a company means more regular visitors, new daily visitors and in-bound links because we are a company and not an individual.

That is my bet anyways.

So througha  few website i trying grow this spider web. From the links at the top of the page anyone can probably tell that :) Shameless advertising, i heard it one day and it is totally true. If I don’t do it who will?


Next friday I leave for Whistler to GO BIG, yes you guess it, SUPER PIPE TIME, I am going to try my luck in the Nintendo Terrain Park.

Crap, work just came up…gotta run and make some loot


"If it don’t make dollars it don’t make sense."


Good afternoon everyone is blogger land. I would like to let everyone know that i have created a Real Estate Only Blog , Snohomish County’s Real Estate Blog. It has been created for BARE’s website and its sole purpose is to be informative about our local region. When I start my full time position with I use part of my day to let people know what is happening and my thoughts on them, well that is the purpose of a blog :P Feel free to stop by but i must ask to you keep your comments to real estate specific. I will do my best answer questions and give an well rounded take on the current real estate market. My time is going to be spend developing that blog right now but i will update and visit the friends i have made here as often as i can.
Take care all and May your futures be so bright you have to wear shades.
Your friend in Time, Toby