The Seattle Seahawks are Headed Back to the Playoffs

seahawks-have-home-field-advantage-2014-nfc-west-champsWow, what another fantastic game by our Seattle Seahawks. The 1st half was ugly looking from the offensive point of view. There were minimal yard put on the board, penalties, and two turn-overs. It had me stressing, probably all the Seahawks’ fans at one point or another, see us go into the half at 6-0 St. Louis. However, the defensive, like always, was solid in the 1st half and kept the Rams from gaining any substantial point differential.

The 2nd half was whent he offense starting to gain ground. The ball was being moved and equated to two Hauschka field goals. Ok Ok. 6-6. Come on Seahawks.

Then it was a whirlwind of defensive awesomeness with a Hill-to-Hill interception, a Irvin pick-six to make the point spread of 20-6 Seahawks, and the most epic of Karate chops, I think Bruce Lee would approve, by Thomas to shut down the Rams from scoring.

Now the Seahawks get a first round by and some time to rest up and get all our starters back for the playoffs. I Cannot wait and Go Hawks!


Watching the Seahawks Parade from Home

Joy and I made plans to attend today’s Seahawks Parade in downtown Seattle but we did an audible and decided to watch from home. I was at the office way earlier than normal, 6am, to get early stuff done then we would have left Arlington at 7.

By then traffic was already nuts and with three little girls in tow coupled with 1/2 million people it would have been a bit much.

Right now the players are staging at the EMP and the cameras are crowd panning. From this angle, with my feet up, it looks pretty awesome with all those 12’s lining the streets, buildings, and cheering.

Here is what is going on Twitter (My Seattle Sport list)

News casters are wondering where Beast Mode is as he isn’t on the running backs truck. Now Q13 reports that Lynch is tossing Skittles out at the beginning of the procession.

More Tweets

Pictures of the TV from the Couch


Superbowl Vegas odds for the Seattle Seahawks

I’m watching NFL Network, Players Only, and so ready, more than ready, to watch the Superbowl. The Seahawks are geared and bout that action waiting to deliver. While watching the media coverage, I feel impatient and have been looking at Vegas odds for the game.

Mom is going to Reno and placing 5 bets is for me so here is what I’m selecting:

– Seahawks to win
– Seahawks to win the toss and elect to kickoff
– Broncos to score first (field goal)
– Seahawks lead at the start of the 2nd half
– Seahawks on the over

I Watch Vegas Insider but actually have no real clue what I am doing. Sports betting for me is Monday armchair coaching. As we watch gas we coach, cheer, and celebrate with our Team.

Tired of talk; need game play.


Superbowl Media Day with the Seattle Seahawks

This morning I got to watch parts of the Superbowl Media Day (#SBMediaDay on Twitter) and seen Richard Sherman, Golden Tate, Russell Wilson and Coach Carroll. It looks like a feeding frenzy on TV and some interesting questions.

Golden Tate needs to wear a GoPro during the Superbowl – he killed it with a GoPro bill cam – and get some epic views from a badasses perspective. That would be so dynamite to see. GoPro, you need to make this happen.

Sherman told the media to interview his team, a sign of a true team player, and his interview really goes to show the quality of a person as well as his talents as a player. I tried to find the reporter who stated that NFL players are the reason why women hang off stripper poles. LOL it was awesome and Sherman’s response was choice – he is such a good guy. Here is picture from Sherman’s point of view on the Seahawk’s Facebook page.


I’d probably clam up and freeze, or just sweat profusely, with that many cameras pointed at me. Way to stay calm and collected Sherman!

Russell’s interview seemed to focus on his hair which he described as a Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars Jerry Curl (I’m pretty that was the statement or darn close to it) versus a lot of game place. Lol silly reporters who don’t follow football. Wilson is only one of the best 2nd year quarterbacks who ever played the game.

Carroll’s interview is what I expected but what I didn’t expect was a question asked by Thomas Brown (I hope I got that right) from NFL Play 60. Way to be a coach Coach and what great words and a good philosophy to live by #AlwaysCompete.

I had to go to work so I’ve missed a lot but KJR 910am had radio row going and I heard Deon Sanders interview Marshawn Lynch and there are a few gems:

DS: How are you doing big fella?
ML: Smooooth.

DS: You look good.
ML: Shit, you do too.

DS: You just don’t wanna talk really.
ML: I’m just bout that action, boss.

ML: I aint never seen no talkin win me nothin.

DS: Marshall Faulk loves you man.
ML: That’s huge, that’s huge, that’s a great.

Full Marshawn Interview


A Better Look at Richard Sherman’s Post Game Interview

Image credit Sports Illustrated

What a NFC Championship game it was and more to come on what it means for Seattle; however, the Seahawks win is being overshadowed by a post win interview by Richard Sherman. Social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter are full of a one-sided story, hate mongering, racism, and plain douschebaggery. Many commentors need to look in the mirror and judge their own actions.

The Erin Andrews post game interview is posted on YouTube.

But everyone doesn’t appear to know the story, or care to know, about the events leading to the interview. On The Monday Morning Quarterback, in an article titled In This Corner written by Richard Sherman, #25 goes on to say:

I ran over to Crabtree to shake his hand but he ignored me. I patted him, stuck out my hand and said, “Good game, good game.” That’s when he shoved my face, and that’s when I went off.

I threw a choking sign at 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Why? Because he decided he was going to try the guy he was avoiding all game, because, I don’t know, he’s probably not paying attention for the game-winning play. C’mon, you’re better than that.

Say what you will about sportsmanship and “staying classy” with Sherman’s interview yet only one article and its featured image, I am using it here show the actions by Crabtree. Who facemasks a player at the end of the game especially when the one receiving the face mask is saying “good game” and looking for a hand shake.

C’mon internet. You’re better than this. Just because the nation is in a uproar about a post game interview, especially when its the 2nd time the Seattle Seahawks have been to the Superbowl, when interviews are conducted all the time, in every sport, and with all types of emotion, that a player might get jacked up after making a clutch play.

Even Forbes states to that fact:

1. So the Seahawks beat the 49ers to go to the Super Bowl, and Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman made the game-saving play, and Erin Andrews interviewed him on the field immediately after the game, and he hollered like a crazy person:

2. Within seconds people on social media were calling him a fool, a thug, a classless jerk and many worse things.

and then…

4. Sherman graduated second in his class in high school and also graduated from Stanford. So not only is he not a fool, odds are he’s smarter than you and me.

5. His degree from Stanford was in communications … which might explain why, while he seemed to be hollering like a crazy person, he didn’t curse and looked into the camera the whole time.

7. Maybe 15 minutes later, when Sherman sat down with the Fox NFL guys, he was calm and funny.

8. If you stick a microphone in a football player’s face seconds after he made a huge play to send his team to the Super Bowl, you shouldn’t be surprised if he’s a little amped up.

9. Ninety-nine percent of on-field interviews are boring and useless. The TV networks do them anyway for the 1 percent of the time they get a moment like Richard Sherman.

13. As a side note: Richard Sherman also called out Skip Bayless on Bayless’ own show, which trumps pretty much anything bad that Richard Sherman has done in his life.

and finally…

22. It seems to me that the only proper response to surviving something like that is to holler like a crazy person.

So you’re not supposed to get excited when you’re going to the largest stage your team can get too? But I think people forgot many other events that lead to a Seahawks victory.

  1. The only offense the 49ers could put together were runs by Kaepernick; meaning, the Seahawks secondary stopped the pass and the defensive line stopped the run.
  2. Forced fumble on Kaepernick with a Seahawks’ recovery.
  3. Lynch’s TD run which was the longest against the 49ers all year.
  4. Baldwins’ 69 yard kick off return.
  5. Wilson’s scrambler to long bomb to Baldwin for 51 yards.
  6. Chancellor’s interception late in the 4th quarter.
  7. Sherman’s tipped ball in the end zone.

The Seattle Seahawks win is all about one post game interview and not a huge team effort than I must have watched a different game. I support Sherman’s response and I think many from Seattle, and the greater area, do as well. The media and internet tool sheds can keep spinning the interview the way they want without showing the whole side but I prefer reality or fiction.

Here is a sweet .gif found of Wilson’s scramble to Baldwin.



A Post from the Seahawks’ Archives

With the NFC Championship game poised to log the richter scale, one of my old posts appears to be gaining old ground, Seahawks piping in crowd noise. Dated September 20th 2006, the post is old. As a long standing fan, dating back nearly 30 years, I find it a bit crazy that oposing fans would think that. I mean, we are not like Belichick.

The noise generated within Century Link is unrivaled though it does pose an idea that something more sinister. Being a 12th Man and Seahawks fan through and through, I can honestly say the fans are rabid. Its been called silly and unbecoming of fans; however, the fan energy built up over the years by fans has finally received an outlet, a exceptional team.

While San Francisco has multiple Superbowl wins, 2014’s NFC Championship witl mark Seattle’s 2nd’s playing, Seattle is hungry for a win. Like hungry hungry. It’s not about beating Sean Francisco, its about wining the Superbowl and making a mark in the NFL’s stage.

I believe the Hawks will perform far better at Sunday’s fame – as long as the refs don’t call shit and the Seahawks do not have excessive penalties.

Biggs’ Strategy for a Seahawks Win:

– Minimize Penalties
– Allow Wilson to Make Plays
– Utilize a Variety of Receiving and Run Plays
– Don’t Force Plays
– Do Not Turn the Ball Over

That is my 4 points of nothing; unless you count the phone to Carroll’s head peace – I wish.

On the Twitter sphere players are saying”


Wilson Interview

One thing that is true, on Sunday the NFC Champion will have been decided. Seattle will host the San Fransisco 49ers in an ALL WEST NFC Championship.



Seahawks Move to the NFC Championship Game

For the second time in my life time the Seattle Seahawks are plating in the NFC Championship game and for the first time that game is played in Seattle. As a long time fan, it is so cool see and its even cooler to have the Seahawks’ season continue while many others have to hang it up – mainly Pittsburgh.

Interestingly enough, the two teams fighting for the NFC title are from the same division, the NFC West. The rivalry with the 49ers is definitely strong and ever growing. Joy and I drove to Mesa we stopped at a sports bar north of Sacramento and we were definitely the odd ones out wearing our Seahawks colors. #GoHawks we got a bit razzed but its all good, we won that day and all the others since then.

Next Sunday will be fun to watch as the 49ers whine all the way to their loss. It is imperative the Seahawks do:

– Create time for Wilson the pass the ball.
– Move the ball around using multiple receivers, tight ends and backs.
– Make Krappernick uncomfortable and force bad decisions.
– Continue our defense dominance and win the turnover battle.

Its been a few years since having season tickets and I miss the excitement of being their; however, watching the games from home is quiet comfortable, affordable, and fun. Next weekend can’t come soon enough and their will be so much buzz about the team, curious how Harvin recovers from the bounty hits he took, player excitement, fan excitement, and how the team practices and prepares for the game. #AlwaysCompete

2012 Seahawks Schedule Has Been Released

The season is almost here and yesterday the Seattle Seahawks have released their 2012-2013 season schedule. I am really excited this year as the team resigned many valuable players and had a decent draft.

Being said, Coach Carroll will more than likely be making record setting trades in the months leading up to the preseason games. As a fan it is nice to know a coach isn’t afraid to replace people if they are not fitting into the system.

The schedule has a great teams coming to town and two I am stoked about are week 6 when host the New England Patriots and week 10 with the New York Jets. I was sad to see preseason game 2 was Away at Denver. Would be cool to see Manning and Tebow at home. I’ve seen Payton before so I guess I’ll live.

The complete schedule is at


Owen Schmitt – Seattle Seahawks

Hola and welcome back for another great year of Seattle Seahawks football. It has been a rough season but the bugs are getting ironed out in the offense and defense. Lasts weeks game against the Jacksonville Jaguars was a beating of epic proportions with a 41-0 domination by the Seattle Seahawks.

I took some pics but my favorite has to be capturing Owen Schmitt busting up his head right out of the tunnel. No he didn’t trip or fall; he did it by slamming his helmet into his forehead. Schmitt you’re an animal! Schmitt even played the rest of the game with tons of blood down the front of his jersey. Wonder if that is what sparked our defense to come alive?


Another dreadful loss

The season is getting to the point where it may not be recoverable. With a record of 1-4 the season is looking bleak. Injuries continue to occur and there is no rythym at all on both sides of the ball. Yesterday’s game was painful to watch and the video below is on of the best things that happened all day, well can’t forget about Kerney’s super hit on Rodgers and Peterson’s hit to fumble on Rodgers.

Seahawks Home Game This Weekend

Finally the bye week is gone and the team is back home for a game. It has been a rough start to the season with the injuries, losses and the lack of rythym in the team. Hopefully playing at home with trusty #12 in affect they will find their grove. It seems that that many of our key players did not practice; Hasselbeck, Wallace and Branch. So does that mean that Frye will be playing in Sunday’s game? A third string guy…good thing he does of experience to draw off.

Seahakws Get Their First Win

Yesterday the gang and I all went down to Seattle for the Seahawks week 3’s game against the St. Louis Rams. The 2 prior weeks didn’t go at all as planned so all of us were crossing fingers and toes with the hopes of seeing a win. This morning on KISW 99.9 Chad Eaton was talking about how much the Rams suck and that even though the Seahawks got a win it wasn’t that impressive due. I disagree with his observation because no matter how it is looked a win is still a win, either by a mile or an inch, a win is a win if it is over a great team or a bad team. This win could definelty set the tempo to the rest of the season
The Seahawks showed poise and confidence right from the opening kick off all the way to the touchdown on the opening drive. Getting a solid start on the opening drive allows a team to find its rhythm early and can set the tone for the rest of the game. This is exactly what happened with the Seahawks on Sunday. The opening drive cascaded through out the game a was prevalent in the Julian Peterson forced fumble to recovery to touchdown that came a few minutes later. By the end of the first half the score was 17-0 Seahawks which has to be one of the highest first quarter point totals I have seen in a long time.
The running game was impressive and I ask Matt Hasselbeck not to do anymore blocking even though it can lead to a touchdown. In a subsequent drive, Matt made an impressive block on two Rams defensive players allowing Julius Jones to get into the end zone to extend the lead. The blocking wasn’t necessary as there was still time on the clock, it wasn’t a critical touchdown (game deciding) and could have cost the Seahawks their star quarter back.
Totally 240 plus yards on the ground is something that has not been seen in Seattle for some time now and it was awesome to see some old fashioned ground and pound mixed with fancy footwork. At times when we though Jones was going down he would spin move out of it and pick up extra yards. Those extra yards make all the difference when it comes to progressing down field efficiently.
It was a blast to see the Seahawks win and for one of the very first times there where NO opposing team fans sitting around us. It doesn’t seem like a big deal but it actually made a dramatic difference in the amount of enthusiasm of lower Section 316. So lets get this year in full affect and get loud and get some wins. GO HAWKS!