Vintage Snow Ski Collection

In 2017, Joy and I bought a new “to us” home. Needless to say the home has required a ton of work and its been non stop over the last 2 years.

We chose the house for many reasons (location, size, and school district) yet one that has surfaced to make living easy was bathroom count. The home has 4 bathrooms and one of which is a 3/4 bath right across from the garage and has its own exterior door – the man bath as its called. That bathroom has come in handy while fixing the back yard and cleaning up before going in the house.

So, I was given the charge of choosing decorations for that bath and I’m going with a Ski Cabin theme. So far here are my pickens: skis, 50s era German made boots, vintage ski wax & poles – goggles not pictured. Next on the list is to make a couple signs like “Toby’s Ski Rental” and one with the different types of runs (green circle, blue square, diamond, double diamond) to have up.

I am really digging this interior design stuff and Joy says the theme could flow into the TV room. Wish me luck with that!

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