2017 Spring Break Vacation in Mesa Arizona

This blog post is late in writing because of all the videos accompanying it. This past April, the family traveled back to Arizona to see grandparents and more adventure. Typically, we’d see some sights, play in the community pool and take a bit of a road trip somewhere so this trip consisted of much more than years past.

We visited a water park, batting cage (no depicted in the videos), community pool, butterfly exhibit, aquarium, drove out to the desert, took some small hikes, went shopping, and did a fair amount of eating.

Traveling to Arizona is an easy trip for us and one we’ll probably be pretty consistent at for many years to come. However, I find it to be way to dry to ever live there as I feel constantly dusty and my nose bleeds – I prefer Florida‘s humidity over Arizona’s dry heat.

Anyways, hope you enjoy the GoPro videos and please like and Sub to my YouTube channel for more.

Wet ‘n’ Wild Phoenix

Wet ‘n’ Wild is a water park located in Phoenix and has been featured on Travel Channel’s Xtreme Waterparks. We had fun on every ride yet tended to ride the Tornado and Mammoth Falls more than others. The girls were 9 & 10 at the time of this video and they did every ride!

*This was the first time a water park was open during our Spring Break.

OdySea Aquarium

Located in Scottsdale, OdySea Aquarium is one of the coolest aquariums I’ve ever been too. Its highly encouraged to make the first stop in the lobby bathroom for a special street. There is no mirror above the sinks; instead, there is a glass looking into a shark tank. There are many wonders here with sharks, rays, cichlids, octopus, tiger fish, penguins, sea otters, and so much more.

Living Carousel

An exhibit within OdySea. You’ll enter a room room with a rotating center piece where guests sit. The room the spins in a 360 rotation taking guests on a tour of different aquatic landscapes with accompanying videos and speakers. The kids really enjoyed this part as it gave them time to rest their feet and still get to see a lot of action.

Butterfly Wonderland

In the same complex as OdySea, the Butterfly Wonderland is an exhibit that takes guests on a epic journey of the Monarch butterfly in a #D video and then into the butterfly room where the video was filmed. The wonder and number of butterflies is mind boggling and peaceful at the same time. Folks had there big fancy cameras out getting close ups where I had the GoPro just filming away.

Red Mountain Nightlapse

Finding a suitable location was harder than I thought. I decided on Red Mountain which is situated north of town off N. Power Rd and N Bush Hwy. I walked off the road and found a spot that framed the mountain as well as containing a few cacti. A few cool things about this particular timelapse: airplane flight patterns are clearly visible, all the starts seem to rotate around a single star, and two stars that should be rotating are not.

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