The end of the day…

The end of the day is here and another great weekend in my so called life. I spent the day with mom, brother, sis-in-law and nephew. It was a beautiful day here and the morning was fabulous. We all sat around outside after breakfast outside in the sun (i got a little toasted) and talked like family. It has been awhile since we all been together and hung out. No distractions and no worries. Family is the best thing in my life and now watching my nephew growing up gives me a heart filled happiness that is unexplainable.
This week has a some good things worked in it but that can change at a moments notice….guess that is why they call this game "life’
Now I must retire my butt to bed and get some good rest…peace out
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5 thoughts on “The end of the day…

  1. hello honey!!~
    i putcha on my latest blog ova at my new space ~ and i voted 4 ya ~ ur a studly looking guy ur fo sho the hottest so goodluck!!
    BAR BQ?? do ya think they would mind if i came too?

  2. Hi Toby. You have enjoyed a good time with your familly. So great!
    I love my familly also. They give me warm feelings. And it\’s so fantastic to see my two cute nephews growing up.

  3. Hey bud.  Glad you had a good time this weekend.  Well its back to the grindstone here.  I\’ve been reading "The Davinci Code" cause I wanted to read the book before I saw the movie.  Only prob is that last night, instead of sleeping, my brain was kicking over cyphers all night.  So now I\’m at my desk ready to pass out.

  4. Hey Toby… thanks for the mini shout out here! , 
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    Ҳ̸ҳNicci ~ SVP Ҳ̸ҳ

  5. I was here but now I\’m not…
    I left your space to smoke some…um….
    How does that song go..???
    Just Joking…=P

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