Another day; Another dollar

Thanksgiving was perfect! The family came up and we watched football and grubbed on a lot of food. MY guts kind of hurt today from the volume of food that were shoved in there!! Oh well it is totally worth the pain.
A big Seahawks game is coming up Sunday and yours truely will be there in full affect. It will probably rain and be very cold but I don’t care because I will probably be kind of hammered. YEA BUDDY!!! "YOU KNOW IT and YOU KNOW IT!!!", Frank, Old School.
Yesturday, when we were hanging out before dinner, my nephew brought me his Baby Einstein book and crawled up on my so I could read to him. It was so cute and it made me feel so good inside. We sat there and he was so excited sitting next to me while he looked at the pictures. My brother and sis-in-law are good parents but they will have there hands full when this kid gets older…for some reason it makes me laugh, probably because it is my brother 🙂 They will do fine. Aiden YOU ROCK!!
I started my first story last night. It is called Hotel Ice Age and it is a little rough but the more I write the more indepth it gets. Who knows if it will be any good but I really don’t care it is fun to do.
BARE’s website is in limbo right now. I am trying to implement "depth of pages" into it but it difficult to be creative on it and be professional all at the same time. As long as I keep moving forward I don’t think I can go wrong, well not to wrong anyways. Being full-time here, Barnett Associates Real Estate, it is giving my time to get comfortable and now implement strategies makes me excited to think where this company will be in a few years.
The other night I developed BARE’s Triangle of Success for our agents. It is made of up Prospecting, Agent Marketing and Implementation with Achievement in the middle. The idea is to give visual representation to the agents if they are not achieving the results they want, part of the triangle are they not doing. So then they can come to me and we can work on filling the gap. That is the plan anyways 🙂
Well I am outta here and will be back sometime on Sunday!! Take care and Enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend!!

2 thoughts on “Another day; Another dollar

  1. Hi Toby.It\’s great that you had a nice Thanksgiving with your family. I just thought of Chinese New Year eve when people would go home from every corner of the city to have a nice dinner with the family members. Your nephew is sooooooooooooo cute! haha… You are a great uncle! : )Have a nice weekend.

  2. Hi =DI want to thank you all for your continued visits and contributions to the poetry corner. We are nominated at the spaces hall of fame under BEST POETRY if you care to go vote.~Thank You~

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