Seahawks beat Cowboys 21-20

Tonight was game to be marked the Seahawks history books. In a Wild Card Playoff Game the Seahawks hosted the Cowboys at Quest Field. From everything I was seeing the Cowboys were picked to win but the game tells a different story that has 68K plus Seahawks Fans happier than a puppy with two peters.
The day started off pretty wild with the guys picking me up at noon to head to the big city, Seattle, and search for our epic parking spot. The spot was just West of Quest Field in a strip of people that looked like Hawk Alley. We set up camp with a power inverter running the TV so we could watch the Indianapolis and Redskins game and shortly there after it was pandemonium. People were throwing the football and playing ping pong all around us. As we chillaxed the day wore on and the excitement gained ahead of steam leading into kick off.
We arrived at Quest Field with everyone else in Seattle but that is how we like it. Early on some ruckus was on the verge of breaking out with Seahawks and Cowboys fan’s tensions running high and finally we made it to our seats. The wind was blowing and knifing through the gear but jumping around and yelling in the prelude kept us warm.
The Seahawks won the toss and elected to receive and on their first drive were able to put 3 points but the didn’t deter the Cowboys because they answered back with 3 over their own. Right now I wasn’t stressed since it was still the first quarter and all of a sudden the Seahawks had the ball again and were going down field. To our dismay it ended in another 3, I loved the points but was just hoping for the TD, and the Seahawks retook the lead 6-3.
After the kickoff the Cowboys received a miracle and they marched down field a received a TD to wind down the half to make the score 6-10 Cowboys. All of Seahawks fans were just in ah of what transpired; not being happy campers we rooted our team on (no sense in booing as that is only hurtful to a team). After the half Hasselbeck started gunning for out tight end Jerramy Stevens. The tight end out of Washington proceeded to catch everything that was thrown at him and one of those was for a TD placing the Seahawks ahead 12-10 but wait…the Seahawks go for the two point conversion and don’t get it.
Shortly after the Cowboys kick off returner ran a ball back for a TD to bring the score 12-17 Cowboys. What kind of horse hockey was that that he went un checked all the way down the field. Being a tad dishearten Goingbigger had to get everyone back in the game by continuing to yell is ass off!!
Then when it seemed that the Seahawks recovered fumbled in the enzone but the ruling on the field was challenged and won by the Cowboys and it was finally ruled a safety. With the score 14-17 Cowboys it started top look really shaky for the Seahawks but have no fear this is our house.
The Seahawks go back down field to get a TD and extra point to bring the score to 21-17 to force a TD to win. With the clock winding down the Cowyboys were held on the goal line and forced to kick a field goal but Romo botched a snap at the end of the game. Romo tried to run the ball in but he was kept out of the endzone to give the Seahawks the ball with just over one minute to go in the game.
The Seahawks moved the chains twice to run the clock down to zero and secure the win in the first round of the playoffs. The crowd when completely nuts and we all huggin and dishin out the High-5’s. Onto the next round of the playoffs and this one will be on the road. During the prefunk I watched the Colts beat the Chiefs (nice work Marcie) to continue their march to the big game.
Tomorrow will dictate where the Seahawks go to play next and continue their march to the Superbowl and you can guarantee I’ll be watching.

5 thoughts on “Seahawks beat Cowboys 21-20

  1. i love it dallas sucks they got their butts kicked last night and how bad does their holder feel after screwing up that field goal i love it. seattle is still alive for next week to face the saints who will be seattle,s next victims on their journey to the superbowl so i will check youlater oh yeah did you get to see grinchy last night he said he was going to meet you. well i will let you go so take care and go seattle 07 superbowl champs

    I was at the sports bar keeping my eye open for you but there were so many people
    there it was impossible, I thought I seen you once but got closer & it wasnt you. 😦
    What an emotional rollercoaster of a game, I\’m so glad i was there I wouldnt have
    missed it for the world!!
    That was one game for the Books!
    Taker easy Toby & GO SEAHAWKS!!
    ~ Grinchy ~

    Toby baby,
    Go Seahawks huh?
    That was HOTT!
    Hiya Sexy,…..

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