“The Never Ending Game” Master P

I have seen this question around the net quite a bit. What are titles actually for? Are they for writing or entertainment? It is never about what you want talk about. I mean, when you write a paper or essay or something else similiar you want a title to descriptively tell the reader what it is your going to be discussing. Hell I want to discuss beer, football, skiing and chicks!! YEA BUDDY!!
Check my photo albumn goingbigger says "go big or go home" and see the updated winter pics. They are from Rosebay, and one is from the ONLY time she was ever skiing, I solute ya for doing it at least once and getting a hottie photo, YEA BUDDY!! and the next is taken from her dad’s back yard in Buffalo. King Tom was their a few months ago and sent me a post card!! The pic of it is still up, see the photo album, I did a post but to hell will lookin for that!! North America is official in WINTER!!
A friend told me today that is snowing in Missouri and my buddy Mike, who is a helicopter AMP mechanic in Anchorage, chatted with me on msn messenger Mike and I used to tear up the neighborhood in the snow. Donuts, figure eights and crazy shit like that!! We’ed stay up all night waiting for it to snow so we could tear up the hood. "Back in the day, I’m not a kid anymore", Ahmad, gosh those were those cool times.
I wouldn’t want to relieve them though. I don’t think I have the lives for it.  
So finally to the relaxcing part of my day. After hitting the gym and cleaning I get to watch Matrix 2 and mess around on my new tablet. I starting reading my first ebook. Its only 90 pages but I am taking notes. PIMPIN!! <man, I am weird> It is on Search Engine Optimization. For the last 6 months I have implement some strategies but nothing new lately. In my opinion that stuff works. The stuff in this ebook is the latest and greatest techniques to totally set your self apart.
So over the next 6 months I am going to try and implement 3 new strategies while maintaining our current strategies. I think, that is the key. Continuos updates, similiar to blogs, linking, functionally organized and this other shit I don’t know yet 🙂
One of my biggest thrills is learning. Tonight while cleaing PBS had a special on Isaac Netween. Damn, that dude was a genious. His Achievements were monumental to put it lightly. Tagent alert!! WOOP WOOP!!! To me life is a journey and I have my path to walk but I want to hear the stories of other. Their trials and tribulations just so I can learn. Just recently I helped a close friend of mine on a research paper. I got so excited I just wanted to take over and do it but resisted the force.
What he produced solid paper. I am proud of him, he worked hard and did a badass job.
That type of stuff is fun for me now. It would so cool to be asked to be apart of research team taking on a problem or research new, uh well, anything.
One Lance’s buddies game me a free pair of Sonics tickets last night. The game is not for a while but i got something to look forward too in January. Time to hit the sack!! I’m tired.
May dreams be wet, intense and peaceful all at the same time 🙂

6 thoughts on ““The Never Ending Game” Master P

  1. Hello Toby.How are you? I haven\’t come to your space for a while because I am a bit busy lately.Hope things are going well with you. Have a nice day!

  2. I\’ll be more than happy to let you take over and do my research paper. I love doing the research….I just hate trying to put it all into my own words.Cheers for the Sonic\’s tickets…..even better that they were free.~Hope you have a great day!~

  3. Are you serious?? You get a thrill from learning?? Where did you come from?? Ha…just playing! I take it you watch the Discovery Channel often?? I prefer TLC. Just came across your page & thought I\’d leave a comment. Have a good day!

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